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  1. I can't find any suitable forum for this question but here goes anyways. Me and my friends have a fairly solid system going where we are making steady profits but now the time has come to share the loot. What are the tax implications for me as the receiver to get money from my mate via Paypal? He has made a few £K from his footy betting and wants to share it with me. Will he just have to withdraw it from paypal via his own bank account or can he send it to me via paypal transfer? Obviously it is easy for him to prove that he made the money from betting so with that being the case is there a
  2. You'll probably understand but not going to divulge too much about it. Lot of effort went into the start of it. As old as the hills I'm sure but works for me. In short its based on monitoring the BF exchange prices using a simple Java app I wrote and spotting ponies which are likely to shorten based on monitoring different markets. The edge is in having found the correct or 'most accurate' data to monitor which indicates a win price is about to move. That particular data/market shall remain a secret, gives me about 1 min lead time on the exchange to grab a few clicks profit but the real prof
  3. Thanks Paddy .... Ballinrobe, this evening 21:00, Princetonian, @ 2.50. He's allowing me the hansome wager of £4.50. Brave man. Just to sicken em I took it and will buy myself a bag of chips with my winnings lol
  4. I intend doing the ones with max value ( as I calculate it ) as singles and cobble these along ones which have lesser value, but still +ive value in doubles. I don't like stakes which have a return higher than £200 or £300 as that seems to be the glass ceiling, from my experience, above which you run the risk on being added to the "additional scrutiny" pile. Using a few friends to get a few quid on is more viable with higher % returns as I have my £ per hr effort target and don't want to waste time farting about if only getting a few quid per hr of effort. It makes me laugh when I hear of p
  5. PS. I was wrong to say Paddy and Ladbrokes don't take my bets. Paddy allows me 15p per bet while Ladbrokes will take the vast sum of 23p per bet. Surely you would think that for the purpose of getting their prices in line they would let me have my grain of corn and then tap the guy on the shoulder whos job it is to keep prices in line. But I'm guessing these prices are all taken from 3rd party services now with little or no human interaction so they don't want any value thieves in their customer list.
  6. I have cobbled together some random doubles samples from my singles data set, like every other single paired with the one directly after it and another sample set of each bet with the next bet which is 2 bets down the list. Not very scientific but gives me two random data samples of approx 10,000 doubles bets. Yes, varience plays a big part in the results. With singles alone I was just shy of 30% profit. However first data set of doubles shows profit of 52% with obviously a far inferior strike rate and I do like a good strike rate as part of any betting system. Avg odds for these new data
  7. Nah, exchanges are way way too sharp. Looking at some data I have from the exchanges after comm I would make no more than 2 or 2.5% profit at the available prices. This is less than 1/10 of what I can make with the bookies ( Basically snapping up value prices with them, hence losing accounts as they don't like people taking value ) So to make the same with the exchange I would need to be staking in the region of £100+ for each £10 I get a bookie to take and in majority of cases this money is not available. But my original question is more about the maths than the logistics of the betting
  8. What I'm trying to get clear in my head is if you have a data set of 10,000 or so singles which proves your single bets have Y% value, then should rolling those value bets into doubles compound the value to give (2xY)% value? My maths head tells me it does but just looking someones take on it who is better than me at probabilities and stuff. Have plenty of selections crop up each day, just need another way for the fox to get into the hen house as the bookies have the front door closed on me effectively.
  9. This should be a simple maths question on probabilities so just checking that I have this right before I go down the wrong road. I have never been a fan of doubles till I sat and looked at results of my approx 10,000 singles bets With average profit of 30% I'm doing better than I expected when starting almost 1yr ago. Problem is I am running out of options to get any sort of money on as have lost most accounts. I only do £5 or £10 bets ... but I do a lot of them as you can see and I record everything. I have noticed that some bookies will allow me do doubles for up to £5 but singl
  10. Nottingham 05.10.2016 16:00 St Patricks Day 32Red 51.00
  11. Nottingham 05.10.2016 16:00 Auxiliary Pokerstars 34.00
  12. Nottingham 05.10.2016 16:00 Snappy Guest Betway 15.00
  13. Navan 05.10.2016 16:35 Voyageofdiscovery BetVictor 51.00
  14. Towcester 05.10.2016 14:20 Witchesintune Boylesports 41.00
  15. Nottingham 05.10.2016 15:00 Fields of Fortune SeanieMac 21.00
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