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** December Poker League Result : 1st muttley, 2nd LIKE2FISH, 3rd kevsul **
** Football Tipster Competition Result : 1st Like A Roughie, 2nd Paperclip, 3rd Kingdom for, 4th Alastair, 5th Gray306 **
** December Naps Competition Result: 1st BARNSLEYCHOP, 2nd SADDLESORE, 3rd ZIDANE123, 4th ADAMROSS. KO Cup Winner BBBC, Most Winners: JCW **


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  1. @MCLARKE firstly, I would like to thank you and everyone involved for keeping the tips going. They became a valuable addition to my betting portfolio, and I'm sure they'll do so again! I also think it's a great tribute to @BillyHills and @Sir Puntalot so thank you sincerely! I wondered if I could ask a question please? When you mention the profits coming from those at 4/1 and above, does that include E/W tips too, or just the singles at 4/1+? I'm not expecting the work to be done for me (honest!) and am really looking forward to finding my own edge, but as a starting point to using t
  2. @BillyHills Thanks so much for doing these, it's massively appreciated!
  3. Thanks so much for these @BillyHills, I plan to start following the top ten from tomorrow, starting with Ascot! Last year the flat saw great results, and I know you've heard it before but thank you again for all the effort ... hopefully this will see another profitable year! I know you were putting up the races on an almost daily basis, and whilst definitely not expecting this again, will you be updating profitability of the tracks still? Perhaps on a monthly basis? And @Sir Puntalot, sounds like a really great plan, I look forward to seeing the stats accessible on the site. Thank y
  4. No need tp apologise Billy, days like that happen! The results overall are fantastic, this has been a brilliant addition to my betting. Thanks for all your efforts in bringing these to us and long may it continue!
  5. Hi evertorial, I'd just like to clarify the above bolded section for you.Coral do offer BOG and you don't have to place bets on the day of the race, it can be done the night before. I follow the PL tips and use Coral as I'm not limited by them (fingers crossed that lasts for a while yet!) and usually place my bets around 7pm the night before. If you look at their racecards and see the words 'Best Price Guaranteed' with a little orange icon which says 'BPG', then you will get their equivalent of BOG if the price drifts. A recent example being Remiluc in the 16:10 at Cheltenham on 27 Jan, d
  6. I've been following the tips for some time now (started off with the Win selections only but now back all selections including E/W) and my only recommendation is to really keep your discipline and don't assume that you're doing anything "wrong". As with all systems/selections/tips etc, there will always be downturns (no system can ever be 100 percent profitable every day!) but if you keep with it, you will see the rewards. The only input I can give is that I bet 0.5 percent of my bank per selection (0.25 percent for each part of the E/W tips), so this gives me a potential losing run of 20
  7. Could you provide us with a link to the specific thread on the Betfair forum so we can confirm this for ourselves?
  8. Hi Danny, I bet all Singles tips that are given. I don't bet the Each Ways but that's just personal preference. And that's as selective as I get, but there are many angles you could approach I imagine - excluding Maidens, not betting Class 5 and 6, horses up/down in class etc. There might be more profitable edges but it isn't something I've explored. For me, the important aspect has been my betting bank and the stakes I use. I bet 0.25% of my bank on each selection and recalculate my stakes each day. I never decrease my stakes, but as my bank grows, so do my stakes. At 0.25% this is a sma
  9. Well I did say they were only small stakes! Although the figures don't lie and they are a little bigger now, so I'm pretty sure I've made enough to at least buy a round! So if you, or any of the team are ever passing through Leicester ... But in all seriousness, I think this is a fantastic resource anyone can add to their betting portfolio. It takes me about 20 mins per evening to place the bets which, considering you provide them to us for free, is a brilliant return on investment in itself. I'm sure I speak for many when I say your efforts really are appreciated so much ... thank you!
  10. I'd just like to add my two pence worth (though the tips have certainly made me more than 2p profit!) and say a massive thank you for putting these tips up on a daily basis. I've been following all singles tips since January and I'm VERY happy with how my bank has grown - I bet 0.25% of my bank as a stake so small stakes to begin with but as the compounding develops the stakes (and profit) have increased very nicely. A huge amount of effort must go into this and it is massively appreciated - thank you to everyone who's involved and long may the tips continue!
  11. Re: £100 to £100,000 (0% COMPLETE) ATTEMPT 2 I really wish you luck with this, Machiavelli, and I hope you achieve your target, but I think betting on goals only and trying to "achieve" four bets a day is putting serious pressure on yourself to "find" a game to bet on. I also think the problem with goals is that they're random events in games. Who can say for certain whether a game will have one goal, six goals or even no goals? You can perhaps make a good estimation if you know the teams playing and know how the game's going but I've seen plenty of games that are 0-0 at half time whi
  12. Re: January Challenge: £10-£1,000 Did this bet lose? Sassuolo won the match 2-1. The score was 1-1 at half time, with Sassuolo scoring their winner in the second half. Technically they "won" the second half as well as winning the match overall?
  13. Re: Skittle's No Hat Trick. 200 and counting?? Fantastic stuff, congratulations Skittle.
  14. Re: KittenSprint's No Hat-Trick Challenge - 2014/15 Congratulations on reaching the 100. Between yourself and Skittle you have two very inspiring runs at present!
  15. Re: Skittle's No Hat Trick. Congratulations on hitting the 100, Skittle, fantastic effort. Hope this run continues for you for some time yet.
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