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  1. I am still amazed by Monaco's high conversion rate. For example in the match against Dijon, they haven't prepared lots of chances (less than against Juventus in CL last year), but they won 1-4. 4 of 6 shots on the goal finished in the net and as long as they will play like this, "smaller" teams cannot surprise them. What bothers me today is, that Metz is used to be rock solid when it comes to defending set-pieces, and Monaco scored most of their goals this season right from set-pieces, so 1,30 is simply too short for me, even though without Nguette, Metz is loosing another solid attacker and I really think that they will have big problems this season if they won't bring any attacker till end of the transfer window. Nantes is facing a tough match against Troyes (where they should take all three points) as plenty of players are out injured.
  2. I think that Citizens will start season with really high tempo. I am pretty sure that Brighton's defence won't hold too long. I know that a goal from home team can complicate things, but I am pretty sure that Pep will start with 100% and that City will be in front already in the first half. PICK: Manchester City 1st half -0,5 @1,84
  3. As said.. Ranieri is far from the right coach for this team. I still hope that I'm wrong, but I think that I am goddamn right.
  4. Uh, I wouldn't agree with your words about Malcuit. He was among the best individuals of St. Etienne, always among best rated players and provided some assists. It's true that he is quite wxceptional full back, who loves to dribble and play short passes, being involved in the game and because of that, Bielsa's style will suit him and IMO he is a good signing for Lille. On the other hand I think that you are overestimating Bordeaux and underestimating Favre's Nice. If they will succeed to hold Seri, Dealbert and Cyprien I think that they will be just fine. Also Balotelli wasn't that crazily important for the team as Belhanda, Cyprien and Seri for example. There are still some young talents as Koziello who might have a great season in front of him. They already bought promising young winger Lees-Melou and I believe that they will sign more players too. and Favre has his vision and players are following his ideas well. Btw Alexandre Mendy, who signed for Bordeaux is attacker and not a full back. With creativity mostly on Malcom, I think that they won't be able to reach top5 this season. And when it comes to transfers.. Saying that 10M is too much... Well, I don't know. We are in the period where transfer fees are jumpeing over 100M like nothing.. P.s. Don't get my message wrong, I appreciate to see different opinions about the league. And I am just adding mine.
  5. Anyone else think that Walker won't really fit into the City team? It's true that he's physically strong and fast, but what about the ball control? Especially for Guardiola's "inside" full backs? I didn't follow him close enough on last season, but I am really not sure about him.
  6. It's getting closer and closer... Neymar might be the "biggest star" of this transfer window.
  7. Brazilians Caju and Maia might be new reinforcements of Bielsa's Lille.
  8. Agree abour Claudio. I hope that he will keep on with work of Conceicao and add his motivation.. his high pressure way is similar to Sergio's, so.. we'll see. About Lille.. except Malcuit (exceptional full back from ASSE) they are biding only for young players (mainly 1996/97 generation). On the other hand they lost Corchia (Sevilla). Otherwise except Thiago Mendes from Sao Paulo (25) their signings are Araujo (20), Pepe (22), Dabila (20) and Boukholda (20), Ié (23), Ballo (20), Soumaré (18), Koffi (20), Ponce (20). I need to admit that I am big fan of Bielsa and that I cannot wait to him back in the business, but still.. I don't see them in top6. All the transfers till now, friendly matches,.. here:
  9. Shortly, I think that Crystal Palace will suit to FDB's character. He is a charismatic and energetic coach with pretty clear vision. CP have one of most interesting squads "down there", for me personally really interesting squad, where in my opinion you can use different tactical approaches and I think that young and hungry manager is a good solution for the team. It's true that he arrived in a tough league for managers, especially regarding the journalists who are pretty close to "not human" here, but well.. I have a good feeling and I wish him best of luck.
  10. @Mindfulness I think that odds are way too low. We need to see what the transfer window will bring us.. for now, I cannot see any miracles from Lille, even though there is one of the best tacticians on their bench. Otherwise PSG, Monaco, Lyon, Marseille, Nice, Bordeaux, Nantes are all in better shape currently... even though I really don't know what to expect from Ranieri.. I went on the open training last Sunday and there was more than 2000 people... atmosphere is crazy around the club, but I want to see the way of football.. if Ranieri will try to play in "Leicester" way, than Nantes will be far from top8. Lyon lost three/four key players (Lacazette, Tolisso, Valbuena and Gonalons) but they also brought some quality players as Marçal (IMO top3 left full back in the league), Traore (great season with Ajax).. there is still a question about the Ghezzal situation, but I think that with money from especially Tolisso&Lacazette they can still get some decent players.. I am slowly getting the whole picture in my head, but I'm not rushing as I think that many things will still change, especially in top teams. PSG is still without a signing + still holding Verratti who will leave almost for sure; Monaco still on the verge of loosing players, fighting with almost 4-5 clubs not to "steal" their talents, little bit better but still pretty similar goes also for Nice (Seri, Dealbert,...), Marseille is trying to make some decent signings (Rami, Bacca), but on the other hand they let two important players Gomis and Vainqeuer to leave.. Well.. Still too many to happen, to have a clear picture. But once again.. no value on 2,30 for Lille top 6. For now, they are somewhere on 10th position right now. But again... they have no problems with finances..
  11. Lacazette officially a Gunner. Some other bigger L1 transfers: Tolisso from Lyon to Bayern; Gomis from Marseille (Swansea) to Galatasaray; Belhanda from Nice (Dynamo Kiev) to Galatasaray... What is also interesting.. Bielsa is bringing young talents to Lille.. Araujo (Sao Paulo), Pepe (Angers), Koffi (ASEC), Chahreddine Boukholda and Kouadio-Yves Dabila (both Monaco), Edgar Ié (Belenenses), Ballo (PSG).. will be interesting to see what will his mastermind create...
  12. Looks like one of young prospects.. but I haven't seen him playing as I am following only 1st division.
  13. Belhanda and Pereira were among the most important players of the team. In my opinion Cyprien, Belhanda, Plea and Seri were key figures for Favre.. There is also Eysseric's contract in "the air", as he is currently a free agent, central defender Baysse will leave as well.. but they are working on bringing in some quality players anyway. P.s. With next season.. H2h will be more important than a goal difference in France as well.
  14. Honestly.. I am afraid for Nantes. It will work in start probably as it will be (I hope) big motivation to play under so famous coach, but if he will try to force his style, sitting deep, focus on defence and with counter attacks, then I thibk that it will be a huge step-back for Nantes. He is moving from pretty old, experienced team to one of the youngest teams in France... Moreover a shape of Nice will be totally different in my opinion and even thiugh it looks that Favre will remain on the bench, quality of the squad won't be as high as in last year. Well, we'll see. I will have already started making a preview of L1 on my site.. page will be updated daily so till the 1st round I expect it to be a whole preview with all important informations. You can find it here:
  15. Marçal from Guingamp to Lyon. Great signing for OL! p.s. some prices, especially in EPL are ridiculous... Pickford 34M?