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  1. Another has caught the eye Newbury 2;10 Wild Iris 4TBP at ?
  2. two out of two yesterday at 2.4 and 1.62 for a profit of £5.76 bank now at £69.85 todays selections 2:10 Newbury Alcohol Free 4TBP at ? 2:45 Newbury Chindit 4TBP at ? 3:20 Newbury On This Is Us 6TBP at ? one database selection 15:48 Tramore Batcio 4TBP at 1.65
  3. three out of three yesterday for a profit of £9.29 no database selections today, two selections from me. Bets still £3 Thirsk 1:40 Jeremial 3 place market at ? Thirsk 2:10 Motakhayyel 2 place market at 1.62
  4. first two placed, had to go to the 3 place market for Came to the dark at 1.57 Cleonte 4th at 2.80 Another one caught the eye Ayr 15:50 Fete Champetre 4 place market at ?
  5. Both bets placed yesterday, a profit of $1.67. Master of the Seas 1.46 and Al Waqidi 1.42 both below the 1.5 odds but were both certs. While updating my database yesterday managed to delete ? amount of info. Todays selections, bets are now a whopping £3 Newbury 1:40 Came From The Dark (unlikely to be matched 4 place market) Newbury 2:15 Cleonte ( 4 place market) my own selection
  6. Two bets placed yesterday Naval Crown @ 1.5 , Echo Point @ 1.9, Stone Circle up. A profit of 66p. Still behind the target but a long way to go. todays selections, one from the database and one from me. Newmarket 3:35 Master of The Seas 4 places Newmarket 4:10 Al Waqidi 3 places
  7. Three bets yesterday 2 placed at odds of 1.75 and 2.1 to give a profit of £1.52, so slightly behind target. todays selections, not sure if the first selection will get matched at odds of 1.5 ? There were another three selections but all unlikely to get matched. 2.25 Newmarket (Rowley) 2 Naval Crown Buick, William Appleby, Charlie 7/4 4.45 Newmarket (Rowley) 4 Echo Point (IRE)
  8. Newmarket 16:30 Han Solo Berger win 5/1 Paddy Power
  9. Yeterdays bet placed at 1.5 for a 95p profit there are 6 selections today but only three likely to have place odds above 1.5 all 4 place market no bet 2.00 Southwell 6 First Class Return (IRE) Skelton, Harry Murphy, Olly 11/10 ?? no bet NH 6.15 Fairyhouse 5 Peaches And Cream (IRE) McNamara, Conor Cromwell, Gavin Patrick 3/1
  10. todays top rated selections REDCAR 14:50 Urban War 9/1 e/w 3 Places C bet REDCAR 15:20 Kettle Hill 5/6 win B bet WINDSOR 15:40 Green Power 11/1 e/w 3 Places B bet REDCAR 16:25 Otyrar 10/3 win B bet
  11. Xtc12 I had a look at this yesterday before you mentioned this in your post, I had got my calcs wrong. I need average odds of a minimum of 1.4 to break even. There is a rachet method in the steady drip spreadsheet, once you reach a target the stakes increase. Another thing is that when the stakes get higher it is unlikely they would be matched on betfair. I am not one to give up yet so starting afresh today. Todays selections, only a bet if I get at least odds 1.5 6.20 Wolverhampton 1 Sir Rod
  12. no selections today yesterdays results 6.15 Wolverhampton 1 Wakening (IRE) Havlin, Robert Gosden, John and Thady not placed 5.00 Dundalk 6 Jeroboam (USA) Moore, Ryan OBrien, A P 2nd 1.17 1.25 Lingfield 1 Shecandoo Curtis, B A Allen, C N 1 st 1.31 3.50 Lingfield 7 Day Trader (IRE) Hansen, Thore Hannon (Jnr), Richard 5/6 2nd 1.11 a loss of 82 p
  13. Aintree 5:15 Blaklion 50/1 ew 6 places Paddy Power
  14. todays datbase selections 6.15 Wolverhampton 1 Wakening (IRE) Havlin, Robert Gosden, John and Thady 5.00 Dundalk 6 Jeroboam (USA) Moore, Ryan OBrien, A P 1.25 Lingfield 1 Shecandoo Curtis, B A Allen, C N 3.50 Lingfield 7 Day Trader (IRE) Hansen, Thore Hannon (Jnr), Richard 5/6 All todays 4 places yesterdays results 3 out of 3 Place Market My Frankle 2 Place 1.69 Ensyaaby 4 Place 1.09 Getaday 4 Place 1.69
  15. Harry 2 -7 refers to the place market, I will always try to have the bet on the highest place market available. Unable to state the odds as they are not usually matched until just before off. hope this helps
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