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  1. One of Hannover 96 Player with coronavirus. Confirm by the Club. Polish ekstraklasa and lower League will play but with closed stadiums. Other sports also.
  2. Guys, Crusaders and Linfield away wins? Both are much better and fighting for top spot. Amy opinions???
  3. Teodore as specialist from Northern Ireland league? @StevieDay1983for fcuk sake... ­čĄú
  4. Światek in top form but 3rd round against Vekic looking like will be end for her. 1.6 on Vekic.
  5. Last year i wrote few Times that Światek is not materiał for wining against top 20 or top30 yet... But here against mature Suarez Navarro for me she have enough quality to win this match. If Iga play on the same level as in 1st round she should win. 1.60 in my local is last moment. Lower than 1.6 Will not be value.
  6. Guys, what about Jabeur against Wo┼║niacki, only for me 2.47 is quite high and only I See a value?
  7. Great job with Kukuskin. Keep going that way... #NOT
  8. Czech, any the same analys in mens tournament? you are doing great job!
  9. Guys, what about triple on Coleraine, Glentoran, Cliftonville? All are stong dogs so... Maybe...?
  10. Guys, what about Glentoran + Crusaders? Both wins tomorrow? Any opinions?