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** May Poker League Result : 1st Elliott Sutcliffe, 2nd juanmoment, 3rd Rhino_Power **
** Football Tipster Competition Result : 1st andellio, 2nd Heisenberg68, 3rd Alastair, 4th mickyftm32, 5th PercyP **
** May Naps Competition Result: 1st justanotherpunter, 2nd sirspread, 3rd adamross, 4th kenisbusy. KO Cup Winner Alastair. Most Winners Alastair: **


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  1. 3.05-Dubawi Legend 4.20-Highfield Princess 5.00-Summerghand 5.35-Aldous Huxley
  2. 2.30-Fully Wet 5.00-Mashaaer 6.10-Loves Me Likearock
  3. 3.05-Inverness 5.00-Malex 6.10-Ouzo
  4. 5.00-Legend of Dubai 5.35-Mehmar
  5. 5.00-Golden Flame 5.35-Aristia
  6. 2.35-Stealthy Tom 3.10-Agusta Gold 5.00-HMS Seahorse 5.30-Mi Lighthouse
  7. 7.10-Bring on the Night 7.45-Mister Suntan
  8. 3.40-Jake Peter 4.15-Magic Daze 6.00-Panda Boy 6.35-Haut En Couleurs
  9. 3.40-Limerick Lace 4.45-Largy Debut 5.20-Ramillies 7.05-Annamix
  10. 1.45-Party Business 2.25-Colonel Mustard 3.00-Amarillo Sky 3.35-Thyme Hill 4.15-Oscar Elite 5.15-Mount Ida 6.20-Ernest Gray
  11. 1.45-Cobblers Dream 3.30 Mister Fisher 4.05-Foxy Jacks 4.40-Bold Endeavour
  12. 3.30-Monmiral 4.40-Sky Pirate 5.15-Rosy Redrum
  13. 1.30-Icare Allen 2.10-Cormier 2.50-Shantreusse 3.30-Tornado Flyer 4.10-Cousin Pascal 4.50-Scarlet And Dove 5.30-I A Connect
  14. 2.10-Go Another One 2.50-Janidil 3.30-Royal Kahala 4.50-Nurse Susan 5.30-Cat Tiger
  15. 1.30-I Am Maximus 2.10-Threeunderthrufive 2.50-Fastorslow 3.30-Nube Negra 4.10-Diesel D'Allier 4.50-Sky Pirate
  16. 1.30-Bring on the Night 2.10-Saint Sam 2.50-Our Power 3.30-Adagio 4.10-Echoes In Rain 4.50-HMS Seahorse
  17. Country Pyle has wintered well I am told and now looks big and strong, keep the faith in her when the new flat season starts
  18. never put into the race but stayed on for 3rd place, so step up in trip is probably next
  19. yes like William Navegaon Gate looked lazy on the flat, so will watch with interest his jumping career...no sign of any market confidence yet [8-1] though is up against a 1-3 hotpot
  20. Forever William now gone jumping, and won on hurdling debut @ 6-1!
  21. Had the run of the race from the front but possibly went off too quick and got tired in the final furlong
  22. Interesting that she will now take in the listed race at Kempton on Wednesday night 8-1 opening show
  23. Lady Rockstar runs on Saturday [12.35] Lingfield Put in at 11-4 opening show
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