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**August Poker League Result : 1st Kevsul £75, 2nd Yossa6133 £45, 3rd Like2Fish £30**


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  1. Brave putting so much on a cup game, Saints have a strong team though they need next goal quick
  2. That is true. I was trying to make more of a point that you have done 3 bets in 2 weeks, all on tennis and in tennis there is high chance of injury/ something stupid like what Djokovic did yesterday happening. If you only bet on tennis then chances are high you will comes across something like yesterday and you already have after 3 bets. At least the bet was void this time round, hopefully you can have a decent run from here.
  3. Torque, so much football on now and you are sticking with Tennis where so much can go wrong and the possibility of you backing someone who gets disqualified/Injured is quite high!? Very lucky not to lose that bet.
  4. Very lucky there, why the need for such a big bet? Almost £800 gone
  5. Horrible run you are on, horrible feeling when you just can’t pick a winner, we have all been there! Up to you if you call it a day now but if you do carry on think more about a staking plan, martingale system never works and you will end up losing it all.
  6. Good luck, I don’t think they will lose just whether they can win in 90 minutes
  7. I didn’t get on the 7/5 in the end but wish I had now! I just don’t usually like betting on my own team. What was a poor season has now turned into an OK one
  8. A lot of people predicted an all Manchester final when the draw was made myself included. Just shows you never know in football! Wont be easy in the final and we don’t usually do too well against Chelsea but 7/5 for us to lift the trophy I feel is worth backing
  9. 10 minutes from me come on Wood!
  10. Lucky with that Sydney result too I saw they were 16/1 with 15 minutes to go!
  11. Not sure what made you put another £180 on but good call only 4-0 after 38 minutes
  12. Not sure if you watched the game but i was referring to the equaliser, he definitely meant to cross it but ended up in the back of the net.
  13. He did not mean that at all but i‘m sure you dont care!
  14. Nice start! Very good odds before kick off for both teams to score , should come in now but hopefully doesnt take too long