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  1. Re: England > Weekend > BlueSQ Bet North & South Sep 8 I agree re: Bromley. They have been very inconsistent so far this season from one half to the next but played well in beating Hornchurch 4-0 on Tuesday and the win will do their confidence the world of good. Bath are meant to have some injury worries so 21/10 for Broms looks worth a go for me but as a long term fan nothing would surprise me... K
  2. Re: Historical NFL Price Data You can download weekly historic data from Betfair at http://data.betfair.com/ The files are for all sports apart from horse racing and are pretty large but if you get them in Excel/Access you can filter out by sport. I haven't had time for a while to pull the data together but have tended to group by sport in the past so the files are a bit more manageable. It can take a while to pull the data together but once done you've got a great resource. Let me know if you want any help. KP66
  3. Re: Method behind the madness Tuesday selections Brighton 2.30 Maybe I wont 1.97 4.00 Generous lad 5.1 4.30 Desert dreamer 4.4 There may be some for this evening later
  4. Re: Method behind the madness 3 non-runners and a complete wipeout on the rest means -35 points today and a running total of -7.8 :sad Undeterred the selections for tomorrow will be up in the morning....:)
  5. Re: Method behind the madness I'll get me coat.....
  6. Re: Method behind the madness Monday's selections With the rain and non-runners I don't have too much confidence today but here goes.... Musselburgh 2.00 Ashes 6.8/2.4 4.00 Oeuf a la neige 6.8/2.42 4.30 Spring time girl 8.6/2.64 The Jailer 13/3.5 Wolves 2.15 Yenaled 15/3.8 Integration 42/8 3.15 Eastern Princess 9.6/2.9 3.45 Carrickmacross 12/3.7 Swindon Town Flyer 8.2/2.7 4.15 Diminuto 12/3.5 Windsor 6.40 Rowan Rover 11/3 7.40 Farefield Lodge 7.2/2.12 8.10 Highland harvest 4.4 8.40 Urban Spirit 2.5 9.10 Bachnagairn 10.5/3.35 I would expect the place prices to generally improve as the mar
  7. Re: Method behind the madness Small loss on the day of 1.1 points but would have been worse without the 4.40 although would have been pretty handy if Ja Myford had won. It was trading at 500 or so just before the off although the place never went much above 12?? This selection method does throw up some big prices - there was a 60/1 winner at Ascot on Thursday and the paper profit on the day was 123pts followed by 33pts on Friday. I will keep posting and probably give it about a week before deciding whether to put some of my hard earned down from which point I'm sure it'll all be downhi
  8. Re: Method behind the madness Haitch, It's based on a variety of ratings and filtering where they all highlight selections but they aren't the usual racing post type ratings. Early days yet so we'll see how it goes. I'm quite happy to continue posting but if the dreaded work gets in the way I may need some help if it seems worth continuing. Thanks for the interest KP
  9. Re: Method behind the madness Sundays selections, 1pt win, 2pt place unless win only then 2pt win... Pontefract 2.40 Society music 8.2/2.04 3.40 Peppertree lane 5.7/2.9 4.10 Monolith 8/2.44 4.40 Flavius 2.3 Ja myford 95/12 Warwick 4.30 Polyquest 7/2.4 5.00 Susanna prospect 3.05 Doctor ned 14/3 Hexham 2.20 Hawkwell 3.1 2.50 Named at dinner 15.5/3.35 Chivvy charver 10/2.82 3.50 hollows mill 5.4/2 silverhay 6.4/2.4 karathaena 21/4.6 (1/2 pt win, 1pt place on each) 4.20 Super revo 5.2/2.02 gee aker malayo 5.5/2.1 maringo 20/5 (1/2 pt win, 1pt place on each) 4.50 Sadlers cover 3
  10. Re: Method behind the madness A good start with another 7.4 points made tonight to give a total for the day of 28.3 points (no commission deducted) :nana :nana :nana Tomorrow's selections around midday.... Good luck with whatever you bet, KP
  11. Re: Method behind the madness Fathom five result overturned :( Return for the afternoon +20.9 points by my calcs :beer Fingers crossed for the evening KP
  12. Re: Method behind the madness Doing alright so far! Grantley Adams was 5th so no payout on betfair unfortunately... Selections for this evening- Haydock 6.45 Gallego 8/2.4 Royal Flynn 5.2 7.15 Eastern romance 3.4 7.45 Katie boo 6.2/2.4 8.15 Vacation 9/2.9 9.15 Areyaam 2.38 Lingfield 5.55 Treetops hotel 3.3 6.30 Marbaa 9.4/2.9 Captain marryat 20/5.4 7.30 Kasumi 7/2.4 Napoletano 10.5/3.6 8.00 Jimmy styles 2.56 8.30 Safari mischief 4.8
  13. I've been testing a selection method which has been doing quite well so thought I'd put the kiss of death on it and post it up on here. There may sometimes be 2 or 3 selections in a race and I paper stake with 1pt win and 2 pts place unless the place price is below 2.00 when it's 2pts win only. The selections for today's afternoon meetings are below and I'll update the evening selections when the markets are better formed later (unless the afternoon's gone so badly I daren't show my face.....) Ascot 3.05 Scorpion 2.14 3.45 Assertive 130/27 4.25 Intrepid jack 12.5/3.5 Grantley Adams 32/6.
  14. Re: The Tipsters System ps - if making sure your always connected to the net (betfair??) is a priority you might consider your own server, just don't go for a US one cos they're cheaper as any bets on BF will automatically be declined!
  15. Re: The Tipsters System Glad it's of some use, what's a forum for??? Be lucky KP66
  16. Re: The Tipsters System Hi, Very interesting thread and great work pinho. I've noticed a few people say they can't always access betfair during the afternoon - you may be interested in the auto betfair package they've just launched which allows user to post ranges that they want to back/lay within and it monitors the market and adjusts the bets accordingly (http://labs.betfair.com/labs.aspx). I haven't tried it myself but thought some people might get some benefit from it. Good luck all KP66
  17. Re: Backing to Place Update on betfair access on the phone. They now have their own wap application which you can download and it seems much better than betfair lite - http://mobile.betfair.com/
  18. Re: Backing to Place WFTE - i believe your example's right, you can access BF lite when your account has been open for 6 months
  19. Re: Backing to Place if you've got a mobile that has wap access you can bet on betfair from £2 up using the betfair lite site - http://betfair.com/lite/ your account must have been set up at least 6 months ago
  20. Re: Your Advice Please Men And Ladies Bit late in the day but I'd be grateful if you could send details. I'm as intrigued as everyone else....
  21. Re: Betfair data You can download data on all sports at their developers forum - http://bdp.betfair.com/bdpforum/index.php They are zipped text files which can be loaded into Access and then you can apply filters if you want to make the data more manageable say for copying into Excel. The data is great if you're a bit of a saddo like me and like to wade your way through 10s of thousands of lines of data....
  22. Re: Place lays and bets Crap once again.... Place lays = -0.63 LSP Place bets = +0.32 LSP Bet 4.10 Ferrara Flame 2.84
  23. Re: Place lays and bets Place lays = -0.63 LSP Place bets = +1.32 LSP Bet 3.50 Lennel 2.2
  24. Re: Place lays and bets Place lays = -0.63 LSP Place bets = +3.0 LSP Bets 3.25 Vicario (2.5 - 2.8) 1.40 Chorus (2.84 - 2.94) 4.20 Come what july 2.32 4.15 Gift voucher 2.86
  25. Re: Place lays and bets Cooldine King 2nd Place lays = -0.63 LSP Place bets = +5.0 LSP Today's bets:- 4.15 Safe to blush 2.42 3.10 Nippt des nottes 2.50
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