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  1. La Liga Predictions > Jan 18th - 21st

    Celta Vigo vs Valencia; 20:45 Knowing the coach of Celta Vigo from Ligue 1, I know very well how he wants to play and what are pros and cons of his style. I am probably one of the rare people thinking, that he could do very good things in Ligue 1 if Nantes kept him a bit longer, and I do believe that he is a quality coach, one of these from new generations who wants to have possession, who wants to play football, create chances, and simply make players enjoying their time on the pitch. Question is how it is with the work rate of players and how developed they are to his tactic ideas as it is very hard to work fine in defense with this style. Therefore I am not surprised to see Celta with goal difference 31-32, being the second-best scoring team and fourth worst when it comes to conceding goals. Only Barcelona scored more goals than Celta in La Liga this season. Valencia on the other side is the team with only 17 goals scored and the same number of conceded, but they are an away side in this match and after a 3-0 win against Gijon in Copa del Rey, I believe that they will come in Vigo to score goals not to play sort of “stupid” match once again. With individuals as they have, they should be at least at the 30 goals in this season, but they had a pretty bad start, having problems with the form. Well, if they will want to stay in the match against Celta, I think that they will have to score not just one, but two goals, so I think that there is value on goals market. My advice is to take over 2,5 goals at odds around 2,16! Celta will miss defender Costas, midfielder Yokuslu and forward Aspas. Valencia is coming without midfielder Kondogbia and winger Guedes. Due to transfer issues, they cannot count on forward Batshuayi as well.
  2. Well... I am really wondering how he will adapt to EPL. He is a physical striker, but when reading some descriptions about under "What can Sala bring to Cardiff", I have to say that I was laughing a lot. He will let his heart on the pitch, he will fight like an idiot but don't expect him to stop the ball and keep it at his foot, as well as don't really expect him to score goals with feet. He is a good finisher in the box (with head, hips, chest, knees, ankles), but he will miss 100% chances with feet. His first touch is catastrophic, his ball control as well. I've been thinking a lot about his assimilation in EPL, and even though fighting spirit might help him a lot, as well as plenty of crosses (don't know how Cardiff plays), I think that he won't find it easy in England, as defenders in England are usually pretty much physical as well. I will definitely keep an eye on him.
  3. UEFA Nations League, Tuesday 16th Posted on October 16, 2018 Footalyct Slovenia v Cyprus Betting suggestion: Slovenia -1,25 @2,75 When we had a few nice matches from betting perspective yesterday, we have only a few of them today. The only one I really liked is a match between Slovenia and Cyprus, but as odds on Slovenia are pretty short, I will decrease the stake and take higher odds here. Slovenia is in the middle of the crisis, where the public is already demanding the new manager, the new captain, new faces in the squad, etc. Truth is, that new manager is having some issues with the first star of this team, Atletico’s Jan Oblak, while Kevin Kampl, probably the second best individual of the team didn’t come due to the virus. To be honest, everything might have been different if Slovenians took their chances in the first match, where they were a better side than Bulgaria, but they were simply unlucky, or let’s say not concentrated enough in the key moments when Bulgarians scored two from their one chance. Huge difference with the first match against Cyprus will be a participation of Josip Iličić, who is by far the best offensive player in this team. Second difference participation of defensive midfielder Krhin, who is part of huge critics as well, but without him, this team is completely without a defensive block in the midfield. That was one of the main reasons why Cyprus caused so many problems to Slovenia in the first match. Of course, the main reason was simply the fact, that Slovenia even in the form they were in, underestimated their opponent. They didn’t take the match seriously, the coach changed 5-6 standard players, and they simply failed. Even in this case, they should get the 1-2 goal, which was disallowed unfairly due to the “offside” and then at the end, thanks to the own-goal of Stojanović who had a very poor game, Cyprus even managed to get all three points. As said yesterday, comparing those two teams is impossible. There is a huge difference in quality even without Kampl and Oblak, Slovenia has a much stronger squad and as there were few poor performances of this nation, I think that they have a perfect rebound ramp set today and I expect a convincing win for the home side. Cyprus is a team which is getting better, which is definitely a better side than a few years ago, but still, I think that except with ultra-defensive style and hoping on some luck from counters, they cannot really harm Slovenia away. I’ve been looking up to -2 with odds above 5,20 as I think there is some value for sure. Norway v Bulgaria Betting suggestion: Norway -1 @2,31 I think that if matches Slovenia v Bulgaria, and Bulgaria v Norway were played one more time, Bulgaria would very possible have 1 point and not 6 as they do right now. They had one amazing shot from distance and received one gift from the goalkeeper on the first match against Slovenia, and that was enough for 1-2. On the match against Norway, they had barely some dangerous situations but one goal was enough to beat them. On the other side, Norway had 12 corners, 10 shots, … Norway had some problems with Slovenia in the first 20 minutes, but after that, they established their way of football, physically stopped Slovenia who failed to create anything serious and Norwegians were simply better. Truth is, that the only goal, amazing goal of Selnaes came without a serious chance, but Norwegians were able to create some half-chances, being dangerous from wings but Slovenia managed to keep it only at 1-0. Norway has some very good individuals in their team, playing visible roles in their clubs and in my opinion, they are still the first favorite for the 1st spot in this group. Bulgaria will try to defend deep and keep their conversion rate as high as it is, but I think that their key player Popov will have difficulties with physical style of Norway’s defenders and defensive midfielders. If Norway succeeds at stopping Popov, I see this match being completely one-sided and I expect at least 2-0 win for the home side.
  4. Hoffenheim – Manchester City Betting suggestion: Manchester City 1st half -0,5 @1,85 Pinnacle Guardiola is one of biggest “psychos” in the world of football, obsessed with analyzing his opponents and today, he is back to Germany, where he worked before coming to England. He knows Bundesliga and Hoffenheim very well. Even though he is still without key player de Bruyne, left full-backs Mendy and Delph, he was very pleased with the performance of Zinchenko against Brighton and besides he can still choose to play with two right-footed full-backs, Kyle and Danilo. Nagelsmann, the coach of Hoffenheim has huge problems with injuries as he misses defenders Vogt, Nordtveit, Bičakčič, Nuhu and Hübner. While last two didn’t participate this season, first three – including captain Vogt and probably the key defender Bičakčič, are all very important and young coach is in front of the difficult task, as one of the best teams in the world is coming to play against them. As Man City failed to win their first match in the group, they are in front of the must-win match. Being first in the group stage is very important and today, they face somehow the “easiest” opponent in the group. There is no room for errors if they want to finish in the first place. They bounced back after losing against Lyon with three consecutive wins without conceding a single goal and scoring 10 of them. Jesus might start instead of slightly injured Agüero, which means that pressing of young attack will be enormous and regarding all problems in defense for Nagelsmann, I see Manchester City making the difference early in the match.
  5. Don't forget, that match is the best training for young players. Usually, they have two sessions on Wednesday, one in the gym, one on the pitch. This time, they played against Atletico Madrid and showed pretty solid performance, regarding their situation this season. For me, two things are clear here. Monaco won't stay as deep as they are, so the question is... who will be the one, who will start sitting on their "train" before odds will drop to regular 1,40/1,50. Second thing is, that Nimes won't be in top8 as they are right now.
  6. During the winter, he almost left Angers for Huddersfield, as they offered around 15M, but the club made the deal with a striker, keeping him until the summer and letting him to go then... I've been there, on his last home match, and I have to say that fans loved him... even though he honestly admitted, that he wants to leave. Strikers as Ekambi are hardly found nowadays... especially for affordable prices. If he signed for Nantes, I would bet to see Nantes in top6 this season. But once again, Les Canaries are going in the season without top goalscorer, capable of coming into the midfield to take the ball and make space with his movement...
  7. Angers is a very strange team... it's hard to say what kind of team will come on the pitch. As they lost Toko Ekambi, who scored a majority of their goals, they found themselves in problems... We will see after a few rounds. But yes, from what they've shown so far, they could be worried...
  8. @StevieDay1983 Dijon let us down... from betting perspective, true. But otherwise, they were a better side than Caen, but Caen is one of those team, or we could say "the team" when it comes to being lucky this season. Incredible! Have you seen their first goal? If not, you should... you'll be speechless.
  9. Iceland v Belgium Posted on September 11, 2018 Footalyct Betting suggestion: Belgium -1,5 @2,09 Pinnacle Besides France, I think that Belgium has one of the “richest” national teams in Europe when it comes to depth in squads. Coach Martinez has an extremely good squad, with several very experienced key players and a bunch of young, enormous talents. They will use their preferred 3-4-3 formation with Meunier and Carrasco on flanks giving support to Mertens and Hazard. Truth is that every team would miss Kevin de Bruyne, who is injured at this moment, but they still look like a very dreadful team. Martinez has a huge joker in his hands with Batshuayi who seems to be in a very good form. Iceland on the other hand, well… it’s just my opinion, but I have feeling that they will struggle a bit from now on. They’ve never been as high as they are right now, and people seemed to be very used to that. In my opinion, it’s still a surprise and in a long run, they won’t be that high on FIFA’s table. They obviously have problems with attackers right now as they miss Gudmundsson and Finbogasson. Besides them, Hamren cannot count on midfielder Gunnarsson, so new coach isn’t really in an easy position as he’s missing three important players. A lot depends on Sigurdsson, but I think that except from free-kicks or some incredible shots from distance, they cannot seriously threaten this Belgium side. Don’t miss the promotional offer for new subscribers to Ligue 1 analyses. Extremely cheap with guarantee! More on!
  10. Denmark v Wales Posted on September 9, 2018 Footalyct Betting suggestion: Wales +0,5 @1,81 Pinnacle Who knows where will be heads of Danish players this evening. As you probably know, they aren’t in the best relationship with football association of Denmark which was forced to pick players from futsal and from low tier leagues to fill the squad for the friendly match against Slovakia. Now, their main players are back, available for the match against Wales, but for sure things aren’t settled yet and who knows what kind of Denmark will we see on the pitch. Without a doubt, they have a quality squad, strong especially from set-pieces but however, I think that Wales is a bit underestimated here. I’ve been thinking about them already against Ireland where they literally trashed their big rivals with 4-1. The only goal of Ireland came after a huge mistake of Ramsey in the buildup, but otherwise, they played really amazing. Giggs started UNL with 3 points, there is an amazing atmosphere in the locker-room and I cannot see them loosing in Denmark today. I’m not saying that it will be an easy match for them, it won’t for sure, but I do expect a low scoring game, played with more caution and very possibly a draw. Currently, we have a promotional offer for new subscribers to Ligue 1 analyses. Extremely cheap with guarantee! More on
  11. Norway – Cyprus Posted on September 6, 2018 Footalyct Betting suggestion: Norway first half -0,5 @1,909 Pinnacle Bet on Norway is practically a public bet today, but I am not that comfortable with taking high handicaps on the Scandinavian team. In my opinion, now in 2018, all countries (or let’s say majority), even if their players aren’t that famous, aren’t playing in top5 leagues, etc… all of them are capable of positioning well and simply make it harder for their opponent. With a bit of daily form and luck, they might have a player or two who will make difference in attack or simply use the mistake of the opponent and when those small teams are 0-1 in front, then it’s extremely hard to overcome the result. Norway is one of the favorites in the group and it’s important for them to start with 3 points, especially as they are playing against the biggest underdog in the group. Truth is, that Norway possesses way more quality, much more experiences, their players have played more tough matches in careers, they are on the excellent run (winning last 4 international matches) and it looks that since they made a change in the leaderboard, they are back on solid track. As they didn’t participate on WC, I think that they will take this league pretty seriously but as I said above… teams like Cyprus can make an upset, and regarding the odds, I prefer to take Norway to win first half here because the longer match will stay at 0-0, more nervous the match will be and everything can happen then… If Norway will beat Cyprus with 2 goals difference as everyone is expecting, then I think that they will be up-front already in the first half.
  12. They lost it... that's true, but more funny thing is that Caen won point(s) again in a funny way. Just take a look of their first goal... second wasn't important anymore, but even if it was already funny how they scored first against Nantes, I have to say that this one was million times funnier. Put it on 0:50 and enjoy.
  13. The lineup of Croatia with 4 very offensive players - Mandžukić, Rebić, Kramarić, Perišić surprised me a lot, but still.. I think, that they have everything. Experiences, quality, mentality... all except the home pitch advantage. Which in my opinion won't be enough this time. Croatia won't play on possession, they will play to create as many chances as possible and with so many "finishers" on the pitch, it seems that they want to "finish" the match as soon as possible.
  14. Last 16 Predictions > Jul 2nd & 3rd

    Yesterday I said... Denmark is the worse opponent for Croatia. Today, something similar with Mexico and Brazil. They just don't like the style of Mexico... that's why I decided to skip it, but I cannot skip the other match. I see simply too big difference... Btw, I still think that Tite is making a huge mistake, playing anyone else instead of Fernandinho. In my opinion, right now, he is the smartest defensive midfielder in the world. Definitely capable of making a quick transition, incredibly calm on the ball, very precise with passes and besides... he can run in the box from the second plan as well. Comparing him with Paulinho... the only thing Paulinho can do is to run in the box from the second plan. Nothing else. Slow on the ball, slow with changing direction,... I won't say that Casemiro is useless in possession because that's not true. But truth is, that he is not used to be the guy, taking care of possession in midfield. He is never coming to pick up the ball in Real Madrid, he is just there to do the 1-2 with Kroos who is taking the ball deep. Therefore, if the ball isn't immediately in legs of Coutinho, there is huge lack of creativity...
  15. Last 16 Predictions > Jul 2nd & 3rd

    In big competitions, especially in knockout phases of the tournaments, it’s pretty rare to see one team trashing their opponent, winning with 2-3 or even more goals of difference. In knockout phase on World Cups, you have only one chance, and there is no 2nd match. For this reason, plenty of high rated countries, or let’s say favorites in this case – are starting matches slow, cautious, thinking that this way is the safest way, but sometimes happens that opponent scores and then favorites find themselves in troubles, as their opponent decides to close their box with as many players as possible, and defend with everyone for the rest of the match. For this reason, I expect (in my eyes) very highly rated Belgium, to start this match strong. Without calculations, because they had enough opportunities to see that Japan is a team, who will play if they will have a chance to play. They have some very good individuals in last third and let them space to play, would be a huge mistake. With strong midfield, very comfortable on the ball, I expect Red Devils to make a huge difference in ball possession, which will decrease the possibility of Japan scoring here. In my opinion, even though they have shown heart and some good football, Japan was pretty lucky to be here where they are. They qualified due to receiving fewer cards than Senegal. In my opinion, they got Colombia the on wrong foot (scored from the penalty, had a player more from the start of the match), then they played draw against Senegal, against who they didn’t play I don’t know how good and at the end they lost against Poland – true that without some important players, but still. On the other side, Belgium cleaned the group without any problems. They won all three matches, including the one against England with a very mixed squad. Lukaku and Hazard are back after skipping the match against England due to injuries and this Belgium will be once again complete. Even if they don’t have experiences on a national level as a team, which are very much needed in competitions like this, I think that they are simply too good to have any kind of problems with Japan. They trashed Panama and Tunisia, and now they will face Japan who simply isn’t on the same level as they are. An individual comparison between those two teams is nonsense. Motivation will be very high for both, but I think that difference in quality is too big and I expect at least two goals of difference here. Japan will fight, that’s for sure, but I think that they won’t be able to cope with much stronger Belgium side. I see advantage not just in quality, but also in physicality. True is, that Japan surprised me in this segment of the game against a much more physical side of Senegal, but in this case… it won’t be just a brute strength, but strength in combination with football knowledge and technical abilities. Simple as it is, my suggestion is Belgium to win the match with asian handicap -1,5 with odds around 2,25.