** July Nap's Competition Result : 1st Rainbow, 2nd Trainmad091, 3rd Zidane123, KO Cup Bathtime For Rupert, Most Winners Alastair, Goodwood Comp: Glavintoby**
**July Poker League Result : 1st Craggwood £75, 2nd Like2Fish £45, 3rd Rivrd £30**


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    bymatrix got a reaction from LeMale in Naps - Wednesday Aug 5th   
    1.15 Newton Abbot  Lucky Purchase  ( each way )  50/1 Sportsbook & Paddy Power
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    bymatrix reacted to BBBC in FINAL Tables   
    Thanks BH - great competition with superb admin (as usual!)
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    bymatrix got a reaction from BillyHills in Division 6 - Final Week Selections   
    Both teams NOT to score
    Swansea vs Brentford @ 1.91
    Calgiari vs Udinese @ 2.05
    Sirius vs Malmo @ 1.91
    £47.60 Treble                           Immense effort Graham to keep this lot going over the last few months , well done & appreciation from everyone i reckon      
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    bymatrix reacted to BillyHills in Odds - FINAL Week (Deadline 3pm Sat)   
    Its the Final week of the competition so just remember you cant have the exact same bet as someone else in your division, regardless of the stake.
    I think the next season will start in September and the new divisions will be made up of the finishing totals from this competition. A new players thread will be put up nearer the time for anyone who was eliminated from this season or any new members who want to join in.
    Thanks for sticking with it during this difficult time, I have tried to keeps things as normal as possible and the response from  the members has been terrific.

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    bymatrix got a reaction from LeMale in Naps - Sunday June 14th   
    3.35 Leopardstown  Dollar Value  ( win only )  16/1 Bet365 & Ladbrokes
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    bymatrix got a reaction from BillyHills in Naps - Sunday June 14th   
    3.35 Leopardstown  Dollar Value  ( win only )  16/1 Bet365 & Ladbrokes
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    bymatrix reacted to BillyHills in Latest Table - May 2020   
    May 13
    Lee-Grays opens up a gap and could be on for the double
    Most Winners Leaderboard

    Full Table

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    bymatrix reacted to BillyHills in Latest Table - May 2020   
    May 4
    New leader alert!!

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    bymatrix reacted to BillyHills in Latest Table - April 2020   
    Final Table
    First of all thanks to the 59 players who took part this month, its not been easy trying to work out the races in America, Hong Kong and Australia so well done for those who lasted the trip. Hopefully we will get some European racing in May.
    Craig Bluenose led for a long while and hung on to take the title despite Harry Faint getting a little too close for comfort in the last couple of days.
    Daisychain and Internetmails filled the cash spots.
    Roger had 13 winners and thanks to his 10/1 shot the other day made it past the magic mark and he takes the inaugural 'Most Winners' prize.
    £100 Craig Bluenose
    £75 Harry Faint99
    £50 Daisychain
    £25 Internetmails
    £50 Roger 2256
    Prize winners please send their details:
    PL Name
    Prize being claimed
    PayPal Address 
    Home Address for top 3 

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    bymatrix reacted to vikki37 in Naps Competition - Proposal For April   
    though I'll never win, this really touches my heart. This forum is very heartwarming, sweet and does bring a loving, caring atmosphere (most members.🤣🤣)..very supportive and this forum does feel like a second home you can go to. 🥰🥰 Thank you all for the efforts, input and predictions on the forum. Stay safe, everyone and wish you all good health and happiness. 💞💞
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    bymatrix reacted to BillyHills in Naps Competition - Proposal For April   
    Naps Comp for April
    Most of us are going through a difficult time at the moment and whilst taking part and visiting the forum is not on the top of the list of priorities for people, here at Punters Lounge we realise how much a bit of normality can help. We have members from all over the world and our thoughts are with everyone.
    Racing like many other industries are struggling but we have taken the decision to carry on with the Daily Naps Competition and as a reward to our loyal members Paul is increasing the Prize Money on offer for the month of April.
    The new proposals we spoke about will be coming in although we are going to leave out the KO Cup competition until May as it may be difficult for 30 players trying to pick 3 selections each on the 4th of April when we may have limited action.
    The qualifying places in March will remain in place for the next KO Cup Competition. 
    We will accept bets from any racing from around the world during April and all bets outside of Europe will be settled at the Industry SP which appears in the ATR or Sporting Life results section.
    (*Racing Post publish dividend prices which will be different from the Industry SP)
    We realise backing horses from the other side of the world is not everyones cup of tea and fully understand those that choose to sit it out until things get back to normal. 
    I will continue to put the daily threads up and try and pinpoint what action is talking place. Just be aware of the off times, some US and AUS Racing will be very early in the morning.
    Race times will be based on the UK 24 hour clock, anything after midnight will count towards the following day regardless of when the meeting started.
    Hopefully in four weeks time we will have some better news, in the meantime we wish you all the best.
    Prize Money For April
    1st: £100
    2nd: £75
    3rd: £50
    4th: £25
    Tipster with most winners with at least £10 profit will receive a £50 bonus
    All winners will also receive Punters Lounge Merchandise.
    Many thanks

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    bymatrix got a reaction from vikki37 in Competition Going Forward   
    Maybe so Jol but you back it with real money i'd imagine and let's face it the competition is a different animal , there's probably no exact science answer that Graham would be totally happy with but it's a case of finding the lesser of two evils.
    Players would still pick double digit horses only more frequently with the cap as the needs would have to be more consistent & active than just throwing the odd dart.
    Anyway i think Graham has posted the best solution anyway so it's onwards & upwards from April.            
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    bymatrix reacted to Kingdom for in Competition Going Forward   
    Amen................ I hope.
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    bymatrix reacted to BillyHills in KO Cup - 2nd Round (Sat 2pm Deadline)   
    So 3 out of the 8 failed to post, and one did that isn't in it??
    This virus must be worse than I thought

    @silver fox @daisychain @Sugardaddyken
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    bymatrix got a reaction from BillyHills in Competition Going Forward   
    Difficult to think of anything to add to what's already been proposed.
    Only other one i had was to cap the price of the winner , anyone's guess what that would be but say for example 12/1 may be the ballpark.
    That way it would cut out the flukier wins , force leaders to play more frequent and not sit on lead as much , force chasers to catch the leader or top 4 earlier rather than sit until very late , so instead of a 50/1 final day selection they'd need a 12/1 winner on each of the final 4 days and let's face it if that was achieved they'd deserve it anyway and their strike rate would be far more meritorious.
    Great site whatever the rules anyway and sure we're all eternally grateful for the variety of competitions and also the tireless work from Graham.       
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    bymatrix reacted to BillyHills in Competition Going Forward   
    As promised is the tables thread I am looking at ways to reward the more consistent players and also ways to keep up the interest to the end of the month.
    I find that clear leaders sit on their profit and players attempting to qualify for the Cup are doing the same which leads to many players not picking selections in the last couple of days or more.
    Just to be clear I have no feelings one way or another on how players go about approaching the competition, we all have our own way of betting, we just want everyone to feel they have something to play for.
    I have noticed over the last few months some rumblings about the way players approach the Naps competition and there is no doubt we have had a shift in more players going for the speculative outsider than we have before.
    I had a look at the figures and we are regularly hitting around the 19% S/R these days where as before we were often around the 25% mark. This is totally down to more players going for 25/1+ selections.
    The players who genuinely sift through the cards to find their best bet of the day feel as though they have no chance in winning the monthly competition. I can see once a player has hit a 50/1 winner just playing for a Cup place is not the best of incentives.
    I think we can reward performance and profit and have been looking at the last 12 months figures to see how we can do it.
    At first I thought it would be best just to award the player with the highest strike rate a percentage of the winners prize but I also don't think encouraging people to select 1/4 shots everyday is helping anyone, so taking that a step further, what about if we had a profit figure that you needed to surpass as well?
    If we say took the highest strike rate of those that made a profit in the month of at least £10 that would kill off any ideas of odds on shots every single day. Of course you would expect some short priced horses to be chosen and I have no problem with that, if its a Nap, its a Nap but by having the £10 figure it really rewards those that have performed well that month.
    I have done a couple of tables to show how it would have panned out since January 2019 up until last month. Interestingly just 2 winners of the comp came out with the best S/R. 8 players were in the top 4 cash prizes but it would have given 7 players a prize that wouldn't have normally received anything. I would say overall that suits most type of punter. Of course people may bet differently knowing about the new prize.
    In the second table i took away the upper profit limit and this highlighted the problem of players sitting on a small profit just to qualify for the Cup, I feel this would just get worse if there was a prize for the highest S/R only.
    I propose a prize of £20 for player with the highest SR that has at least £10 profit on the month. This prize may well go to a player in the top 4 already but the winner of the whole competition will still quite rightly win the most cash whatever the result.
    The second part of the new formula is to limit the amount of players qualifying for the Cup. At the minute anyone finishing in profit (or even, lol) gains automatic qualification into the following months KO Cup. This can be as many as 30+ players and this often leads to a few players reaching a profit figure and then stopping posting for last few days of the month, or even worse players reaching 15 bets and then just stopping. 
    If we had a figure of 25 players only to qualify for the Cup then it would make it more exciting and something to aim for in the final few days of the month. I will also award a runners up prize for the KO Cup which has been asked for in the past.
    I am not looking to change any of the main rules of the comp, i think we should keep the main core of what the comp is all about ie; picking one horse per day. So we wont be changing that or messing about with stakes etc.....
    Let me know if you think this would be a way forward, please bare in mind we have a budget and we want to keep things simple.
    Proposals as from April 1st
    Winner : £60
    Second : £30
    Third : £20
    Fourth: £10
    Highest S/R with min £10 Profit : £20
    Cup Winner: £30
    Cup Runners Up: £10
    Top 25 only to qualify for Cup.
    Table of those with the highest S/R and achieving a £10 profit 

    Table of those with the highest S/R, no upper limit on profit
    Those in grey did not make the £10 profit mark.


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    bymatrix reacted to BillyHills in Latest Table - February 2020   
    Final Table
    Kenisbusy's big winner settled this a long way from home but we had some great totals in behind.
    Well done to Mr Jol, Daisychain and Luckypants on filling the frame.
    Honourable mentions to Joales, Stanners and Grand Danois on promising first efforts while Ubet had the most winners.
    33 players qualify for the KO Cup 
    Prizes (top 3 receive PL Merchandise.
    £80 : Kenisbusy
    £40 : Mr Jol
    £20 : Daisychain
    £10: Luckypants
    £30 : Corky ( Cup)
    Can all winners send me their PayPal details, name and prize being claimed
    (address if claiming Merch.) to:

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    bymatrix got a reaction from Tipsterix in Naps - Wednesday Feb 19th   
    4.20 Punchestown  Stoughan Cross  ( win only )  14/1 Bet365
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    bymatrix reacted to BillyHills in **New Rules Starting March 1st**   
    With the ever changing landscape of the bookmaking industry it is becoming very confusing to some on which bookmakers we can use and which bookmakers allow BOG, and from which time it is allowed.
    We have decided to narrow the choice of bookmakers and to allow BOG with all selections posted in the competition regardless of time. This will make it much easier for both players and me when settling the bets.
    From March 1st the rules regarding bookmakers we use will be as follows;
    The only 5 bookmakers allowed in the competition are;
    Bet365 Paddy Power/Betfair (same prices) Betvictor William Hill Betfred Any selections posted with any other bookmaker will be settled at SP
    Many thanks
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    bymatrix got a reaction from BillyHills in Naps - Wednesday Feb 19th   
    4.20 Punchestown  Stoughan Cross  ( win only )  14/1 Bet365
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    bymatrix reacted to BillyHills in Latest Table - February 2020   
    Feb 18
    Massive day for Kenisbusy, he bags his first winner since September 2nd to end a losing run of 124 bets 👏
    What did i say the other day, "the leader will take some catching"😅

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    bymatrix got a reaction from Tipsterix in Naps - Sunday Feb 16th   
    3.30 Navan  Seskinane  ( each way )  20/1 Betfred & Boylesports
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    bymatrix got a reaction from BillyHills in Naps - Sunday Feb 16th   
    3.30 Navan  Seskinane  ( each way )  20/1 Betfred & Boylesports
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    bymatrix got a reaction from BillyHills in Naps - Saturday 11th Jan   
    2.10 Fairyhouse  Charlie Stout ( win only )  22/1 Ladbrokes & 888Sport
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    bymatrix got a reaction from Marmalade in KO Cup - 2nd Round (Sat 2pm Deadline)   
    Nothing jammy about your win Marmalade  ( sorry couldn't resist the pun )
    Great selections mate & best of luck next week    
    Thanks Graham