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  1. 230 As: Heaven Forfend305 As: Maries Diamond340 As: Mirage Dancer420 As:The Tin Man500 As: Sir Maximilian535 As:Pallistor
  2. 230 As: JM Jackson305 As: Bangkok340 As: Rumbleinthjungle420 As: Jubiloso500 As: Coral Beach535 As: Baghdad
  3. 230 As: Air Force Jet305 As: Cape Of Good Hope340 As: Frankellina420 As: Flag Of Honour500 As: Aweedram535 As Sir Ron Priestley
  4. 230 As: Lambeth Walk305 As: Enimnent Authority340 As: Crystal Ocean420 As: Di Fede500 As: Robin Of Navan535 As: Iffraaz
  5. 230 As: Le Brivido 305 As: Guildsman340 As: Sergei Prokofiev420 As: Skardu500 As: The Grand Visir535 As: Magic Ward
  6. 130 CH: Gardens Of Babylon210 CH: Mr Adjudicator250 CH: Commander Of The Fleet330 CH: Kempboy410 CH: Cousin Pete450 CH: Marracudja530 CH: Getareason
  7. 130 CH:Lostintranslation 210 CH:Thermistocles 250 CH: Footpad 330 CH: Top Notch 410 CH: Spiritofthegames 450 CH: Posh Trish 530 CH: Its Alll Guesswork
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