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** January Poker League Result : 1st Like2Fish, 2nd avongirl, 3rd Rav **
** Football Tipster Competition Result : 1st mickyftm32, 2nd Tiffy, 3rd Cauncie, 4th Alley Cat Glover, 5th Larkin22 **
** January Naps Competition Result: 1st Craig bluenose, 2nd Gary66, 3rd 1945harry. KO Cup Winner Wanderlust. Most Winners CS 333 **
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    scream2012 reacted to Kentucky110 in Over 2.5 Goals a Different Method   
    Championship Sunday 1:30

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    scream2012 reacted to Kentucky110 in Over 2.5 Goals a Different Method   
    @scream2012 Hi There
    If you are going to post your selections can you create a new thread this will avoid any confusion and unnecessary questions to me. Looks like you are having a little success and I am pleased you have found the spreadsheet useful but I am only interested in English leagues and would like to keep the thread confined to that
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    scream2012 got a reaction from FILI34 in Over 2.5 Goals a Different Method   
    who match to bet it?

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    scream2012 reacted to Kentucky110 in Over 2.5 Goals a Different Method   
    The Basis of the program is to look at the league in rounds
    All games need to be rated but you add but you add results as they happen as this can change the selection Sometimes not all games in the round can be entered because they have been postponed (Champions league,Europa bad weather ect) Do not enter these games
    If you look at my Postings then for example Premiership this week all games played in round have been rated
    The round = games played 24th 25th and 26th results are entered as they are known this sometimes changes the selection or gives a second selection in the League (examples of which have been posted)
     using the last 4 will often give a different ranking (uses a different formula) than the ranking that is uses ALL games
    see example from my program below The sheet I posted replicates only the Over/Under selections and the last 4 Games
    program below has calculated Tuesdays Championship selection and if you enter ALL games you should get the same

    different selection for last 4 games over ( this was added for Jazzman45)

    Hope that explains this a little more clearly
    What does concern me is that your screen shot is missing Rankings for Din Bucuresti and CFR Cluj
    are the formulas still in the sheet have both teams played more than 4 home games or 4 away games
    if you spend a little time reading through the posts you may understand the concept a little better
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