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** May Poker League Result : 1st kevsul, 2nd Elliott Sutcliffe, 3rd Rhino_Power **
** Football Tipster Competition Result : 1st nawoo, 2nd thebestthere, 3rd Data, 4th Dramfech, 5th Fader **


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  1. Re: Fantasy Premier League 2008/09 Season

    Punterslounge League (Rank: 851 / 101,623)
    move_new.gif 1Mowglis Select 11Philip Woodward7777
    move_new.gif 2Free-Money.co.ukbrian fitz6666
    move_new.gif 2ConquerStanley Oentoe6666
    move_new.gif 2DJ's DestroyersDavid Jenkins6666
    move_new.gif 5WhoNeedsMourinho FCAaron Belchamber6464
    move_new.gif 6The Electric YetisSteven Adam6363
    move_new.gif 7Gading MasSung Ra6262
    move_new.gif 8Project888Franky Lau6161
    move_new.gif 9Locomotor MortisJay Bullerjahn6060
    move_new.gif 9Zamalek FCYoussef Ibrahim6060
    move_new.gif 9Leave My ArcelonaAram Kupelian6060
    move_new.gif 9Sensitive OutsidersMark Seymour6060
    move_new.gif 9orlandovilla2007.comMark Willis6060
    move_new.gif 14Hywels hawksalec roberts5757
    move_new.gif 15Zz AsPeY ZzAdam Aspey5656
    move_new.gif 15dazzasdiamondsdarren travis5656
    move_new.gif 17GodisdoGstephen morris5555
    move_new.gif 17Fonejacker FC - NeapSimon Butler5555
    move_new.gif 17Sensible UnitedSimon Higgins5555
    move_new.gif 17Sadikay's ArmyR.P Sadikay5555
    move_new.gif 21Velvet Rosemara dona5454
    move_new.gif 21Time for TrumptonOscar Deacy5454
    move_new.gif 21Bouncing Bubblesphil mair5454
    move_new.gif 24Ben's HensBen Scott5353
    move_new.gif 24WangiAltantuya Saribuu5353
    move_new.gif 26We.Is.Buff. FCSung-joo Song5252
    move_new.gif 26Jonne UnitedJonatan Rasmussen5252
    move_new.gif 28AnfieldersRoneil Krishna5151
    move_new.gif 28Rooney's Jock StrapPaul McGuire5151
    move_new.gif 30Zulu ArmyEd Hartley5050
    move_new.gif 30(A).(K).(3).(3).(1)Akeel Hussain5050
    move_new.gif 30Vanessa Carlton FCBenoit The Brilliant5050
    move_new.gif 30italian stallionsanthony andrews5050
    move_new.gif 30VIVA LA COCADon Diego5050
    move_new.gif 35KullaaruAndry Purk4949
    move_new.gif 35Class On GrassMatthew West4949
    move_new.gif 35FurfuxacheKevin Goodwin4949
    move_new.gif 38Trap StarsRob McLauchlan4848
    move_new.gif 38AFC Twyforddan woods4848
    move_new.gif 38Postino's XIPeter O'Donnell4848
    move_new.gif 38Thoroughbred FCDuncan Godfrey4848
    move_new.gif 42Gooners GamblersRichard Latimer4747
    move_new.gif 43Jol-den Juande-rsDave Rees4646
    move_new.gif 43My Frankie 11Jodie B4646
    move_new.gif 45NERDS FCRio Wibisono4545
    move_new.gif 45E-Ghostese emokpae4545
    move_new.gif 45Gorman's XIJason Gorman4545
    move_new.gif 45Brighton UpRobert Long4545
    move_new.gif 49Partizan BexhillGraham Clark4444
    move_new.gif 49lazyitis xijonathan miles4444
  2. Re: Fantasy Premier League 2008/09 Season Current entrants:

    The Death SquadDavid Phillips
    Project888Franky Lau
    Trilobiterstrilobite trilobite
    Bonsoir BatonBonsoir Baton
    Rats RenegadesJoe Andrews
    Leave My ArcelonaAram Kupelian
    Postino's XIPeter O'Donnell
    Jol-den Juande-rsDave Rees
    Stoney's X1Gary Stone
    PokerUtdalan steer
    skipper's XIadam keen
    Jonne UnitedJonatan Rasmussen
    Zamalek FCYoussef Ibrahim
    BHFCgraham sarson
    My Frankie 11Jodie B
  3. Re: Lucky 15 Suicide Mission

    Thanks. Sorry about the long break' date=' but I spent 3 months in California, and I wasn't going to get up at 3am every morning to check the Betfair markets! :lol[/quote'] Well if you did you'd be dissapointed as you can't log into betfair here in the States although you can view the site ok!:ok
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