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  1. Wow, Djokovic HUGE favorite against Nadal. I didn't expect such a low odd
  2. Hi Neilovan. I was just looking matches for tomorrow and both Fognini and De Minaur finished on my watchlist. Very good odd on Fognini (1.60). I was thinking about Baez (still no odds for that match) because this huy is on fire currently. What do you think?
  3. A expect a lot of surprises this week because RG is coming...
  4. Opinions for matches Sinner-Tsitsipas and Shapovalov-Ruud? Tsitsipas always hard opponent, specially on clay. But looks like his toughts go away at some moments and then he looses a set and needs to chase result. Sinner looks very solid in Rome but only loss against vs Auger-Alliasime last week it bothers me. Shapovalov is very solid in Rome (last year SF), looks like he likes to play here. I only hope that euphoria would not take him over after win vs Nadal. I looked highlights, he killed him with forehand. Ruud very lucky with draw, I hope he looses this time Shapovalov @ 3.00 Sinner @ 2.60
  5. Don't agree with you. Martic is fighter and the best results came from clay. For me it's not surprise
  6. Goffin lost, Schwartzman lost, Carreno lost Now I have seen everything Tsitsipas was close too... Little break for me. This ATP Rome is crazy
  7. Yes, reason why I am pissed is that I had good calls on that combo (Basilashvili, Shapovalov and Van den Zandschulp) and there was no reason to go with risky bet against such a big favorite (Carrena) But today is new day. A lot of hard matches to predict.
  8. The easiest win for Carreno ever against Delbonis. Incredbile how lucky I am last weeks...
  9. Any chances for Delbonis against Carrena Busto?
  10. I don't like odd on Alcaraz vs Zverev. And to be honest that was not the best performance from Nadal and Djokovic this week. I wrote after matches against Monfils and Kecmanovic that I don't like what I have seen. Come on, Djokovic lost in Belgrade from Rublev 6:0 in third... We need to give Zverev some credit: -last year winner -huge win vs Tsitsipas yesterday -H2H 2:0 vs Alcaraz For me only bet on Zverev has some value. Good luck! P.S. Alcaraz is monster and future NO 1 for sure. No doubt about that
  11. I watched only first set. Someone mentioned that Alcaraz was injured in second? What happened?
  12. Well, I can't predict anything here in Madrid. But what I have seen Alcaraz should win against Nadal. And Nadal resulst in Madrid are not the best from clay tournamenst... It's not advice, only opinion...
  13. Incredible... NADAL is trying to avoid Alcaraz in next round?
  14. More less I see all favorites as winners today. But to be honest I dont like what I have seen from Djokovic and Nadal... Murray will gave all he has, Goffin finally in some good form recently... I will go with Murray win 5.60
  15. Thanks man. I didnt look players activity/history on tournament which I always do because sometimes it really means something
  16. Hard matches to predict for tomorrow. I like Norrie and Sinner, the rest can go on both sides. I am surprised with Van De Zanschulp win since he retired 2 days ago in Munich and Busta was playing home... To bad that Garin goes on Auger-Alliasame because win against Tiafoe is much more Tiafoe lost then Garin win. But nevermind, tricky match same as Korda - Musetti
  17. Well, there is a lot of missing circumstances. For both Rune and Zandschulp this will be first ATP250 title and I would give little advantage to Zandshchulp but only because of his age. Second, match between Kecmanovic and Zandschulp looked match better, on higher level then Rune - Otte. So, for me, some handicap bet on Zandschulp +3.5. Second match, there is only one issue, how fit Tiafoe is after last 3 matches... For me, he should be favorite here but there is probably no full tank of gas and Baez is really on the run... No bet, it's pure gambling
  18. KORDA choker of the month. 6:4 5:2 and match point 6:4 *5:3 and 30:0 6:4 5:4 and match point and he managed to lose all that. Incredible. Sometimes i really hate tennis and betting
  19. I agree. NO BET day. Probably all favorites will win
  20. How can Opelka be favorite against Otte? Opelka on clay?
  21. I am with 6/10 stake on Burel. Good luck to us P.S. Soooo close. LOL
  22. That means we can put some money on Burel against Alexandrova?
  23. Lajovic - Tiafoe was very strange match. Lajovic was controling set and a half, the same as previous against Daniel T. I wouldn't be surprised if Borges makes an upset here. I know that he is second league but home player (crowd advantage) and everything is possible. In best case NO BET for me. I have CUEVAS @ 2.00 in my local bookie so I will go with this bet against Verdasco who is 38 years old, playing challenges and recent form it's not the best... And offcourse, Ruusuovori @ 1.30 and Albert Ramos @ 1.4 which I don't like to much but I will give him some advantage against Kwon
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