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  1. I feel sorry for Cardiff now with Mou was sacked in ManU i think will be United win something like 0-2 or 0-3
  2. Good tips, keep it up and thanks. steve

  3. Al EttifaqAl Wehda Mecca My bet here Al Wehda Mecca DNB @ 1.75 Al Wehda Mecca one of best teams in saudi league , very experience players , they are very attacking side who can score easy anytime Al Ettifaq suffer again , no manager , no money inside the club , missing more players , things inside the team not healthy
  4. Ajman ClubAl Dhafra My bet On Ajman -0.5 @ 1.90 Ajman one of best teams playing at home , last game for them in UAE Cup played with Team B , they care more for the league On other side Al Dhafra is weak team , specially away from home , the defense really poor and they will play here for one point if they can , but will be very hard here
  5. Raja CasablancaIsmaily SC My bet here On Ismaily +1 or 0.75 not sure if Raja Casablanca care to advance more in this Friendly cup , even they could not sell many tickets for this game today , this team with lots of problems and no money and players dont even care lots Ismaily dream this season to win this Arab cup , wont be easy because this Ismaily as team the worse since many years now , but they still can fight and make chances and score goals Ismaily will take advantage from Raja Casablanca careless attitude and will advance to next round hopefully
  6. Dibba Al Fujairah [N]Al Wahda Abu Dhabi Here My bet On Al Wahda Abu Dhabi -1 , should be easy win for Al Wahda Abu Dhabi Dibba Al Fujairah play for nothing and will have to care more to stay in UAE league and not get Relegated despite Al Wahda Abu Dhabi miss some players but this mean nothing , Al Wahda Abu Dhabi with youth and some Reserves can still win easy , so nothing to worry about here easy win for Al Wahda Abu Dhabi
  7. Al Ittihad Vs Alfaisaly My Pick here Alfaisaly DNB this should be banker for me , Alfaisaly as team 10 times better than This dead Al Ittihad Al Ittihad players lose every week because they know soon all of them will be sold and we will see new team for Al Ittihad , so beside they are weak as team , they dont care even can be easy win for Alfaisaly tonight
  8. Emirates ClubAjman Club My bet here Emirates Club 0.25 @ 1.80 home team need the points more , Ajman play for nothing worse Results here for home team should be draw good Value bet this On Emirates Club
  9. Al Wahda Abu DhabiAl Sharjah This game my bet On Al Sharjah 0.5 @ 1.85 in most bookies Al Sharjah having great season and very hard to see them losing this big game , I see big Value On Al Sharjah
  10. israel very poor away from home scotland very close to win this
  11. I never thought in my life I will live to this day to see Man City -1.5 against Man United crap how life changed that fast
  12. im on scotland to win here Israel as country dont care for football , they love to watch big football leagues yes but when it comes to play they are losers and even the local league is kind of dirty , very hard to trust players here even weather now ok in Haifa , I was last night there drink beer , weather was great and will help scotland i think scotalnd win closer but small bet for two reason 1- israel is jinxed team 2- scotland not big team to trust with good stake
  13. Al Masry - Nogoom El Mostakbal Bet On Under 2.25 @ 1.85 in Asian bookies Nogoom El Mostakbal will defend 90 mintues , while Al Masry have big african game next few days , they will Rest some key players and play boring game and something like 0-0 or 1-0 even Al Masry cant score since few games and they miss main striker too
  14. DRB Tadjenanet - CA Bordj Bou Arreridj Bet On CA Bordj Bou Arreridj 0.25 @ 1.80 in Asian bookies Home team without manager , and miss some key players too , while CA Bordj Bou Arreridj much better here with good experince players too worse results should be draw here for CA Bordj Bou Arreridj