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  1. Australian Open 2019

    As you wroten "few years ago", now i think its not so good. You are right also with odds ...but for double.
  2. Australian Open 2019

    Guys aby opinions about Coric ? For metal he should take this but a want to see what expert think
  3. Offtopic: i dont what is "walton casuals", who are they etc but i will start to support them they play on Fred Perry or Stone Island tshirts ? :))))) Edit: checked, Nike. So rather more like russian mafia than casuals
  4. Iga Światek !!!! New Polish machine !!
  5. Allyhibs, what about Aberdeen home win? Aby opinions ?
  6. Guys, can we trust Rangers today against Dundee ?
  7. Guys, time for Burnley to win ? Next two matches both away against Tottenham and Arsenal so they need to get minimum 1 point against Brighton.
  8. FA Cup Predictions > Nov 20th & 21st

    Can we trust Doncaster and Bristol R. ?
  9. Great job Darran! I bet your all 4 tips DC X2 and 1x. Job done!
  10. 2/3 very good result with great Maidenhead odds.
  11. Darran what a job !!!! Wow! This Darran i like !
  12. Great tip and analys, mate. Keep going!
  13. Czech, what do you think about Thiem win in halfinal ?