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  1. agree on Senegal should beat this Tunisian team , I like this bet but I did not bet but to bet against Algeria I dont agree , stadium should be full with Algerians tonight they said 8 airplans from Algeria and some locals from Egypt too should support them
  2. Finally back from holiday last night nothing like home will see the games tonight and enjoy and if any bets I will write my opinion sure
  3. sorry to write late But Algeria 0.5 was big main bet for me today , I had big stake there I lost my small stake on dirty doggy Burundi 0.25 but was small bet thanks God and last bet helped me was Germany U21 -1 against Romania
  4. Nigeria players had big problem before this game and refused to train even Im not sure they want to win today from what I watch they seem dont care to play
  5. this people in front of their president give 300% and from nothing they turn to be spain or Germany 😄 they think they are in War and they die to not lose beside that this team improved lots last years
  6. at this Moment Mauritania president arrived to Cairo to see his national team Mauritania play today game Im afraid to bet against teams when their president fly and came and to see his players
  7. Tunisia - Angola I read Egyptian Fans bought all the tickets for this game because Tunisia have one player play with Egypt club El Zamalek ( this news I got from Egypt ) this will be super motivation for Tunisia here , they will put big pressure on Angola I did not bet Yet , but Angola will suffer in this game from this Pressure and the game turned to be home game for Tunisia Tunisia -0.75 , I dont like , I will wait live to have -0.5 should end 1-0 or 2-1 or 2-0 if some luck
  8. Thanks God was super end for me in this Crap Copa America Argentina -1.5 came , they could easy win 10-0 but as I said Qatar always buy this big games where all world see Just to tell the world we are damn Qatar hahhahaha and tomorrow they can come and lose from Yemen , NP at all I had as well small bet on Colombia DNB and all African bets won too so far with Algeria lead 2-0 🤩 I can soon travel happy
  9. Kenya will be very tough team to beat with the way how defend and weather will make harder for the Algerians Im even scared to bet on Algeria -0.75 here despite I saw now lots of fans from Algeria in Cairo streets and algerian fans always play big part of their national team wins i hope Algeria win here
  10. Qatar miss their best two players , the winger Abd Al-kareem Hasan the fastest winger in Qatar and big key player , without him no attacks for Qatar and they miss the main defender Issam Madabo too
  11. very boring this damn Burundi setting 90 minutes on my nervous to win only half bet and was close to lose all bet with late 2-0
  12. In this Group I tried two bets already Morocco - Namibia I bet Namibia 1.5 small stake sure very risky bet , but Morocco i feel not that ready for this game , they miss some key players and their performance before this cup was far from convincing , especially their defense very slow and lots of mistakes Namibia will fight hard and will defend with lots of players and then counter attack and with Morocco poor defense I wont be shocked if they score Ivory Coast - South Africa I bet South Africa 0.5 Medium stake South Africa performance before this cup in last friendly games was better than how I saw Ivory Coast Ivory Coast defense very heavy from what I saw and South Africa attacks crazy fast , they must make good chances here and I fancy them to score and not lose this one beside this I dont think Ivory Coast is good like many years ago and I no way to trust them
  13. No No Im not from Egypt but I know there all the worse game for Egypt since ages !! lucky to win 1-o I thought Zimbabwe played great game and deserved something at the end with this coach for Egypt Javier Aguirre , I fear Egypt will suffer more next games the way how Zimbabwe played this make me feel no game will be easy in this African cup anymore all teams improved
  14. Im sorry mate I bet last week on Uganda 0.5 I saw both teams good last games , this Uganda was unbelievable solid and they looked like one of the best teams in this Group after Egypt I think will be close game , looks like Draw one , but this Uganda can sure surprise here