** July Nap's Competition Result : 1st Rainbow, 2nd Trainmad091, 3rd Zidane123, KO Cup Bathtime For Rupert, Most Winners Alastair, Goodwood Comp: Glavintoby**
**July Poker League Result : 1st Craggwood £75, 2nd Like2Fish £45, 3rd Rivrd £30**


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  1. You’re correct there are mug punters and people who actually speak or know owners/trainers and jockeys through there jobs. Not lazy punters as you call them you idiot!
  2. Nice set of winners there! Well done! I can’t post a lot of mine as someof them have been months in the planning, and I can’t spoil it. Everyone’s got access to speed ratings and form ratings it’s all free on the net! Nobody is going to tell you about the real gambles! These so called tipsters that you pay for have no idea either! I promise you! Stick with Punters Lounge!!!!
  3. Always best to back in running then you can see how they run! Sometimes get a bigger price, or usually the same!
  4. Hi, I was looking at this race this morning! I always find Hee Haw wanting so I crossed it off. I did like the way shortbackandsides has been running as I backed its last race and the longshot Pearl Acclain when it’s in a going day. I’ve had a bet of win on the first one and a small each way on a Pearl Acclaim at 66/1.
  5. Nice one! I did agree and follow you, the second is the one I was going to back if it was g/s.(phew, I did have a sick feeling for a second) I also decided on Lauren’s, so a good day! 3/1 on yours I got!
  6. Thank you for all your comments, I will have a closer look at the 3.15. In relation to the 4pm at Redcar I totally agree! Don’t fall over and bang your head Billy! I did even look at the weather forecast for Redcar as g/s would’ve changed my opinion! 400 Redcar Tabarrak 2/1 bet365 (9/4 available if your quick) Tough day in my opinion with no real stand out bet at a price. I'm rowing in with Tabarrak who should be good enough to win the Listed event at Redcar. Rated 110 so has a few pounds in hand on his main rivals and loads in hand on some, he won last time out to show he's in form and looks to be a 7f specialist rather than a horse trying to find a trip - if you know what i mean.
  7. 3.15 Newmarket - Opinions? Sorry to thee who fancy something else rather than Lauren’s and Wind Chimes. I must admit I’ve watched all the replays on Lauren’s and can see it’s battling qualities, but I can see it had just beaten a lot if horses in its races just pulling out enough. I can’t confess to be an expert on Wind Chimes? Any comments?
  8. 3-10 Chester Get The Rhythm 4/1B365 Ground/Trip and nice draw! Forget the Donny run. I’m on!
  9. Good luck on this one! I’m on Catoca! I did watch the videos on your one this morning and I thought it maybe outpaced at the vital moment! Let’s hope one of ours wins!!!
  10. 3.25 Plumpton - Little windmill 3/1 A tricky race, not one to get heavily involved. Course, distance and grind hold no fears. 3.05 Hamilton - CanCan Sixty Two I agree for once with a fellow tipster. Same reasons and fav has some serious questions to answer. Let’s hope it doesn’t answer them.
  11. I backed it Eway in the end at 20/1 so a nice earner. Yours won well!
  12. Hi, yes there are a couple! I’ve put my money on these so far! 3.15 Ayr - Firelight each way - likes the ground/trip and is well treated. 3.30 Newbury - Sioux Nation ew - has previously been beaten by Equilateral when the stable wasn’t firing. Ground/trip ok. 4.00 Chelmsford - Eternal Destiny - win Reasonable bets on these, I await better info for the big bucks!
  13. You know what’s a very interesting horse is in this race? Eternal Destiny! 5th behind Margub in a higher class at this track. Has to be the best form on offer by a mile! Hadn’t had hard races and let’s be honest up against a right shite bunch here.
  14. I think the trainer will be wanting it to drop another 5 or 6 before they plunge the big bucks on, so I personally wouldn’t touch it in case that’s exactly what they are going to be doing. Good luck!
  15. I agree with your comment about the draw, I think the horse will be so far behind at the bend and will probably go wide! By that time something will be gone and away! It’s not a horse that breaks well either! I would price it up at around 8/1. Good luck though I hope I’m wrong for you! I’m not backing against you or for that matter not at all.
  16. I agree, looks like you’ve found one there! There are a couple of others waiting for soft but yours must be in with a very good chance! 2 others I noted last night were 2.05 Project Bluebook and 4.30 Penworthman
  17. Right now Ican concentrate after spending a while trying to get some Yeezys! (Only the youngsters will know what I’m talking about!) Ledger - I like watching the big yards fight it out. Not sure how good the favourite is, if I had to pick I would be with Old Persian each way! Ive been making my money betting on the smaller yards in the lower contests, and watching videos of jockeys clearly not riding some horses. These inexperienced jockeys make it obvious sometimes if you know what your looking for. My main bet today is in the 3.10 Bath - Wild Flower 9/1. Sitting on a winnable mark, a good 4th latest and not in the best of races.
  18. Yes I know that! Through my work I know a few people! What you just described happens all the time, that’s their job to get the horse onto a mark it’s going to win at. What’s the point in trying in a race they can’t win and they might as well go for a few pounds drop then plunge on at big odds. The likes of stout normally tell you the truth or he says nothing at all!
  19. Well from a Scotsman we wouldn’t expect any other comment, at least we can play football! With Spain having 3 retirements to key players I can see us (England) beating Spain at our home fortress of Wembley! We are superb here and a halfcut Spanish Team with no confidence hold no fears for us lions.
  20. The trainer said this morning he was 80% fit, which is good enough to beat this lot!
  21. I was thinking about backing Weekender myself before it was pulled out on hope that Enable needed the run and I’m not sure Crystal Ocean could even beat an unfit Enable. So I’m now reversing my thinking and I’m back to Enable blasting the opposition in an easy win,