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  1. Racing Chat - Wednesday March 7th

    Oh no sense of humour!!! I won’t bother posting anymore!
  2. Racing Chat - Wednesday March 7th

    I backed this as well! It was shite lol. But I also backed and agreed with Kylacky Gala, and what a price. Also did Pactulos in the forecast! With the 7lb claimer I thought it had a gr8 chance.
  3. Racing Chat - Monday March 5th

    What am I looking at here Ted? Is it the preview night! I’ve got my own opinions and backed a lot of horses ante post! But thanks!
  4. Racing Chat - Monday March 5th

    Well between us we have nearly half the field lol!
  5. Racing Chat - Monday March 5th

    Mmm I have backed 2 other horses for low stakes in this one. Pushkin Museum each way and Bernie’s Boy to win. Having watched your 2 picks many times I would fancy Rockley Point more than Indian. Good luck I’m only playing to very small stakes.
  6. Racing Chat - Monday March 5th

    Another easy winner! Had Beeceepee on my watch list as well and that also won for me!
  7. Racing Chat - Monday March 5th

    4.25 Southwell - Tomkevi I’ve laid this horse before in Grade 3, yes I did say lay as I will now back it as I feel it’s back in its grade, is on a decent mark. Not a race to get carried away.
  8. Omg your responses on here and even your explanations on Betfair will confuse most people! I’ve been hedging and dutching for years and have run teams of people doing it. Betfair probably love it as they get their commissions whatever. I’m finding margins are to tight these days for the work involved. Probably the easiest way Is to take advantage of Betfreds offers and just lay them. Although you will need to have a team of people to make it worth your while. I dont actually know why your on the forum! It’s like your a ppi sales person!
  9. Racing Chat - Sunday March 4th

    I clearly had Kripke down to beat Dawn Dancer! I thought the bookies had the betting the wrong way round! I can’t post em all as my WhatsApp goes mad when racing is on!
  10. Racing Chat - Sunday March 4th

    Oh good I forgot its straight! My lucks in especially as I backed Brighton and they cashed me in as s winner at 2-0 up! Lol and it’s called Warriors Valley lol. The form was there, no stable staff required lol
  11. Racing Chat - Sunday March 4th

    2.15 Southwell - Warriors Legacy I backed a horse called Rock On Baileys in a class 5 and it beat Warriors by about a length. I would have a big bet if it didn’t have such a wide draw. Although I’m willing to take a chance at a generous 3/1, probably down to the draw. With a decent jockey on board I’m hoping he can get away and being a very speedy sort I can see this happening and I would be very confident. You could alternatively play in running once you’ve seen the break! Or will the odds tumble? On BillyHills race! I watched the videos of Cousin Khee and I was quiet impressed with this horse. I think it’s between this horse and Western Way. I’m backing both with marginally more on Cousin!
  12. Racing Chat - Saturday March 3rd

    Did a single on Porima in the end. Very nice price! 6/4
  13. Racing Chat - Saturday March 3rd

    Even if it does the fav holds it!!! I’ve doubled Porrima up with Tyrell in the 4.20 last night(only small)
  14. Racing Chat - Saturday March 3rd

    Well my free bet Towerlands ran a stinker. My Atletico is now a Free Bet as I backed Attain the race before. I do like this B365 offer sometimes!