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  1. Shocked IAAF (world athletics) banned russian and belarusian sportsmen and sportswomens...? ATP and WTA support terrorism!
  2. If you cant understand what means banning tennis players i think we cant discuss. Look at the mirror you see Putin friend. In this situation in Ukraine I wont be ale to shake hand to any russian but if for you this is not a problem that means a lot... Maybe you will understand that when you see bombs 100,200,300km behind you ..even maybe closer. We have different values and people like you in western europe will never understand it. Bye. god, honor and fatherland
  3. Maybe for you is "very native"... Very typical for eastern Europe. Of course not all od russians are responsible for that but all Europe even all world should fight with Putin with very hard sactions against all of them like: Swift regulation, problems with flight outsideRussia, maybe even banned them from using MasterCard and Visa. This is only way to win against this silly prick. Even if it hits ordinary Russians, it's hard. But this is the price of freedom, and you might understand if you lived 300km from these events in Kiev not probably much further away. "Similar to the Olympics, let them compete under a different flag. " Typical leftside retoric. There is no differnce between somesone compete as "Russia" with the flag or something like "National federation of Russia" without flag. But hard to understand this if you are living whereever you are right now. I guess.
  4. Well.... "The main conductor of the Munich Philharmonic, Valery Gergiyev, was released from it. " Shocked? ? For me there is no differrence between teams and indivudual sports. Yes russian should be banned from any "public" life: sports, culture and others!
  5. Bravo Svitolina ! Other players should do this also!
  6. And for you "not to war" is enough ? For me no...and if football, volleyball, handball, figure iceskating are banned for them, even russian mma fighters will not fight in polish organisations like KSW. For me also in wta and atp they should be banned.
  7. Anybody knows for what atp and wta waiting for ... ? #PutinCHUJ
  8. Today is end od the party for Vesely ? What do you think guys ?
  9. Guys, what about Schwartzmann today? 1.32 looking ok for me.
  10. Strange pick...tampa Play against Carolina not Jets. Titans against Houston not Miami. So mamy mistakes ....
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