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** May Poker League Result : 1st kevsul, 2nd Elliott Sutcliffe, 3rd Rhino_Power **
** Football Tipster Competition Result : 1st nawoo, 2nd thebestthere, 3rd Data, 4th Dramfech, 5th Fader **


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  1. Re: Quick System

    Result Fakenham 05:10 POCHARD.....1st..9/2 Todays Profit = + 45.00 pts. ---------------------- Bank = + 1449.41 pts. Profit = + 1349.41 pts. ----------------------
    Cracking pick dude.:cow
  2. Re: Champions League 22nd of April (Liverpool v Chelsea)

    For me it depends on which Drogba turns up tonight' date=' if its the can't be bothered and fall over all the time we could be in trouble. (would love to get odds for drogba to receive treatment during the game, every week it happens!). But if he is up for this, like the 2nd half at home arsenal, we are well in this. My bet is gonna be draw maybe 1-1[/quote'] The cheating Drogba of old turned up tonight! Prize cnut, a disgrace.:lol
  3. Re: Fantasy Football League 2007-08 - Sponsored by Betfair

    1Rats RelegatesJoe Andrews372066
    2Gooners GamblersRichard Latimer352064
    3Class On GrassMatthew West642043
    4TheresOnlyOneKeanoAnthony Freeman232021
    5Ameri GldaniJack Wolfskin361972
    6Buff Kit FCAlex Macleod Shaw471966
    7He who dares, wins!Stuart Young661965
    8Kickass FCLee McCrea431940
    9Wannop Who FCjon buckle421934
    10fens11andrew fenwick391928
    11Shandyland WanderersJonathan James301928
    12O Face WarriorsRonan Lehane471912
    13FreeMoney .co.ukbrian fitz441905
    14Leave My ArcelonaAram Kupelian401900
    15Jonne UnitedJonatan Rasmussen431896
    16Belgrade UnitedSlobodan Borkovic641893
    17Ronnie's raidersPeter O'Donnell441890
    18cenobitesalan steer461888
    19Dunbeacon BluesJerry O'Brien411883
    20BookiesDreamTeam1912steve Mccready361879
    21Mighty WhitesRobert Fussey431878
    22BeejayvilleBrian Johnson461877
    23FC PortogalMiguel Filipe531876
    24Decoy Teamthomas zen401867
    25Veni, Vidi, ViciIAN BUCKLEY351863
    26Eye Candy ChicksStíofán O'Gribin581861
    27E_SE S461850
    28Punters Lounge 11Philip Woodward331844
    29Scoobys Allstars ©Chris Dunne301842
    30cafecom1811766Paul Lucey261829
    31The Electric YetisSteven Adam311828
    32Fizzy Fish ElitePeter Harvey361826
    33Ball KickerChris Yee391824
    34Abhishek's 11Abhishek Bhatia.381823
    35Bubbles 11phil mair331802
    36Barndoor_BanjosPaul McGuire531794
    37Thoroughbred FCDuncan Godfrey261790
    38We beat the SCUM 2-0Stephen Dobson251785
    39Pancrack Uniteddevil tish431776
    40Ben's BruisersScott Brady431770
    41Cider CityRich Knott341755
    42Real BlairdardieKevin Goodwin531754
    43EdgeSeekersEdge Seek231751
    44HorsePoWeRBgVeselin Rizov421750
    45The 07/08 11Andrej Stojanovski421747
    46PurpleHayes XIalan golding421728
    47Nick's WinBetters!nick pember321725
    48Sherad's ScorersDavid C451710
    49TugasAntonio Cravo431702
    50MCFC66Brian Martin541695
  4. Re: Streaky Baseball Thu Apr 17th bos @ NYY (3W) 1pt @ 2.14 bet365 tb (3L) @ MIN 1pt @ 1.86 bet365 DET (3W) @ cle (3L) 2pts @ 2.16 bet365 atl (3L) @ FLA 1pt @ 2.48 bet365 cin (5L) @ CHC (3W) 2pts @ 1.8 bet365 LAA if they win (1.65 bet365)

  5. Re: Streaky Baseball Sat Apr 12th bal (3L) @ TB 1pt @ 1.85 canbet OAK (4W) @ cle 1pt @ 2.95 bet365 FLA (4W) @ hou (3L) 2pts @ 2.15 canbet mil (3L) @ NYM (3W) 2pts @ 1.69 centrebet ATL @ wsh (8L) 1pt @ 1.59 canbet col @ ARI (7W) 1pt @ 1.73 canbet SD @ lad (4L) 1pt @ 2.07 bet365

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