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  1. Bordeaux vs Marseille=both teams score(1.90) stake 7/10 Bordeaux position 11° points 29 Marseille position2° points 42 Preview: Bordeaux: injured: Kamano( striker 10/1) Marseilles: injured: Thauvin(midfielder 1/0); in doubt: Benedict(forward 20/7). Bordeaux has a home score of w4- d2- l4 goals scored 14 goals conceded 15 while Marseille has an away score of w5- d3- l2 goals scored 13 goals conceded 12. The locals are proving to be too swinging with a very good first half of the league while the second half is less brilliant. The guests are doing a great league are se
  2. Az vs Rkc=over3.5(1.87) stake 8/10 Az position 2° points 44 Rkc position 18° points 11 Preview: Az: in doubt: Hatzidiakos(Defender 11/1) Rkc: injured: Elbers(forward 7/1) Az has a home score of w7-d1-l2 goals conceded 22 goals conceded 8 while Rkc has an away score of w1-d1-l8 goals conceded 12 goals conceded 29. The home team has the least beaten defence in the league with 15 goals conceded in 20 games, a prolific attack with 42 goals scored while the visiting team has the worst defence in the tournament with 47 goals conceded and a good offensive department with 23 g
  3. Kortrijk vs Standard Liege=over(1.57) stake 8/10 Kortrijk position 12° points 23 Standard Liege position 4° points 41 Preview: Kortrijk: injured: Brendan Hines-Ike(defender 15/0), Tyron Ivanof(midfielder 2/0), Lucas Rougeaux(defender 8/0) Standard Liege: injured: Sa(striker 0/0), Bokadi(defender 6/0), Limbombe(midfielder) Kortrijk has a home score of w4-d3-l5 goals scored 21 goals conceded 19 while Standard Liège has an away score of w4-d3-l4 goals scored 19 goals conceded 17. Kortrijk is back from a good home draw against Club Brugge with a score of 2-2 while St
  4. Austria vs Poland= both team scores (1.90) stake 7/10 Preview: Austria: injured: Lienhart(defender), Gregoritsch(midfielder), Burgstaller(striker), Wolf(midfielder). Poland: injured: Kownacki(striker). First match Group G qualifiers for the 2020 European Championships. Austria is twenty-second in the FIFA standings, while Poland is twentieth in the standings. The home team did not take part in the 2018 World Cup, while the visiting team was already disappointed in the world cup in the group stage and also disappointed in the Nations League. However, in my opinion, it is the two te
  5. Dusseldorf vs Eintracht= goal+over(1.85) stake 7/10 Dusseldorf position 11° points 31 Eintracht location 6° points 40 Preview: Dusseldorf: injured: Contento(defender 0/0), Zimmer(midfielder 18/1), Drobny(goalkeeper 2/0), Ducksch(striker 15/1). Eintracht: injured: Torrò (midfielder 5/0); in doubt: Chandler(defender 0/0), Abraham(defender 11/0), Rebic(attacker 19/8). Dusseldorf scored w6-d0-l6 at home with 17 goals conceded 18 while Eintracht scored w5-d4-l3 outside the house with 20 goals conceded 14. The home team comes from a good win outside the house with a score o
  6. Lecce vs Foggia=over(1.80) stake 7/10 Lecce position 6° points 41 Position form 16° points 26 Preview: Foggia: in doubt: Galano (striker 17/2). Lecce has a home score of w6-d4-l1 goals scored 18 goals conceded 12 while Foggia has a away score of w2-d5-l6 goals scored 11 goals conceded 19. In the last round Lecce lost out to Palermo with a score of 2-1 while Foggia at home won with a score of 1-0 against Cosenza. The home team is in the playoff area while the visiting team is fighting to avoid relegation. Lecce since the beginning of the season has shown to have great qu
  7. Rennes vs Arsenal=over(1.90) stake 7/10 Preview: Rennes: injured: Siebatcheu (attacker 15/3), Danzé (defender 0/0), Diallo (goalkeeper 6/0), Baal (defender 1/0); suspended: Traoré (defender 24/0); in doubt: Siliki (midfielder 16/0). Arsenal: injured: Holding(defender 10/0), Bellerin(defender 19/0), Welbeck(attacker 8/1); suspended: Lacazette (attacker 28/12). Rennes is in his second appearance in the Europa League, in these round of 16 he will meet Arsenal, one of the strongest teams, which aims to win the final of the tournament. The home team's journey through this competition w
  8. Foggia vs Cosenza= both teams score(1.95) stake 7/10 Position form 16° points 23 Cosenza position 11° points 33 Preview: Foggia: injured: Deli (midfielder 17/4); suspended: Gerbo(midfielder 17/3), Busellato(midfielder 18/0). Cosenza: injured: Corsi (defender 22/0), Bittante (defender 4/0). Foggia has a home score of w4-d6-l2 goals scored 22 goals conceded 19 while Cosenza has a home score of w3-d3-l6 goals scored 8 goals conceded 17. In the last round Foggia has drawn away from home against Ascoli with a score of 2-2, continues the fasting of success of Foggia, a team that
  9. Lecce vs Verona=1(2.25) stake 7/10 Lecce position 6° points 38 Verona position 5° points 39 Preview: Lecce: injured: Scavone (midfielder 19/2), Bovo (defender 7/0). Verona: injured: Zaccagni(midfielder 23/3), Crescenzi(defender 13/0), Danzi(midfielder 5/1), Di Carmine(striker 15/5), Marrone(midfielder 21/0), Matos(striker 19/3), Munari(midfielder 1/0), Ragusa(striker 11/0), Tozzo(goalkeeper 0/0). Lecce has a home score of w5-d4-l1 goals scored 16 goals conceded 11 while Verona fuori casa has a score of w4-d4-l4 goals scored 14 goals conceded 15. Very interesting challenge betw
  10. Maritimo vs S.Lisbon=2(1.75) stake 7/10 Maritimo position 14° points 23 S.Lisbon position 4° points 45 Preview: Maritimo: injured: L.Cardoso (attacker 0/0), China (defender 17/0); in doubt: Amir(goalkeeper 13/0), Zainadine(defender 21/1). S.Lisbon: injured: Battaglia (midfielder 8/0), Gaspar (defender 13/1), Mathieu (defender 13/2). Maritimo has a home score of w3-d1-l6 goals scored 6 goals conceded 12 while S.Lisbon has a home score of w4-d2-l4 goals scored 16 goals conceded 14. The home team comes from three wins and two defeats in the last five games, is the least prolif
  11. Alaves vs Celta Vigo=1(2.30) stake 6/10 Alaves position 6° points 36 Celta Vigo position 17° points 24 Preview: Celta Vigo: injured: Iago Aspas (striker 18/10); suspended: Vazquez (defender 2/0), Boudebouz (midfielder 1/0). Alaves has a home score of w6-d4-l1 goals scored 13 goals conceded 7 while Celta Vigo has a home score of w2-d2-l7 goals scored 17 goals conceded 25. The home team fights for a place in the Europa League. The visiting team is making a disappointing league, fighting to try to get away from the danger zone quickly. Alaves can also count on the favorable
  12. Dynamo Zagreb vs Plzen=gol(1.90) stake 7/10 Preview: Dynamo Zagreb: absent: Stojanovic (defender 10/0), Gavranovic (forward 15/5), Sunjic (midfielder 16/0). Plzen: absent: Krmencik(attacker 13/7), Hubnik(defender 19/0), Hejda(defender 10/0), Kolar(midfielder 2/0) The first game ended with a score of 2-1 for Plzen. Qualifying is still open so I expect a macht open to any result with a lot of actions as a goal. So my final choice is goal.
  13. Dijon vs S.Etienne= X2+ov1.5(1.70) stake 7/10 Dijon position 18° points 20 S.Etienne position 5° points 40 Preview: Dijon: suspended: Haddadi (defender 22/2), Lautoa (defender 22/0); in doubt: Sammaritano (midfielder 8/0), Rosier (defender 17/0), Jeannot (attacker 12/1). S.Etienne: injured: Monnet-Paquet (forward 23/1), Vada (midfielder 2/0), Hamouma (midfielder 16/2), Debuchy (defender 14/2). The Dijon has a home score of w3-d2-l6 goals scored 10 goals conceded 18 while the S. Etienne has a away score of w2-d5-l5 goals scored 11 goals conceded 20. The home team is third la
  14. Derby vs Millwall=1(2.00) state 7/10 Derby position 7° points 51 Millwall position 20° points 31 Preview: Derby: injured: Davies (defender 5/0), Forsyth (defender 13/0), Mount (midfielder 26/4), Lawrence (midfielder 23/5). Millwall: injured: Mc Laughlin (defender 6/0), Meredith (defender 25/0). Derby has a home score of w8-d5-l2 goals scored 22 goals conceded 15 while Millwall has a home score of w1-d4-l10 goals scored 14 goals conceded 27. The home team is in full swing for a place in the play off, winning this recovery game would go to place sixth. The visiting team is in fu
  15. QPR vs West Bromwich=2(2.15) Stake 7/10 QPR position 18° points 39 West Bromwich position 4° points 57 Preview: QPR: injured: Rangel (17/2 defender), Cameron (13/1 defender). West Bromwich: injured: Phillips (midfielder 22/5); suspended: Gayle (attacker 26/16). QPR has a home score of w7-d2-l6 goals scored 23 goals conceded 21 while West Bromwich has a home score of w9-d3-l4 goals scored 27 goals conceded 17. A 2019 nightmare for QPR, which in the league is reduced by five consecutive defeats and does not win in eight rounds, the danger zone is nearby. Making a result against Wes
  16. Guimaraes vs Portimonense= 1(1.77) stake 7/10 Guimaraes position 6° points 32 Portimonense position 10° points 27 Preview: Guimaraes: injured: Joao Afonso (defender 5/0). Portimonense: injured: Marcel Pereira (midfielder 3/0); Dener (midfielder 17/2); suspended: Paulinho (forward 2/0); Pedro Sa (midfielder 20/0). The home team has a home score of w5-d3-l2 while the visiting team has an away score of w3-d0-l7. The match is dominated by the greater strength and incisiveness of the home team. Poor chances for the visiting team. Sign 1.
  17. Bologna vs Spal = 1 (1.80) stake 7/10Bologna position 10° point 11Spal position 15° points 5Preview:Bologna:injured: Keita (defender 0/0);in doubt: Maietta (Defender 3/0), Falletti (midfielder 0/0), Krejci (midfielder 2/0).Spal:injured: Meret (goalkeeper 0/0), Floccari (2/0 striker);in doubt: Borriello (striker 7/1).Bologna has a score in home of w0-d2-l1 goals scored 2 goals 5 while Spal has a score outside of home w0-d1-l2 goals made 0 goals scored 4. The home team comes to this very galvanized match the two out-of-home wins with Genoa and Sassuolo have come across three days. The visiting t
  18. Toluca vs Lobos = over (1.60) stake 8/10Toluca position 5° point 19Lobos position 9° points 14Preview:Toluca:injured: Hauche (attacker 6/2); Talavera (goalkeeper 2/0).Lobos:injured: Alvarez (goalkeeper 2/0);absent for international commitments: Advincula (defender 11/2); Aquino (midfielder 9/0).The Toluca has a score in the home of w5-d1-l1 goals scored 14 goals scored 9 while the Lobos has a score outside of home w3-d1-l2 goals scored 10 goals 7.The home team is playing a good football especially in their stadium providing excellent performance with an average of 2 goals per game, the last th
  19. Mattersburg vs Rapid = 2 (1.75) stake 7/10Mattersburg position 9°punti 6Rapid position 4° point 13Preview:Mattersburg:absent: Hart (defender 8/0); Novak (Defender 5/0).Rapid:in doubt: Murg (midfielder 8/3).The Mattersburg has a home score of w1-d0-l4 goals scored 5 goals 13 while the Rapid has a w1-d2-l1 goal score out of 9 goals scored 8. The home team managed to earn only two points in the last seven games, also played the cup match. The host team is only six points from the first ranked player did not play in the cup. Signal 2 drop in many books.
  20. LOBOS BUAP vs Club Leon = over (1.50) stake 10/10Lobos BUAP position 9° points 14Club Leon position 6° points 16Preview:Lobos:injured: Alvarez (goalkeeper 2/0); L.Quinones (5/1 striker).Club Leon:injured: Piris (defender 1/0);in doubt: Burdisso (defender 0/0); Ceramic (3/0 striker).The Lobos has a score in the home of w1-d1-l2 goals scored 8 goals scored 10 while club Leon has a score off w3-d0-l1 goal goal 7 goals scored 4. Both teams play a very offensive kick leaving very often the defense of the opposing teams.The home team scored 18 goals with 17 in 10 games with an average of 3.5 goals
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