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  1. Aga Radwa艅ska born child few weeks ago so she dont have time for forum. 馃槣
  2. Boom! 6/6 馃馃榾馃槣馃馃 艢l膮sk - Piast 2-0馃 Rak贸w - Legia 1-2馃 P艂ock - Mielec 1-1馃 Warta - Lechia 0-1馃 G贸rnik - Podbeskidzie 3-2馃 Jagiellonia - Wis艂a Krak贸w 1-1馃
  3. Ok, "jazda z ku*wami" We are back! Zag艂臋bie Lubin - Lech Pozna艅 no bet Cracovia - Pogo艅 Szczecin no bet 艢l膮sk Wroc艂aw - Piast Gliwice Piast before away match in Belarus. 艢l膮sk lost in Polish cup but they still have enough quality to get something here. 艢l膮sk 1x 1.53 fortuna (local bookie) Rak贸w Cz臋stochowa - Legia Warszawa Legia before home match against Omonia but still Legia is another level than Rak贸w. Legia x2 1.25 fortuna Wisla P艂ock - Stal Mielec Stal Mielec is newcomer and i will be shocked if they avoid relegation. Stal and other newcomer Warta for sure. Wis艂a P艂ock 1x 1.33 fortuna Warta Pozna艅 - Lechia Gda艅sk Lechia is another level ten Warta. Warta is for sure not ready for ekstraklasa. Lechia x2 1.29 fortuna G贸rnik Zabrze - Podbeskidzie Bielsko Biala Podbeskidzie also newcomer, and they made some transfer, for sure they Will be the Best newcomer this season but G贸rnik was great last year at home. G贸rnik 1x 1.32 fortuna Jagiellonia Bia艂ystok - Wis艂a Krak贸w Jagiellonia with new coach and they are better team. Thats all. Jagiellonia 1x 1.36 fortuna Combo 5.89 very nice
  4. Omg... Reallu sorry. Hooe So nobody play that. Time for holiday. Radomiak - Mied藕 3-1 馃槶 (2ml) Warta - Nieciecza 1-0 馃槶 (2ml)
  5. Ok, one more match this season. 1liga playoffs for ekstraklasa. Radomiak - Miedz Warta - Nieciecza. I see two away wins. Mied藕 ml 2.20 and Nieciecza 1.80. I dont trust Warta and Radomiak. Warta need to play ekstraklasa in Grodzisk and Radomiak in Warsaw @ Legia. All 4 teams have very similar potential. Miedz 2.20 + Nieciecza 1.80.
  6. Guess whos back. 馃榿 Polish Ekstraklasa will back 22.08. I See few nice odds for first round.
  7. Lechia - Cracovia 2-2 馃(x) Lechia - Cracovia 2-2 馃槶 (under) Legionovia - 艁臋czna 0-2 馃 (2) Garbarnia - Elblag 3-1 馃(1x) Wigry - Sosnowiec 0-2 馃榾馃(2) The end. See you next season, two weeks. 馃榾馃槣
  8. Ok, few last bets of the season. Polish cup final, 1st and 2nd division last round. Lechia Gdansk - Cracovia Both teams will not take a risk. For me Lechia is better team but for sure first of all both team play very defensive football. Draw 3.25 Under 2.5goals 1.70 Legionovia - 艁臋czna 2nd division last round. Legionovia is already relegated, 艁臋czna if win will win the league and play in 1st divioson next season. Must win for them. 艁臋czna 2 1.45 Garbarnia Krak贸w - Olimpia Elblag Garbarnia need to get something here to be not relegated. Elbl膮g is safe without 1st division ambitions. Garbarnia 1x 1.23 Wigry Suwa艂ki - Zag艂臋bie Sosnowiec 1st divion, last round. Wigry relegated, nothing for play. Sosnowiec bad season, last season, year ago they play in Ekstraklasa and this year fighting for avoid relegation in 1st division. They have quality to br much higher then now. Sosnowiec 2 1.77 Small bets on Be艂chat贸w x2 1.85 and Termalica Nieciecza 1x 1.29.
  9. Well, poor weekend. Sandecja - Podbeskidzie 1-0馃 (1x) Resovia - Widzew 1-0馃槶(2) Gryf - Polkowice 0-3 馃(2) Wisla Krak贸w - Arka 0-1馃槶(1x) Legia - Pogo艅 1-2 馃槶(1x) Slask - Lechia 1-2 馃槶(1x) Lech - Jagiellonia 4-0馃 (1x) Piast - Cracovia 1-1 馃 (1x) Especially im shocked about Widzew. Ekstraklasa will back in August. 馃グ
  10. Guys, what about WBA and Brentford away wins? Both playing much better but play against teams who still fighting for avoid relegation. Can we trust them?
  11. 1st league (2nd level) Sandecja Nowy S膮cz - Podbeskidzie Bielsko Bia艂a Sandecja fighting for avoid relegation, Podbeskidzie after win in last round is Save to play next season in Ekstraklasa. Sandecja after lost away match in Sulawki need to get something here. Sandecja 1x 1.55
  12. Guys, 2nd Polish league (3rd level) 2rounds to go, Widzew still fighting for 1st league. Legendary, big Polish Club, pressure is huge. Resovia poor form last matches. Widzew if want to have happy end of the season need to win that. Widzew 艁贸d藕 2 1.85 (Polkowice 1.20 banker)
  13. Last 37, last of the season. Only one bet in second 8. Wisla Krak贸w - Arka Gdynia Wisla at home against relegated Arka.wkth low motivation. Wisla 1x 1.29 Top8 shortly. Four matches 1x. Lechia and Cracovia will rest main Players before cup fina艂. Pogo艅 and Jagiellonia on Holiday and Lech high motivated to be 2nd.
  14. Pogo艅 - Piast 1-0馃槶 (x2) Piast didnt score penatly in 94 min... Cracovia - Lech 1-2 馃(x2) Zag艂臋bie - Wis艂a Krak贸w 3-1馃 (1x) Wisla P艂ock - Korona 3-1馃(1x)
  15. Im not interesting about UFC. Ok, a bet Usman, Yan and Namajunas and won but only for fun. KSW all card was great for bet. 0 suprise result. 7/8 even 8/8 to corect predict and all great odds. I dont like Tybura. For me he is overrated. @money44
  16. Shortly midweek round number 36. Two rounds to go. Everythink is clear. Only Piast /Lech who second. But both team in cups. So im going with Lech x2 and Piast x2. Lech maybe even awaywin with nice odds. In relegation also we know. I bet on Zaglebie 1x and Wis艂a P艂ock 1x.
  17. Zag艂臋bie - Wis艂a P艂ock 0-1 馃槶 (1x) Arka - 艁KS 3-2 馃 (1x) Wisla Krak贸w - Koron膮 1-1 馃 (1x) Slask - Pogo艅 2-2 馃 (1x) Legia - Cracovia 2-0 馃 (1) Lech - Lechia 3-2 馃 (1) + MMA combo 8.01