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  1. Re: PL Heads-Up League - Game 11 good game trev:okdamn missed out on 10 unbeaten
  2. Re: 2x Hand histories from a mtt tonight yeah both folds for me. although he could be at it with both hands ,i think with hand A you haven't put a lot in and although theres a good chance he's squeezing and he'd fold i dont think its worth the risk that he does have a calling hand. hand b your just too weak and he could call a little looser as its 5 handed,so a lot of stronger aces (ak,aq,aj maybe even a10) or even pairs as low as 8s-9s might well call. a lot depends on his/your image but i'd guess both of you had shown some aggression at the table from what you've said,so i think youve gotta respect his 3 bet a bit here as he might expect you to call/push lighter than a tight player
  3. Re: Rebuy with EXTREMELY discounted add-on you sure its not a misprint/cockup:unsure seems like a very weird structure and pretty pointless playing loose if its not really gonna get you that far ahead.
  4. Re: PL Chipset Tourney(Added Prizes)-Monday 28th December 20:00 GMT cheers, well played paul:ok
  5. Re: PL Chipset Tourney(Added Prizes)-Monday 28th December 20:00 GMT if you want you can raffle my prizes, if morls wants to send them direct to mr col or the charity:ok
  6. Re: PL Happy Christmas Private Cash Game? well i was doing okay till guppie hit a straight flush on the flop ,i had aces and hit the"nut flush"on the river only to find it wasnt so good:puke still it was a good laugh and pretty successfull,merry xmas one and all:cheers:cheers
  7. Re: PL Happy Christmas Private Cash Game? okay tonights table is Suvanto Iv 10c/25c:ok
  8. Re: PL Happy Christmas Private Cash Game? hows about trying to all jump on a 10/20c table:unsure i'll post a table at 10.30 (thats empty)anyone interested can either jump in then or join later:ok we should just about fill a table ,if those that have shown an interest show up.
  9. Re: PL Poker Chipset yeah id be up for the charity sng too:ok and well done cramer on the win:clap:clap
  10. Re: PL Happy Christmas Private Cash Game?
  11. Re: Omaha hand 6 handed i'm of the same view as billy up to the flop:ok most of the time i'm very passive in early position and very aggro from late poss,especially when i'm on a table with quite a few decent players. in probably 90% of situations i'd play this way and try to outplay them later in the hand. sometimes i will raise from early a fair bit but then i raise a "fairly" wide range (like small/mid connectors,high double suited etc)so the aces aren't as obvious to a good player and the bad ones will think you have aces every time.i only tend to do this if i've managed to get a big stack vs the rest of the table,then that allows me to take a few risks and use a bit of bullying power:). think i'd fold to the 2k bet on the turn but it's very marginal. on the plus side you might get a call if you do hit your flush in this situation. on the minus side its starting to get a large part of your stack thats going in.you can fold now and you still have a massive stack vs the blinds, so you have plenty of time to wait for better opportunities than this.
  12. Re: PL Happy Christmas Private Cash Game? yeah i'd play:ok i'm also okay for stars or anywhere else really. anyone got any other preferences stakes etc?
  13. Re: PL Xmas Freeroll - Monday Dec 21st 7pm well played trev :clap:clap:clap
  14. ubermonkey1

    Cash chat

    Re: Cash chat hand 1 totally standard and also unlucky:\ hand 2 i'm not really liking,think you put a fair bit in with the worst hand and got very lucky that the board ended scary enough to bluff at. just because you won the pot it doesnt make it the right play if you see what i mean. the preflop raise is okay but if your gonna do it then it should really be bigger,either pick up the pot there or narrow down his holding a bit more say raise to 150ish.with your raise he should call with pretty much any 2 and see a flop. on the flop having a second stab is okay but surely you have to put him on an ace or maybe a king at least once he calls so... on the turn why reraise less than half pot here :unsurehe has to call really, which is good if you have a hand but at the moment you have a few 10s to hit and thats it,id probably call and hope to either hit the 10 or maybe bluff if the heart hits(which it does luckily) its a good move on the river but unless that heart hit i dont think you would have got away with it (and it still could have gone badly if he had a heart:eek)and at that point you have already stuck half your stack in:\
  15. Re: Hands for discussion i'm with nade on this:ok your line on the turn looks weaker than you actually are ,as if the q could be a bad card for you (like 10s js etc). he could be either bluffing completely hoping you'd fold, or had aq kq and checked behind on the turn to induce a bet from you on the river(thinking his q has you beat but you have a bit of a hand),option 3 is he's actually hit a set and overbet hoping for a call. all in all i'd have to call ,especially with the villain so aggro on the river.he could well be stealing a fair few decent sized pots by letting it build a bit but not enough to be pot committing,then overbetting making it tricky for anyone to call. so this could be a situation where your line not being "standard" might well have induced him to make a bad play.if so ,not only are you gonna get a decent pot out of it you can also put the skids on him trying to push on you so much ,as long as he's being observant. playing someone who will stick to a standard line will always be easier than someone throwing a few curveballs at you,so he'll probably be more wary even if he has you beat this time.
  16. Re: Omaha donkey question me and billy both did this during our hu league game i think,easy done especially when your multitabling different games:\
  17. Re: this has to go down as my greatest online win - well nearly nice one al:ok
  18. Re: My First Live Poker Win......... nice one paul:clap:clap:clap
  19. Re: Who's the best cash game player on PL? (in the eyes of PTR) - Is it Nade(60)? :eyes i cant even find myself. dunno if it's because i only play hilo cash on the major sites,i'm too dumb to find it or i'm off the scales(the bottom end probly:tongue2)
  20. Re: Patrik Antonious takes down largest pot in Poker History ($879,959 in PLO) pretty sick pushing nearly 500k with 2 pair plus draws:loon
  21. Re: teaulc`s in Orlando woohoo :lol:lol looked from the main page and i didnt realise al had changed the thread title.thought someone else had started a new thread:rollin
  22. ubermonkey1

    Hot promo hunt

    Re: Hot promo hunt full tilt have the hendon mob league starting tues trev:ok $16,000 added + bounty points each game
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