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  1. Re: PL Heads-Up League - Game 11 good game trev:okdamn missed out on 10 unbeaten
  2. Re: 2x Hand histories from a mtt tonight yeah both folds for me. although he could be at it with both hands ,i think with hand A you haven't put a lot in and although theres a good chance he's squeezing and he'd fold i dont think its worth the risk that he does have a calling hand. hand b your just too weak and he could call a little looser as its 5 handed,so a lot of stronger aces (ak,aq,aj maybe even a10) or even pairs as low as 8s-9s might well call. a lot depends on his/your image but i'd guess both of you had shown some aggression at the table from what you've said,so i think youve gotta respect his 3 bet a bit here as he might expect you to call/push lighter than a tight player
  3. Re: Rebuy with EXTREMELY discounted add-on you sure its not a misprint/cockup:unsure seems like a very weird structure and pretty pointless playing loose if its not really gonna get you that far ahead.
  4. Re: PL Chipset Tourney(Added Prizes)-Monday 28th December 20:00 GMT cheers, well played paul:ok
  5. Re: PL Chipset Tourney(Added Prizes)-Monday 28th December 20:00 GMT if you want you can raffle my prizes, if morls wants to send them direct to mr col or the charity:ok
  6. Re: PL Happy Christmas Private Cash Game? well i was doing okay till guppie hit a straight flush on the flop ,i had aces and hit the"nut flush"on the river only to find it wasnt so good:puke still it was a good laugh and pretty successfull,merry xmas one and all:cheers:cheers
  7. Re: PL Happy Christmas Private Cash Game? okay tonights table is Suvanto Iv 10c/25c:ok
  8. Re: PL Happy Christmas Private Cash Game? hows about trying to all jump on a 10/20c table:unsure i'll post a table at 10.30 (thats empty)anyone interested can either jump in then or join later:ok we should just about fill a table ,if those that have shown an interest show up.
  9. Re: PL Poker Chipset yeah id be up for the charity sng too:ok and well done cramer on the win:clap:clap
  10. Re: PL Happy Christmas Private Cash Game?
  11. Re: Omaha hand 6 handed i'm of the same view as billy up to the flop:ok most of the time i'm very passive in early position and very aggro from late poss,especially when i'm on a table with quite a few decent players. in probably 90% of situations i'd play this way and try to outplay them later in the hand. sometimes i will raise from early a fair bit but then i raise a "fairly" wide range (like small/mid connectors,high double suited etc)so the aces aren't as obvious to a good player and the bad ones will think you have aces every time.i only tend to do this if i've managed to get a big stack vs the rest of the table,then that allows me to take a few risks and use a bit of bullying power:). think i'd fold to the 2k bet on the turn but it's very marginal. on the plus side you might get a call if you do hit your flush in this situation. on the minus side its starting to get a large part of your stack thats going in.you can fold now and you still have a massive stack vs the blinds, so you have plenty of time to wait for better opportunities than this.
  12. Re: PL Happy Christmas Private Cash Game? yeah i'd play:ok i'm also okay for stars or anywhere else really. anyone got any other preferences stakes etc?
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