** Nap's Competition Result : 1st Barnsley Chop, 2nd Daisychain, 3rd Bathtime For Rupert, 4th Marmalade, KO Cup Tipsterix, Most Winners Calva Decoy**
**June Poker League Result : 1st Autogree £75, 2nd Rivrd £45, 3rd Ian309 £30**


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  1. Hi, I am looking for a website that is able to show fixtures list with the teams' league position as well on the same page. Currently I cannot find one and is manually looking through fixtures list and then looking at league tables which takes up a lot of time as I am starting a system based on league position. Any help received on this is appreciated.
  2. Anyone know of any websites that I can see data of live odds according to the minute of recent matches? Say Arsenal vs Manchester United, on the 5th minute, what is the 1x2 odds, the over/under etc. Thanks in advance
  3. As long as your ROI is positive, periodical hiccups should not be a worry even though it sucks. If you have positive ROI, introducing hedging only make things worse unless you have indicators to dictate your hedging strategies but then that would add a factor of variation to risk your already positive ROI.
  4. Bet 182: Brazil Serie A: Bahia vs Parana Bahia 1x2 win $5.00 @1.34 Bet 183: Colombia Liga Aguila: Santa Fe Bogota vs Junior Santa Fe 1x2 win $5.00 @ 1.72
  5. Bet 175: Won Starting Bank: $100 Balance: $151.80
  6. Bet 174 Lost Starting Bank: $100 Balance: $147.65 Bet 175: Algeria Division 1: Setif vs Constantine Setif 1x2 win: $5.00@1.83
  7. Bet 174: Brazil Serie B: Paysandu vs CRB Maceio Paysandu 1x2 win $5.00@1.96
  8. Will end this glory hunt since 600+bets cannot give a positive return means it is a waste of time.
  9. Bet 149 & 156 should be omitted as they are stated in earlier picks. (Bet 141 & 142)
  10. Bet 142: Japan League 2: Avispa vs Okayama Avispa 1x2 win $5.00 @ 1.92