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  1. Austria vs Poland= both team scores (1.90) stake 7/10 Preview: Austria: injured: Lienhart(defender), Gregoritsch(midfielder), Burgstaller(striker), Wolf(midfielder). Poland: injured: Kownacki(striker). First match Group G qualifiers for the 2020 European Championships. Austria is twenty-second in the FIFA standings, while Poland is twentieth in the standings. The home team did not take part in the 2018 World Cup, while the visiting team was already disappointed in the world cup in the group stage and also disappointed in the Nations League. However, in my opinion, it is the two teams that will fight until the end to reach the first two places in the round as the other teams have neither the strength nor the means to counteract them. So in the end, given the offensive potential of both teams, I'm thinking of a game full of goals.
  2. Dusseldorf vs Eintracht= goal+over(1.85) stake 7/10 Dusseldorf position 11° points 31 Eintracht location 6° points 40 Preview: Dusseldorf: injured: Contento(defender 0/0), Zimmer(midfielder 18/1), Drobny(goalkeeper 2/0), Ducksch(striker 15/1). Eintracht: injured: Torrò (midfielder 5/0); in doubt: Chandler(defender 0/0), Abraham(defender 11/0), Rebic(attacker 19/8). Dusseldorf scored w6-d0-l6 at home with 17 goals conceded 18 while Eintracht scored w5-d4-l3 outside the house with 20 goals conceded 14. The home team comes from a good win outside the house with a score of 4-0 against Schalke, which also happened to Eintracht at home with a score of 3-2 against Hoffenheim. A very positive moment for both teams, the newly promoted Dusseldorf is fighting to avoid the relegation that is now close while the Eintracht team that in 2019 is still undefeated, is fighting for a place in the Europa League. In my opinion, this is a very fun and open competition between two teams that offer a proactive and bubbly football without making calculations. All this is supported by the fact that the home team has collected 16 over on 24 games while the visiting team has collected 17 over on 24 games.
  3. Lecce vs Foggia=over(1.80) stake 7/10 Lecce position 6° points 41 Position form 16° points 26 Preview: Foggia: in doubt: Galano (striker 17/2). Lecce has a home score of w6-d4-l1 goals scored 18 goals conceded 12 while Foggia has a away score of w2-d5-l6 goals scored 11 goals conceded 19. In the last round Lecce lost out to Palermo with a score of 2-1 while Foggia at home won with a score of 1-0 against Cosenza. The home team is in the playoff area while the visiting team is fighting to avoid relegation. Lecce since the beginning of the season has shown to have great qualities in the second best attack of the championship and a defense often distracted and uncertain all this is demonstrated by a long streak of ten consecutive goals. Even Foggia is a team that builds a lot, devoted to the attack, with many limitations in the defensive zone second most perforated defense of the championship. Derby that promises to be very fun with many actions from goal.
  4. Rennes vs Arsenal=over(1.90) stake 7/10 Preview: Rennes: injured: Siebatcheu (attacker 15/3), Danzé (defender 0/0), Diallo (goalkeeper 6/0), Baal (defender 1/0); suspended: Traoré (defender 24/0); in doubt: Siliki (midfielder 16/0). Arsenal: injured: Holding(defender 10/0), Bellerin(defender 19/0), Welbeck(attacker 8/1); suspended: Lacazette (attacker 28/12). Rennes is in his second appearance in the Europa League, in these round of 16 he will meet Arsenal, one of the strongest teams, which aims to win the final of the tournament. The home team's journey through this competition was difficult, as they only managed to qualify on the last day of the group stage. Then, in the sixteenth phase, he eliminated Betis by surprise. While Arsenal dominated the group and in the sixteenth eliminated with some difficulty the Bate. Rennes in the league is tenth in the standings with 37 points while Arsenal in the league is fifth in the standings with 57 points.
  5. Foggia vs Cosenza= both teams score(1.95) stake 7/10 Position form 16° points 23 Cosenza position 11° points 33 Preview: Foggia: injured: Deli (midfielder 17/4); suspended: Gerbo(midfielder 17/3), Busellato(midfielder 18/0). Cosenza: injured: Corsi (defender 22/0), Bittante (defender 4/0). Foggia has a home score of w4-d6-l2 goals scored 22 goals conceded 19 while Cosenza has a home score of w3-d3-l6 goals scored 8 goals conceded 17. In the last round Foggia has drawn away from home against Ascoli with a score of 2-2, continues the fasting of success of Foggia, a team that expresses an interesting and proactive football with an excellent and prolific attack and a defense that often suffers the attacks of the opposing teams with the second worst defense of the championship. Cosenza comes from a home victory with a score of 1-0 against Carpi. They have suffered a single defeat in the last ten games and are in the playoff area what began the championship was unthinkable, team that had to fight to avoid relegation. The visiting team will go on the field to try to sink a Foggia in counterattack in search of the three points as it has absolute need in view of salvation. Match with many actions from goal.
  6. Lecce vs Verona=1(2.25) stake 7/10 Lecce position 6° points 38 Verona position 5° points 39 Preview: Lecce: injured: Scavone (midfielder 19/2), Bovo (defender 7/0). Verona: injured: Zaccagni(midfielder 23/3), Crescenzi(defender 13/0), Danzi(midfielder 5/1), Di Carmine(striker 15/5), Marrone(midfielder 21/0), Matos(striker 19/3), Munari(midfielder 1/0), Ragusa(striker 11/0), Tozzo(goalkeeper 0/0). Lecce has a home score of w5-d4-l1 goals scored 16 goals conceded 11 while Verona fuori casa has a score of w4-d4-l4 goals scored 14 goals conceded 15. Very interesting challenge between two teams fighting for a place for the playoffs. The home team comes from a sound defeat outside the home against the Cittadella with a score of 4-1 highlighting some small passes but I think this is the ideal game to change gear. Liverani's team has the second best attack of the championship while the defense is not completely convincing. Verona comes from two consecutive victories, it makes of the defensive solidity the best weapon, leaving little space for the initiatives of the opponents while as far as the offensive department is concerned it is discreet. I think this is one of the most interesting matches of the day. In the end, given the many absences for the visiting team plus the field factor very important for the games of series B, I think that Lecce can make the game his own.
  7. Maritimo vs S.Lisbon=2(1.75) stake 7/10 Maritimo position 14° points 23 S.Lisbon position 4° points 45 Preview: Maritimo: injured: L.Cardoso (attacker 0/0), China (defender 17/0); in doubt: Amir(goalkeeper 13/0), Zainadine(defender 21/1). S.Lisbon: injured: Battaglia (midfielder 8/0), Gaspar (defender 13/1), Mathieu (defender 13/2). Maritimo has a home score of w3-d1-l6 goals scored 6 goals conceded 12 while S.Lisbon has a home score of w4-d2-l4 goals scored 16 goals conceded 14. The home team comes from three wins and two defeats in the last five games, is the least prolific team in the league. The only goal is to try to get away from the relegation zone as it has only one more point on the red zone. It comes from a major out-of-home victory last week against Belenenses with a score of 1-0. The visiting team comes from a beautiful league victory against Braga but was eliminated in the Europa League by Villarreal, must recover from the debacle and try to reach a place in the Champions League as it has no commitment in Europe can focus only on the championship. A greedy occasion tonight against a disappointing and inferior Maritimo, the sign 2 appears to be the best choice.
  8. Alaves vs Celta Vigo=1(2.30) stake 6/10 Alaves position 6° points 36 Celta Vigo position 17° points 24 Preview: Celta Vigo: injured: Iago Aspas (striker 18/10); suspended: Vazquez (defender 2/0), Boudebouz (midfielder 1/0). Alaves has a home score of w6-d4-l1 goals scored 13 goals conceded 7 while Celta Vigo has a home score of w2-d2-l7 goals scored 17 goals conceded 25. The home team fights for a place in the Europa League. The visiting team is making a disappointing league, fighting to try to get away from the danger zone quickly. Alaves can also count on the favorable tradition in head-to-head with a home score of seven wins, three draws and three defeats. This match is dominated by the superiority of the home team.
  9. Dynamo Zagreb vs Plzen=gol(1.90) stake 7/10 Preview: Dynamo Zagreb: absent: Stojanovic (defender 10/0), Gavranovic (forward 15/5), Sunjic (midfielder 16/0). Plzen: absent: Krmencik(attacker 13/7), Hubnik(defender 19/0), Hejda(defender 10/0), Kolar(midfielder 2/0) The first game ended with a score of 2-1 for Plzen. Qualifying is still open so I expect a macht open to any result with a lot of actions as a goal. So my final choice is goal.
  10. Dijon vs S.Etienne= X2+ov1.5(1.70) stake 7/10 Dijon position 18° points 20 S.Etienne position 5° points 40 Preview: Dijon: suspended: Haddadi (defender 22/2), Lautoa (defender 22/0); in doubt: Sammaritano (midfielder 8/0), Rosier (defender 17/0), Jeannot (attacker 12/1). S.Etienne: injured: Monnet-Paquet (forward 23/1), Vada (midfielder 2/0), Hamouma (midfielder 16/2), Debuchy (defender 14/2). The Dijon has a home score of w3-d2-l6 goals scored 10 goals conceded 18 while the S. Etienne has a away score of w2-d5-l5 goals scored 11 goals conceded 20. The home team is third last in the standings is in full swing to not fall back in Ligue 2, come from three consecutive stops in the league. The visiting team is fourth in the standings together with Marseille, for them one victory one draw and three defeats in the last five games. The Dijon has one of the most perforated defenses in the league while the guests cash in and score goals very easily. The home team is much lower both in terms of results and technique. Sign 2 share down
  11. Derby vs Millwall=1(2.00) state 7/10 Derby position 7° points 51 Millwall position 20° points 31 Preview: Derby: injured: Davies (defender 5/0), Forsyth (defender 13/0), Mount (midfielder 26/4), Lawrence (midfielder 23/5). Millwall: injured: Mc Laughlin (defender 6/0), Meredith (defender 25/0). Derby has a home score of w8-d5-l2 goals scored 22 goals conceded 15 while Millwall has a home score of w1-d4-l10 goals scored 14 goals conceded 27. The home team is in full swing for a place in the play off, winning this recovery game would go to place sixth. The visiting team is in full battle to avoid relegation, a success that has been missing for five days. The home team is superior in both performance and results score 1 very likely.
  12. QPR vs West Bromwich=2(2.15) Stake 7/10 QPR position 18° points 39 West Bromwich position 4° points 57 Preview: QPR: injured: Rangel (17/2 defender), Cameron (13/1 defender). West Bromwich: injured: Phillips (midfielder 22/5); suspended: Gayle (attacker 26/16). QPR has a home score of w7-d2-l6 goals scored 23 goals conceded 21 while West Bromwich has a home score of w9-d3-l4 goals scored 27 goals conceded 17. A 2019 nightmare for QPR, which in the league is reduced by five consecutive defeats and does not win in eight rounds, the danger zone is nearby. Making a result against West Bromwich however won't be easy, since the guests are aiming for the Premier League and are today in the middle of the playoff area, quartered with 57 points, just 4 points from the second place that is worth the direct promotion. Mostly highlighting the visiting team, the home team appears less incisive sign 2 appears almost likely.