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  1. Re: Fantasy NFL 2013

    Just got the PM Samba. I'll set one up if we can get at least 8 people in before next week. To avoid any potential issues etc. if you're in the draft will be next Sunday at midday British time, which is 9pm for Taza and Blackcrow. If you can't make it but are happy to set a draft order then you can still sign up.
    :sad **** taza and blackcrow, thats like 7 AM for me !
  2. Re: My Pick To win the NCAAF Championship basically its 6.25/1. Haven't seen anything near 8/1 in these parts. The line I got was the best I saw on US Books. Sorry for lack of explanation but basically its a hedge opportunity. I believe it will be Alabama vs OSU in the BCS Championship. Braxton Miller is the Heisman favorite and I expect Urban Meyer to lead him and OSU to a great year. Big 10 is soft as always. Alabama is only about 2.5-3/1 to on all books that I've seen. Not worth a bet at those odds to wait around for a year. That's how I see it plays out, bet Alabama in the natty if it does. However if OSU plays anyone other then Alabama the odds are in my favor. If OSU just doesn't make it II'm **** out of luck. But I feel pretty confident about them.

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