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  1. BTTS the best bet placed for me here I think hard not to see goals from both teams here
  2. Today lucky me to bet on Tottenham -0.25 and over 3.5 when the score was 2-1 .....2-2 all won !! then I bet On Man United -0.5 and won easy 2-0 Just luck luck
  3. agree with you boss , I even feel this can be last game for Manuel Pellegrini's
  4. Today already had two bets bet Burnley +2 and Bournemouth +0.25 two small bets I liked Gl for me
  5. Thanks God big profit after Everton won , I had them -0.5 before the game kick off and late I had again -0.25 and over 1.5 live , super jackpot was tomorrow I wait Liverpool -0.75 Gl boys
  6. To bet on Tottenham -0.5 @1.70 away from home in EPL ??? no way !!! i like this team but not these days
  7. I had two bets this Round Only Burnley 0.25 @ 1.90 Sheffield United 0.5 @ 1.90
  8. I Like Arsenal 0.25 against Man United , very hard to see Arsenal losing this game
  9. my bets this Round in EPL Bournemouth 0.5 @ 1.85 Norwich City 0.5 @ 1.90 Newcastle United DNB @ 1.80 West Ham United 0.5 @ 1.75 Good for me
  10. Israel @ 1.83 should be ok for me to bet , For sure Israel always tricky for bookies and people but I think this game three points stay at home without problem
  11. From the way how I saw so far West Ham and how they play overall and defend , and from the way how Watford looked last game .....I think Watford more chances to win this game This West Ham defense Just Remind of UAE and Qatar leagues ??
  12. I bet this Round on Norwich 0.75 Tottenham Hotspur -1.5 I think and hope I will have chance to win both bets hopefully
  13. Algeria league 19/8/2019 Paradou AC - MC Alger Bet On Paradou 0.25 @ 1.90 This is small derby in Algeria , for me this game 50/50 and I even give small advantage for Paradou who have very good young players who can easy Run 90 minutes ON other side MC Alger manager still play with his lines up and he kept many key players outside this game as he want to try new players , they still not very much ready to win this kind of hard games
  14. After I saw first half for Utd against Chelsea I bet straight away on Wolves 0.25 @ 2.00 , I thought no way this Utd beat this strong home team Wolves I hope Im right anyway
  15. Yes I maybe from time to time when I have time I should be able to pass some bets , abit not easy because my Regular work keep me very busy I like this Fourm lots , one of the best for sure , I think very Relaxing here so this the only place where I post my Middle east leagues , so you can always check here Only and GL
  16. Algeria league 15/8/2019 US Biskra - Paradou AC My bet here on US Biskra 0.25 @ 1.80 first game this season , will be sold out , US Biskra fans will help lots here Paradou miss some key players in this game and before the season sold some others to other clubs Draw or home win should be here at the end
  17. I cant believe that Celtic and Porto lost at home and end the season very fast with nothing Im shocked
  18. boring odds everybody think easy win for Liverpool , but Im not sure how important this cup to win for the reds maybe 2-1 Liverpool win or 1-1 Draw even
  19. AFC CHAMPIONS LEAGUE 13/8/2019 Al Sadd Al Duhail Bet On Al Sadd -0.25 @ 1.85 First leg ended 1-1 draw , was very clear that Al Sadd more ready to win and go to next rounds , Al Duhail will be without two key defenders and this will make their defense worse and open more ..... Al Sadd will take advantage from this and will attack and make chances
  20. damn this Crap poor Arsenal , same shite every season , no spirit and hopeless players I think they can lose from Norwich City away from home this show again all those Friendly pre season games kind of Fiexd
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