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  1. PS. Not football but interesting bet for me. Grzebyk win in KSW (biggest Polish MMA federation). 1.64, his debiut in KSW, one of biggest Star in other federation FEN, now will be in KSW. Very high quality guy.
  2. Ok round 34, only 3 to go. We know everything. Arka, Korona, ŁKS official relegated. Legia still need 1 point in last 3 matches to get championship. This meedweek we have two semifinals matches in Polish cup. Lech and Legia are dogs but we will see. Legia 2 ml 1.46 Lech 1 ml 1.33 Maybe..... Zagłębie Lubin - Wisła Plock Zagłębie is better team, Wisła after today win secure ekstraklasa for next season. For them is enough. Zagłębie 1x 1.30 Gornik Zabrze - Raków Częstochowa No bet. Arka Gdynia - ŁKS Łódź Both team are relegated so motivation will be low. Arka still need to show anything positive at home. Arka 1x 1.27 Legia Warszawa - Cracovia No bet. Wisła Kraków - Korona Kielce Nothing to say. 1x. Wisła 1x 1.28 Śląsk Wrocław - Pogoń Szczecin Śląsk still have small chance for 3rd place but also 4th place for them will be great. Pogoń as i wrote many times... On Holiday. Śląsk 1x 1.25 Piast Gliwice - Jagiellonia Białystok No bet Lech Poznań - Lechia Gdansk No bet
  3. ŁKS - Wisła 1-2 🤑 (x2) Korona - Arka 1-1🤑 (x2) Raków - Zagłębie 1-2 🤑(x2) Lechia - Cracovia 0-2 😅😭 (1x)
  4. Guys, what about WHU @ Newcastle? Any opinions? WHU have quite easy next matches (Burnley and Norwich) so they should avoid relegation. Newcastle and Burnley nów have nothing to play so maybe x2???
  5. Round 34. ŁKS - Wisła Krakow What can I Say here? X2 Wisła without Błaszczykowski, huge missing for them for still for sure the have quality to get points in Łódź. Wisła x2 1.33 Korona Kielce - Arka Gdynia Both teams Will next season in lower level. Nothing for play here. I mąkę small bet on Arka, beacuse they are better team. Arka x2 1.67 Rakow Częstochowa - Zagłębie Lubin One more nothing for play. One more small bet for x2. Two similar teams, Both on holiday. Zagłębie x2 1.66 Wisła Płock - Górnik Zabrze No bet. Lech Poznań - Legia Warszawa Situation is clear, Lech fighting with few teams for 2nd place. Legia need 1 point i last 4 matches to be a champion. After this match Both teams Will play semifinal matches in polosh cup. I think Both teams will be happy for a draw. Few weeks ago Legia won in Poznań 0-1. Lech without best Player, Best striker Gytkjear. Huge missing. Legia without gk Majecki, who need to go to new club Monaco. No bet / very small bet on draw Just for fun. PS. Trophy to Legia in Poznań is something like Celtic won the league on Rangers. 2 years ago: Lechia Gdańsk - Cracovia Similar like Lech - Legia, Both team ls Will play semifinal in polish cup next midweek. Both fighting for 2nd place. I bet 1x on Lechia, they are better, in better form but can be everything. Lechia 1x 1.44 Pogoń Szczecin - Jagiellonia Białystok No bet. Piast Gliwice - Śląsk Wrocław No bet. So to resume: Wisła x2 Arka x2 Zagłębie x2 Lechia 1x
  6. Raków - Arka 3-2 😭 (x2) Zagłębie - Korona 2-1 🤑 (1x) Gornik - Wisła 0-1 🤑 (x2) Śląsk - Lech 2-2🤑 (x2) Cracovia - Pogoń 2-1🤑 (1x)
  7. Round 33, only 5 rounds to go. Rakow Częstochowa - Arka Gdynia Rakow 47 points and holidays. Arka with small chance to avoid relegation but they still fighting. 2.13 on Arka x2 for me is huge value. I takie the risk and make smallbet on Arka Arka x2 2.13 Zagłębie Lubin - Korona Kielce Zagłębie few last matxhes poor results, ok they won against poorest ŁKS at home and tomorrow they play against Korona. Korona medicore team, for sure they Will be relegated. Zagłębie 1x 1.32 Wisła Płock - ŁKS Łódź Płock poor form last rounds and they have some problems but if they dont win against ŁKS.... They need to także points against ŁKS on Holiday. Wisla Płock 1x 1.23 Legia Warszawa - Piast Gliwice I dont trust Legia here. Yes they are better but will be Marciniak as a ref. No bet. Górnik Zabrze - Wisła Kraków Similar like Arka, value on away team. Górnik on Holiday with 47 points, they play well at home but Wisła have more to play. Wisla Kraków x2 1.85 Jagiellonia Białystok - Lechia Gdańsk No bet, could be everything. Maybe small bet on 1x. Śląsk Wrocław - Lech Poznań Śląsk play well against Cracovia yesterday but Lech is too much for them. Another level. Lech will not lose in Wrocław for me. Lech x2 1.44 Cracovia - Pogoń Szczecin Time for Cracovia. Cracovia maybe underform but have bigger potential than Pogoń. Cracovia 1x 1.28
  8. Arka - Zagłębie 3-2 🤑 (1&1x) Korona - Raków 0-1 🤑 (x2) ŁKS - Górnik 0-3 😭 (1x) Wisła Kraków - Wisła Płock 1-0 🤑 (1x) Lechia - Piast 1-0😭 (x2) Jagiellonia - Legia 0-0🤑 (x2) Lech - Pogoń 0-0😭 (1) Śląsk - Cracovia 3-2 (1x)
  9. Arka Gdynia - Zagłębie Lubin Really last chance for Arka. They looking poor but this is last chance for them but... Fans both teams like eachother this is very important... Few year ago situatiin was the same. Last round Arka play away in Lubin need to win and... They did it. Arka Gdynia 1 2.70 Arka Gdynia 1x 1.50 Korona Kielce - Raków Częstochowa Korona on friday lost in Zabrze in 95 min after that few players coach sent of to second team. After win against Wisła Kraków Rakow is safe but here they have chance to get minimum 1 point. Rakow x2 1.47 ŁKS Łódź - Górnik Zabrze Yes, as I wrote home team will be relegated but here I see some chance for them. Few rounds ago they lost 0-1 against Górnik. Small bet on ŁKS 1x ŁKS 1x 1.65 Wisła Kraków - Wisła Plock Very important match for both teams but home team is fighting for lives. Wisla Kraków 1x 1.34 Lechia Gdańsk - Piast Gliwice As I predict Lechia won in Szczecin and Piast lost at home against. Piast have -10 point to Legia and if they want have rest of chance they need to win this. Important fact. Few weeks ago, before covid Lechia won in 1/4 Polish Cup. I dont belive on Lechia here. Piast x2 1.38 Jagiellonia Białystok - Legia Warszawa Shortly, x2. Legia on the best way to win championship. Much better team than Jagiellonia. Nothing more to say. Legia x2 1.21 Lech Poznań - Pogoń Szczecin Lech on fire right now, good form. They fighting for 2nd place. Pogon as I wrote, season for them is over. Few rounds ago Lech won at home against Pogoń 4-0. Lech 1 1.62 Śląsk Wrocław - Cracovia Smallbet on 1x. Both teams lose today but here i belive that Śląsk can get minimum 1 point. Śląsk 1x 1.40 Accu 18.46 So tasty.... 🙃
  10. Cracovia - Jagiellonia 1-2 😭 Piast - Lech 0-2 🤑 Pogoń - Lechia 0-1 🤑 Górnik - Korona 3-2 😭(Korona lost goal in 95min...) Rakow - Wisła 3-1 😭 Wisła Płock - Arka 0-0😭 Zagłębie - LKS 1-0🤑 Next round medweek.
  11. @StevieDay1983 can you put also fixtures and odds from polish ekstraklasa here?
  12. Well, playoffs / playouts in Poland. 7 more rounds to go. Legia Warszawa - Slask Wroclaw 1.45 for Legia. No thanks. Slask this season is very very solid team, few interesting players, good coach. I dont think about Slask to get 3rd place but 4-6 possible. Here no bet. Cracovia - Jagiellonia Bialystok Few weeks ago Jagiellonia win here 0-1 but for me Cracovia have bigger potential, ambitions and more quality. Cracovia like Slask should fighting for 4-6 places. Maybe for 3rd place with Lech. Cracovia 1x 1.33 Piast Gliwice - Lech Poznan Could be everythink here but I choose x2. For me Lech looking now better and they need to be 3rd. Piast have some chance for championship but not this time. Lech Poznan x2 1.48 Pogon Szczecin - Lechia Gdansk They play today and also play next weekend. Today i bet 1x and was 1-1. Both team are happy to be in top8 and thats all. Lechia can focus on polish cup and semi final against Lech. Pogon ebery year going to top8 and start holiday. The same this year. They dont have europe ambitions. Overall Lechia is better team. Lechia Gdansk x2 1.53 Playout Gornik Zabrze - Korona Kielce Gornik after win against Legia are rather sure to be on Ekstraklasa next season. I bet smwll bet on Korona. They need miracle to avoid relegation and I try to find a value here. Korona Kielce x2 1.93 small bet Rakow Czestochowa - Wisla Krakow Rakow same like Gornik is rather safe. Wisla have 5 points margin over relegation zone. Similiar like Korona I bet on away team Wisla Krakow x2 1.77 small bet Wisla Plock - Arka Gdynia Wisla Plock need to get few point at they play against Arka who for me will be relegeted. Medicore team without anythink. Only Velinovic and Kopczynski have potential, rest of the team is horrible player. For Arka all matches is must win but I dont trust them at all. Very nice odds for home team. Wisla Plock 1 2.00 Zaglebie Lubin - LKS Lodz LKS is already relegated, nothing for play. Zaglebie need to take few points to be sure, they have big potential, for me even for 7-8 place. Great chance to win here. Zaglebie Lubin 1 1.65
  13. Arka - Wisla Krakow 0-0🤑 Cracovia - Wisla Plock 1-1🤑 Jagiellonia - Piast 0-2😭 Slask - LKS 4-0 🤑 Pogon - Lechia 1-1🤑