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  1. Re: Serie A TIM > September 27th - 29th Good lord. He is a few weeks late, but Zeman certainly turned up today. What a calamitous performance by Inter. There isn't much to say about that one, just terrible. A 5 point loss for day with Fiorentina equalising. It seems like no team but Juventus and Roma can be relied upon at the moment.
  2. Re: Serie A TIM > September 27th - 29th The injuries to key players just keep coming for Fiorentina as Cuadrado joins Rossi and Gomez on the sidelines. Since his head was well and truly turned in the Summer he hasn't actually been playing that well, but he is still an explosive threat that will be missed. Fiorentina are a soft team as a whole, and there is definitely a sense that they missed their shot at developing when they were robbed of CL by Milan. They are certainly a tidy side who value possession, but they are lacking in players that can take a match and drive the side on. Torino
  3. Re: Serie A TIM > September 27th - 29th There is not a whole lot screaming out IMO and as another week and European fixtures looms, I don't want to get caught out by rotation. For those reasons, Roma are definitely too short, while I am also content to leave Juventus. Inter have until Thursday and with the EL not a huge priority for them at the moment, I will take them to beat Cagliari. I don't think Inter are quite as good as some of their results suggest, but they have had a decent start for sure. It looks like Icardi may be the Argentinian that makes way, with Palacio joining Osvaldo
  4. Re: Serie A > September 23rd - 25th It would have been really annoying if Pjanic didn't come to the rescue but it was far from an overwhelming performance from Roma. Totti is still the man, but when teams park like Parma did the other players can't benefit from his vision as much. It is always tough to break down sides that park, but Roma really weren't creating that much sustained pressure and got lucky in the end. They did contain Parma pretty well on the whole, so I don't think a win is unjust. Sooner or later Manolas is going to get himself into PK trouble, when he comes up against s
  5. Re: Serie A > September 23rd - 25th Re: Milan - I did think Inzaghi had made a credible start as manager, but his backing of best-mate Bonera is really getting out of hand. He was in the thick of the mess for both goals. It looks like any backing of Milan may as well be coupled with the goals market as there will not be many 1-0 or 2-0 wins for this team. Still, you were a little unfortunate Das as Menez's shot was very nearly a winner. As with afin93, I too am convinced of Roma tonight. Parma don't seem to have settled down this season. Their defence really misses Paletta and Cassani,
  6. Re: Serie A > September 23rd - 25th An excellent preview Das, thanks. I am going to wait for a line-up at least before getting on Milan tonight. If neither Menez or El Sha start then I'll probably leave them alone as Honda and Bonaventura are not best suited to exploit the wings - in terms of pace at least. Also, if Bonera starts then that is another negative. I agree with you that the value is already questionable so if these factors don't go how I want them to then it's a no bet for me. Elsewhere, Inter, Napoli and Fiorentina all look terribly short again. Bottom line, they would all
  7. Re: Serie A TIM > September 15th - 21st I am going to take Roma on the -1.5 line today. Roma are in good spirits and today is a great opportunity to keep that moving. If they were playing a stubborn minnow today I wouldn't take the line, as whenever they have rotated the front three they have struggled to break down defensive sides. There shouldn't be any of those problems today though because Cagliari aren't that sort of side. Gervinho, Destro and Florenzi are a mixed front three with a little bit of everything. The task is simple: win the ball, move it forward quickly and get somethin
  8. Re: Serie A TIM > September 15th - 21st Milan-Juve is a pure in-play for me. That price on Juve seems like classic trap bait. They are the better XI for sure, but you know how it goes. For potential Verona backers, I watched them against Palermo and they were awful. They struggled to create chances and could not retain the ball. Their goals came from a penalty and a hail mary pass that only resulted in a goal due to some calamitous defending from Palermo. I don't think they are the Verona of last year and I can't see them beating Torino away. Bore draw in my mind.
  9. Re: Serie A TIM > September 15th - 21st This looks like a tough card to me and I can see potential for a lot of draws. Given that it is a post-European commitments weekend, Napoli certainly look too short. Toto is just the man to sniff out a couple of goals in the gaps of that Napoli defence. I'd be inclined to think that Fiorentina are a little slim as well because Atalanta are an extremely functional side. I would expect Roma to bash Cagliari, largely because the away side play very similarly to CSKA who pretty much asked Gervinho and Iturbe to make mince meat of them. The home side
  10. Re: Serie A TIM > Sunday September 14th I am taking a couple of weeks to get to know the teams more thoroughly this season as I badly misjudged Milan against Lazio. I do like Verona to beat Palermo on Monday though, as had already been mentioned by Divincodino.
  11. Re: Serie A TIM > Sunday September 14th Roma can count themselves pretty fortunate that Empoli didn't have the class required to put them away. It was quite uninspiring from Roma on the whole, which could well be a sign of things to come with matches around their new CL fixtures. Maicon did have two chances to score which would have meant an even more flattering scoreline. Manolas does look like a decent replacement for Benatia though.
  12. Re: Italy > Serie A TIM > 30th - 31st August That was a disaster. Lazio were absolute garbage and HT knocked all of the spark out of Sassuolo-Cagliari.
  13. Re: Italy > Serie A TIM > 30th - 31st August One more for me as I fancy Samp to ruffle Palermo today. There is a degree of uncertainty as I have not watched Palermo since their relegation but they are far from the Palermo of 4 or 5 years ago. They were recently rolled in the Coppa by Modena, with an XI that is not too dissimilar to to how they should lineup today. There is nobody of note in their squad and they are heavily considered to be going back down to Serie B. I am sure Zamparini is already sharpening his sword, which will probably fall within five or six matches. They are a ch
  14. Re: Italy > Serie A TIM > 30th - 31st August Given the long-awaited return there is a lot that tempts me this weekend. First off Lazio away to Milan. The woes of the home side are well known, both on and off the pitch. Inzaghi is inexperienced and the players available do not seem to suit a 4-3-3. Defensively they are a joke. Armero and Alex will probably come good, but for the time being there could be some confusion. Bonera and Zapata are both capable of giving up a goal in their own calamitous way. The midfield and attack are both decent but still lacking. The midfield lacks crea
  15. Re: Italy > Serie A TIM > 30th - 31st August I think the missing players are very important for Juve, but it shouldn't stop them scraping past Chievo. Ogbonna, Bonucci, Caceres is definitely not an ideal back three. If Chievo decide to dig in, which they probably will, I don't see Juve blowing them away. I think Juve may well start slowly, so personally I will wait and try to catch them at HT as they should be able to overpower Chievo eventually.
  16. Re: UEFA Champions League Qualifiers > August 26th & 27th I too like unders in both of the big matches tonight. Napoli definitely will not come out all guns blazing as that is not Rafa's style, and would be a pretty dangerous approach given Bilbao's home record. 0-0 at HT, though not ideal, would not be entirely unwelcome IMO. Bilbao will be even more content with that result and, despite having a wild crowd cheering them, I can't imagine them going all-out from the start either. I like the chances of a tentative-ish first half at least. No major team news for either side as far as I
  17. Re: Ante-Post > Serie A Winner 2014/15 I think that is pretty optimistic Mal, but you never know. For all of his faults, Balotelli was by far the best player in their squad. Given the likelihood that he will not be adequately replaced, his goals will be missed. There are big question marks over whether El Shar can return to his purple patch, and Pazzini is a 10 goal striker at best. Unless something changes dramatically, Milan will be a side that I will look to oppose where possible. Regarding the title, there is a big week left in the window. It doesn't look like any club is going to
  18. Re: Netherlands > Jupiler League > 2014/15 Wow. Thanks for the heads up Senk, that is some movement.
  19. Re: Netherlands > Eredivisie > 2014/15 I'd like to get some opinion on AZ away at Willem II if possible. The results suggest that Willem II will struggle in the league but I am not a viewer of the league so can't be sure. I am interested in AZ with full draw cover, it strikes me as a decent proposition.
  20. Re: Club Friendlies 2014 Getafe finally fall. -5 points on that one. Apologies.
  21. Re: Club Friendlies 2014 I am liking the look of Getafe again this evening. They are playing Mallorca, a second division Spanish team that finished one place above relegation last year. From what I can gather they have had a mediocre pre-season, notably drawing against FC Nurnberg (relegated from Bundesliga) 1-1, losing 1-0 to Millwall (low Championship side) and beating a third-tier Spanish side 3-0. Not great by any means. As we have previously discussed Getafe have had a good pre-season, beating sides of mixed levels from various European leagues. I can't get anything by way of team ne
  22. Re: Club Friendlies 2014 The two matches today seem like tricky ones to me at the moment. Fiorentina played strong XI last night, so a lot of changes will be made for the match today. Betis don't look like the most backable side though. A poor pre-season against lower-tier opposition doesn't make them appealing. Draw cover would be an absolute must. Same goes for Napoli-PSG. I actually think I would prefer to be on the away side if the odds keep moving the way that they are. Changes will be made for sure, but their second-string is still a very good side. Motivation may be lacking somewh
  23. Re: Club Friendlies 2014 Garbage. Fiorentina were the better side from the very start.
  24. Re: Club Friendlies 2014 I would think that there is something in Malaga against Fiorentina tonight. Neither have had a particularly demanding set of opponents but Malaga have played more games, and start their full-season one week ahead of Fiorentina, so should have the edge in terms of prep. Fiorentina also play Real Betis tomorrow, so team selection then becomes a bit more uncertain. Notably, Cuadrado recently returned to training and should play some part tonight for Fiorentina. Malaga DNB certainly catches my eye and I have taken it for 4 points, with a view to a little more should the
  25. Re: Club Friendlies 2014 Not much else is going on IMO, but I do like Getafe to beat Cagliari this evening. The Spanish side are far better prepared for this one playing a greater number of games against greater opposition. Zeman has had a positive effect on the club as a whole so there should be a good atmosphere for the home side. However, important players have left this Summer and I think they will struggle in general. Cossu, Astori, Pinilla were all core players and with Dessena, Conti, Rossetini and Ibarbo still missing for various reasons, they certainly do not seem ready yet. Get
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