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  1. Looks like one of young prospects.. but I haven't seen him playing as I am following only 1st division.
  2. Belhanda and Pereira were among the most important players of the team. In my opinion Cyprien, Belhanda, Plea and Seri were key figures for Favre.. There is also Eysseric's contract in "the air", as he is currently a free agent, central defender Baysse will leave as well.. but they are working on bringing in some quality players anyway. P.s. With next season.. H2h will be more important than a goal difference in France as well.
  3. Honestly.. I am afraid for Nantes. It will work in start probably as it will be (I hope) big motivation to play under so famous coach, but if he will try to force his style, sitting deep, focus on defence and with counter attacks, then I thibk that it will be a huge step-back for Nantes. He is moving from pretty old, experienced team to one of the youngest teams in France... Moreover a shape of Nice will be totally different in my opinion and even thiugh it looks that Favre will remain on the bench, quality of the squad won't be as high as in last year. Well, we'll see. I will have already started making a preview of L1 on my site.. page will be updated daily so till the 1st round I expect it to be a whole preview with all important informations. You can find it here:
  4. Marçal from Guingamp to Lyon. Great signing for OL! p.s. some prices, especially in EPL are ridiculous... Pickford 34M?
  5. Tolisso signed for Bayern.
  6. Well, it's official now. Ranieri is the new coach of FC Nantes.
  7. Haha, true... strange rule, but I need to say that I like it somehow. Besides, Gnabry signed for Bayern.
  8. Looks that Waldemar Kita and Claudio Ranieri reached an agreement. Probably good for marketing, but bad for the young team... we were used to see an attacking football, with lots of short passes and most important high pressing but now... Well, we'll see.
  9. Voila @StevieDay1983! Big point for you guys!
  10. France is far from using their potential.. I can understand that there is Giroud in the box, but you don't need to have 300 crosses on him per match. For god's sake..
  11. We'll see what will happen. I'm not saying, that Serbians won't win, but that because of the background of this national team nothing is clear, and it won't be for a while. @DrO I don't know how close you are to the national team, but I have some friends over there, and they are all saying that even if things are looking better, there is always 50/50 that something will "explode" again. @StevieDay1983 we could open one topic for summer transfers in general or not? That's probably the most interesting things during the summer break. Btw.. Ranieri might be new coach of Nantes. I sincerely hope that it won't happen... e: I don't get Deschamps.. why Sissoko if you have Mbappe, Lemar, Lacazette, Dembele...
  12. I would be careful with Serbia and Bosnia. In Serbia even though they have decent players in national team, you never know "who is drinking and who's paying" there. On the other hand, Pjanić is questionable at Bosnians... I see some value in odds on Bulgaria dnb and France -0,75. Besides that, Denmark -1 looks solid to me.. any thoughts?
  13. I need to admit that I haven't seen Bertrand playing at all, but yes but I totally agree for Walker.. and Mendy is same kind of player, just for the left side.
  14. Nicely written. And yes, especially after half-time changes Juventus was outplayed tactically and even if people are saying that Zidane is far from tactical specialist he proved them wrong. Well him or his coaching staff (probably all together, but normally managers are taking all the credits for positive and negative scenarios). But on the other hand Real Madrid has an goalscorer (Ronaldo), while Juventus.. everything but that. Moreover, Higuain played for all 90 minutes. I would probably substitute him in 60-65th minute, or at least try to change something up there, because it was too obvious that their plan isn't working. We are used to see people praising Juve's defence.. Real Madrid recovered the ball 12 times more, they had more tackles and same number of clearances. One more time, Casemiro played amazing! And not because of the goal, but because of defensive work. p.s. As it's written: Exactly. Generally I totally agree with Guardiola's quote (obviously ): "My job is to bring you up until the last third of the field". I had feeling, that Juventus was without offensive plan for the match.