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** February Poker League Result : 1st juanmoment, 2nd Rivrd, 3rd the_dak **
** Last Man Standing Results - drew005 wins £250 / Wishy wins £50 **
** January Naps Competition Result: 1st SILVER FOX, 2nd LIKE A ROUGHIE, 3rd DAISYCHAIN, 4th MRJOL. KO Cup Winner GLAVINTOBY, Most Winners: ALASTAIR **


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  1. Your last sentence is spot on. He did not make a mistake...Thats who he is. I see people saying well he can learn from his mistake etc etc. I repeat, he did not make a mistake. Making a mistake is accidentally leaving the stable door open, not sitting on a dead horse, smiling whilst on the phone doing one of these stupid 2 finger salutes. That tells me what he actually thinks of horses. He does not mistreat them, they have all the most modern facilities and techniques. But that is NOT because he loves horses. He does it because he makes money by training them. It makes sense to look
  2. Thats why I am not a Stats man. Because even if you CAN agree that for example 1L = 1LB ( to keep things simple), obviously that changes as the distance increases, but then other factors have to be considered, such as the ground, the class of horse, whether each horse gave its true running,, whether it was still full of running at the end etc etc etc. So many imponderables. I think stats are still important, but I trust my eyes more in judging what I see. Then the question is....is what you see reality? In other words was the horse trying? Was it fit? Was another horse not trying a
  3. Fair play. I guess everybody has their own ways...there is nothing which is 100%. As long as we get enjoyment and hopefully make a little bit along the way, alls good!
  4. Genuine question for you Richard, I am not trying to be a clever dick...... I always used the 'Rule of Thumb' theory that over jumps 1 length= 1 pound........ there are obviously other factors to take into consideration, but on your calculations I see 1.5-2lb per length? In the Appreciate it example above 3.5l=9lb which is 2.5lb/length. Have I been miscalculating all these years?? To be honest, although I do take into account figures, I do base my gambling decisions on the 'eye test', but it would be interesting to know If my pounds v lengths understanding has been skewed all t
  5. I believe so. After yesterdays strong response by them, it doesn't actually surprise me. To be honest, after hearing Elliots ridiculous apology and excuse, I expected it.
  6. Cheveley Park have removed their horses. Envoi Allen to be trained by Henry de Bromhead. O'Leary will probably stick to his guns, but I have a feeling Elliots horses will not be allowed to run at Chelters, meaning Gigginstown will have to wait for Punchestown next month
  7. 1350 KEM GA Law 7/4 WH WIN Reserve Young Wolf 28/1 bet365 EW Braver choice would be to pick my second choice, which I fancy will run well. But as we are only 2 days away, I will bottle it and go for the safer option!!
  8. Just seen an unbelievable performance by Cabot Cliffs, who battered the fav Heross Du Seuil by 15-20 lengths, giving it 6lb!! To put that in perspective, last time out Heross Du Seuil on its hurdles debut, gave 7lb and a 10 length beating to Her Indoors ( at the time rated 122, now 127) I know it can be dangerous taking OR's at face value, but even taking into consideration over/under performing animals, surely that has to put Cabot Cliffs well into the 140's? Its entered for the Fred Winter, or whatever its called nowadays. I just grabbed 14/1. My feed for Racing UK isnt w
  9. Frankfurt @ 1.83 Brentford @ 1.91 Luton @ 2.3 7.5 pts treble
  10. Its actually 39/5 with my cr@ppy bookie (Marathon). If you are confident of it finishing in the first 3 and reckon it has a squeak of winning, then you should back it. Personally I think all is not well with the horse. I think it has had several niggly problems and will never be the horse he was. I think Chacun is as near a racing certainty as can be, but I would put the likes of Politologue/Nube Negra/ Sceau Royale all coming in front of Altior. But thats my opinion. Racing always surprises!!
  11. Interesting snippet. I noticed that Dan Skelton claimed TWO horses out of the Opening sellers race at Taunton yesterday, for 6k a piece. Dan Gun and Zero to Hero. Both horses have shown better form in ground other than heavy. Its not very often that you see trainers claiming horses ( used to be considered 'bad form'), but the fact Skelton has claimed 2, he must see something in them. He has a knack of improving horses, so I will be keeping an eye on these two, especially on Spring ground
  12. Coneygree is the one I was thinking of, last novice to win the Gold Cup if memory serves. However I seem to remember being overly impressed by Coneygree. The main difference I see is that Coneygree won Grade 2's and a Grade 1 (Denman Chase) running and beating horses around the 160 mark, easily. Royal Pagaille, though hugely impressive, has won a couple of handicaps and a substandard Peter Marsh, beating horses in the mid 130's. I think RP is a future Gold Cup winner, but needs another year under its belt. Coneygree was a freak of nature!!
  13. Agreed on Santini. I have been backing him AP the last few weeks. I would be amazed if they run Royal Pagaille this year
  14. The over/under on Katie Harrington saying " Errm" in the co presenting spot at Fairyhouse now stands at 1,827 Bring on Jane Mangan, Pleeeease!!!
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