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** May Poker League Result : 1st kevsul, 2nd Elliott Sutcliffe, 3rd Rhino_Power **
** Football Tipster Competition Result : 1st nawoo, 2nd thebestthere, 3rd Data, 4th Dramfech, 5th Fader **


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  1. Re: Fantasy Football League 2007-08 - Sponsored by Betfair

    1Gooners GamblersRichard Latimer401813
    2Rats RelegatesJoe Andrews741806
    3fens11andrew fenwick611726
    4Shandyland WanderersJonathan James471724
    5Buff Kit FCAlex Macleod Shaw391723
    6FreeMoney .co.ukbrian fitz481708
    7Wannop Who FCjon buckle621706
    8Leave My ArcelonaAram Kupelian441699
    9Kickass FCLee McCrea501698
    10O Face WarriorsRonan Lehane671697
    11Jonne UnitedJonatan Rasmussen531697
    12Ronnie's raidersPeter O'Donnell581677
    13Dunbeacon BluesJerry O'Brien631674
    14cafecom1811766Paul Lucey501665
    15Scoobys Allstars ©Chris Dunne641663
    16Veni, Vidi, ViciIAN BUCKLEY621662
    17Ball KickerChris Yee451662
    18Mighty WhitesRobert Fussey441660
    19FC PortogalMiguel Filipe361658
    20BookiesDreamTeam1912steve Mccready411656
    21cenobitesalan steer431654
    22Eye Candy ChicksStíofán O'Gribin451649
    23Decoy Teamthomas zen581646
    24Bubbles 11phil mair361643
    25The Electric YetisSteven Adam541640
    26Belgrade UnitedSlobodan Borkovic491629
    27Abhishek's 11Abhishek Bhatia.431622
    28BeejayvilleBrian Johnson561621
    29E_SE S501621
    30Punters Lounge 11Philip Woodward621620
    31Fizzy Fish ElitePeter Harvey581614
    32Ben's BruisersScott Brady421603
    33KEEGAN OUT !!Stephen Dobson331585
    34Pancrack Uniteddevil tish471577
    35Thoroughbred FCDuncan Godfrey611576
    36Barndoor_BanjosPaul McGuire531560
    37Real BlairdardieKevin Goodwin401558
    38HorsePoWeRBgVeselin Rizov441544
    39The 07/08 11Andrej Stojanovski611543
    40Kelly's HeroesKelly McLeod421533
    41Nick's WinBetters!nick pember491533
    42Black Mamba'sDavid Phillips311530
    43Cider CityRich Knott681527
    44Sherad's ScorersDavid C571525
    45MCFC66Brian Martin401521
    46EdgeSeekersEdge Seek521519
    47PurpleHayes XIalan golding461516
    48TugasAntonio Cravo451499
    49AntiSCUMPompey FAN451480
    50Sensitive Outsidersmark seymour551472
  2. Re: Home game in wales?

    Where are you Phill we're both South.
    Well I am from the North but currently in Denver so I guess I won't be attending:) I was asking on behalf of any fellow North Walians on the forum.:ok
  3. Re: Fantasy Football League 2007-08 - Sponsored by Betfair

    1Gooners GamblersRichard Latimer941773
    2Rats RelegatesJoe Andrews931732
    3Buff Kit FCAlex Macleod Shaw311688
    4Shandyland WanderersJonathan James1011681
    5fens11andrew fenwick921665
    6FreeMoney .co.ukbrian fitz1041660
    7Leave My ArcelonaAram Kupelian961655
    8Kickass FCLee McCrea961648
    9Wannop Who FCjon buckle871644
    10Jonne UnitedJonatan Rasmussen911644
    11O Face WarriorsRonan Lehane1011630
    12FC PortogalMiguel Filipe811622
    13Ronnie's raidersPeter O'Donnell841619
    14Ball KickerChris Yee921617
    15Mighty WhitesRobert Fussey641616
    16BookiesDreamTeam1912steve Mccready1051615
    17cafecom1811766Paul Lucey951615
    18cenobitesalan steer951611
    19Dunbeacon BluesJerry O'Brien951611
    20Bubbles 11phil mair571607
    21Eye Candy ChicksStíofán O'Gribin591604
    22Veni, Vidi, ViciIAN BUCKLEY841600
    23Scoobys Allstars ©Chris Dunne931599
    24Decoy Teamthomas zen921588
    25The Electric YetisSteven Adam791586
    26Abhishek's 11Abhishek Bhatia.871583
    27Ben's BruisersScott Brady541581
    28Belgrade UnitedSlobodan Borkovic741580
    29E_SE S981575
    30BeejayvilleBrian Johnson621565
    31Punters Lounge 11Philip Woodward931558
    32Fizzy Fish ElitePeter Harvey761556
    33KEEGAN OUT !!Stephen Dobson821552
    34Pancrack Uniteddevil tish961530
    35Thoroughbred FCDuncan Godfrey791519
    36Real BlairdardieKevin Goodwin361518
    37Barndoor_BanjosPaul McGuire851507
    38HorsePoWeRBgVeselin Rizov831500
    39Black Mamba'sDavid Phillips321499
    40Kelly's HeroesKelly McLeod661491
    41Nick's WinBetters!nick pember1001484
    42The 07/08 11Andrej Stojanovski831482
    43MCFC66Brian Martin331481
    44PurpleHayes XIalan golding491470
    45Sherad's ScorersDavid C601468
    46EdgeSeekersEdge Seek901467
    47Cider CityRich Knott881459
    48TugasAntonio Cravo891454
    49AntiSCUMPompey FAN471435
    50Sensitive Outsidersmark seymour501417
  4. Re: Fantasy Football League 2007-08 - Sponsored by Betfair

    1Gooners GamblersRichard Latimer671679
    2Buff Kit FCAlex Macleod Shaw671657
    3Rats RelegatesJoe Andrews551639
    4Shandyland WanderersJonathan James821584
    5fens11andrew fenwick921577
    6FreeMoney .co.ukbrian fitz911568
    7Leave My ArcelonaAram Kupelian561563
    8Wannop Who FCjon buckle381557
    9Jonne UnitedJonatan Rasmussen771557
    10Mighty WhitesRobert Fussey841552
    11Kickass FCLee McCrea631552
    12Bubbles 11phil mair621550
    13Eye Candy ChicksStíofán O'Gribin431545
    14Ronnie's raidersPeter O'Donnell401543
    15FC PortogalMiguel Filipe481541
    16Ben's BruisersScott Brady1141531
    17O Face WarriorsRonan Lehane711529
    18Ball KickerChris Yee471525
    19cafecom1811766Paul Lucey661520
    20cenobitesalan steer421516
    21Dunbeacon BluesJerry O'Brien491516
    22Veni, Vidi, ViciIAN BUCKLEY741516
    23BookiesDreamTeam1912steve Mccready711514
    24Scoobys Allstars ©Chris Dunne651510
    25The Electric YetisSteven Adam331507
    26Belgrade UnitedSlobodan Borkovic351506
    27BeejayvilleBrian Johnson681503
    28Decoy Teamthomas zen451496
    29Abhishek's 11Abhishek Bhatia.491496
    30Real BlairdardieKevin Goodwin511482
    31Fizzy Fish ElitePeter Harvey441480
    32E_SE S261477
    33KEEGAN OUT !!Stephen Dobson971470
    34Black Mamba'sDavid Phillips581467
    35Punters Lounge 11Philip Woodward541465
    36MCFC66Brian Martin381448
    37Thoroughbred FCDuncan Godfrey671440
    38Pancrack Uniteddevil tish231434
    39Kelly's HeroesKelly McLeod421429
    40Barndoor_BanjosPaul McGuire171422
    41PurpleHayes XIalan golding681421
    42HorsePoWeRBgVeselin Rizov281417
    43Sherad's ScorersDavid C321408
    44The 07/08 11Andrej Stojanovski301399
    45AntiSCUMPompey FAN501388
    46Nick's WinBetters!nick pember391388
    47USA!USA!David Watkins571385
    48EdgeSeekersEdge Seek391377
    49Robin of the HoodYoussef Ibrahim711374
    50Cider CityRich Knott931371
  5. Re: Mark Johnston Always been a huge fan of Mark Johnston. Remember winning well when he and Jason Weaver teamed up for the 2000 Guineas in 1994. Good to see him doing well as ever.

  6. Re: NZ v England - 3 Tests Fcuking dreadful performance in the 2nd inns. Didnt watch day 5 but watched day 4 and the person i feel sorry for the most is Sideshow. He couldn't do much more than take 6 wkts in the 2nd inns and 10 in the match and it was all to no avail in the end. I dont know what is going on with the England cricket team, the talent is there in the batting for sure, I like the look of it. If he is in the right frame of mind then is there a place for Tres? The bowling looks very ordinary these days, do we miss Simon Jones' consistency that much? Steve Harmison is a shadow on the bowler he was, he needs to be dropped now and for me forgotten. He is a pale shadow of the world class bowler he was in the West Indies last time around. As for Peter Moores, i am with Steve here, he isnt the man for me. Chris Adams is the guy I would like to see, a born winner.

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