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** October Poker League Result : 1st avongirl, 2nd McG, 3rd Rhino_Power **
** October Naps Competition Result: 1st internetmails, 2nd Donnyflyer, 3rd vangovin, 4th Peter York. KO Cup Winner mickyftm32. Most Winners waggy: **


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  1. Re: "Sports-Betting as a Business" strategy Excellent video, your English is fine so well done + keep up the good work!
  2. Re: Win if nothing happens system jd_fortune, first good luck with this it's good to hear other people's strategies, helps freshen the thinking. I play various Footie markets and have a few methodologies I follow and wanted to ask if you have formulated any exit strategies for when the bets go against you? I ask as chasing losses by betting on other markets has been flagged on many forums etc. as something not to do (and I did it myself many times when first trading to my detriment!). Just my tuppence worth to try and help you make this work and help you preserve your bank (our number 1 priority right?). Cheers+Merry Christmas!
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