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  1. I never thought in my life I will live to this day to see Man City -1.5 against Man United crap how life changed that fast
  2. im on scotland to win here Israel as country dont care for football , they love to watch big football leagues yes but when it comes to play they are losers and even the local league is kind of dirty , very hard to trust players here even weather now ok in Haifa , I was last night there drink beer , weather was great and will help scotland i think scotalnd win closer but small bet for two reason 1- israel is jinxed team 2- scotland not big team to trust with good stake
  3. Al Masry - Nogoom El Mostakbal Bet On Under 2.25 @ 1.85 in Asian bookies Nogoom El Mostakbal will defend 90 mintues , while Al Masry have big african game next few days , they will Rest some key players and play boring game and something like 0-0 or 1-0 even Al Masry cant score since few games and they miss main striker too
  4. DRB Tadjenanet - CA Bordj Bou Arreridj Bet On CA Bordj Bou Arreridj 0.25 @ 1.80 in Asian bookies Home team without manager , and miss some key players too , while CA Bordj Bou Arreridj much better here with good experince players too worse results should be draw here for CA Bordj Bou Arreridj
  5. I agree about Tottenham DNB bet I like too Watford 0.75 , I feel Draw game for Man United
  6. if i'm allowed to say my opinion here , what concern me more is how much to trust such teams and country like Romania , I dont know but trusting this kind of teams always very hard like most of East Europe teams
  7. Man City -1.5 Chelsea -0.75 I like this two bets from what I saw last rounds so far
  8. The odds in bet365 , but if you have them in another bookies ok too ES Mostaganem X USM El Harrach Home win @ 1.72 worth try , away team have lots of problems and play this game with lots of Youth players , while home team very strong at home Widad Athletic Tlemcen X JSM Bejaia Home win @ 2.10 very good for me this odds , home team one of best teams in this Algeria 2 this season , lots of experince and good names there away team nothing special
  9. El Dakhleya X El Entag Al harby Bet on El Dakhleya 0.5 @ 1.60 in Bet365 Enppi X Smouha Bet On Enppi 0.5 @ 1.57 in Bet365 This 1.60 + 1.57 can be good double
  10. yes was good , I bet Man United -1 Avoid unlucky Burnley 0.75 i won but was hard stress as I felt I would lose half bet late Man City -0.5 won too this second Round I feel Arsenal should lose again , this Arsenal defense very bad
  11. AlJazira - United Arab Emirates X Al Nassr - Saudi Arabia Bet On Al Nassr - Saudi Arabia 0.5 @ 1.90 at Bet365 big value this