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  1. Re: MLB: Mar 31st & Apr 1st 2013 Opening Day Picks MLB Overall 2013 0-1 -1.57 units (0.00%) Not a good start lol. Pirates -121 to win 1 unit @ 5dimes Lets see if AJ Burnett can keep doing what he did last year. The weather is gonna be pretty cold with even a chance of snow, so I don't see it being very offensive. Pirates have played very well against the Cubs the last couple of years Yankees -122 to win 1 unit @ 5dimes Lester had a good spring training, but I will pay to see if he is actually any better then he was last year. Twins +178 to bet 1 unit @ 5dimes I think this is worth the risk. I have my doubts on whether this game will be played or not. Braves -122 to win 1 unit @ 5dimes Don't usually play this much, but opening day, wth

  2. Re: My Pick To Win the 2013 World Series I don't trust the Blue Jays pitching when it comes down to it. If they stay healthy BJays should have one of the best offenses in the league As far as AL Cy Young. Well Johnson would be somewhat surprising, but I wouldn't say there is no chance. I don't put Darvish into that discussion either. I think the best AL pitchers are Hernandez/Verlander/Weaver...with expectations of Weaver to regress a bit this year. Just a feeling, still good, but not one of the best.

  3. Last years pick was the Reds. Fairly optimistic after they got into the playoffs as that is more then half the battle, but of course, they did not get it done. Here are some of the picks I looked at and reasons I didnt pick them Tigers +700 - This is obviously just not worth it, as I never pick the favorite anyway. They will be a good team and there is no reason they shouldn't make the playoffs, but the closer issue still hasnt been answered with Rondon being sent down to AAA earlier this week. I expect it will be in shape or form by the time the playoffs start, but this team just has a feel of being one of those teams that hasnt the talent, but can't get over the hump. Angels +700 - Also not worth it , but I have my doubts about this team for some reason. If Pujols/Hamilton go cold for a stretch it will be interesting to see where things go. Blue Jays +900 - This line shouldnt be this low...IMO, just have a feeling something won't go wrong and the Yankees somehow win the division anyway Reds +1100 - My Pick from last year, and I thought about picking them again this year. But I've decided im not hanging my hat on Dusty Baker this year My Pick to win the 2013 World Series Atlanta Braves +1500 - The line is just right for me to feel it is worth the risk. This team seems to be built very well. There first problem though is that they are in the same division as the Nationals, who will probably win the division, so I am automatically throwing myself in the wildcard game with this pick. Possibly a dumb risk and more then likely why all the division favorites are lined so much higher then the guys that could give them a run. You've got a pretty good combination of speed and power in the lineup with the Uptons and then guys like McCann and Uggla. The rotation looks pretty solid and then of course you have the bullpen. The potential lose of Venters could stink it up a little bit, but I see no reason Kimbrel goes into a serious downward spiral. Go Braves and Pirates

  4. MLB Overall 2008 407-354 +31.96 units (53.48%) MLB Overall 2009 274-253 +3.21 units (51.99%) MLB Overall 2010 65-75 -18.17 units (46.76%) MLB 2 Unit Overall 2010 20-23 -16.05 units (46.51%) MLB Overall 2011 147W-117L +20.99 units (55.68%) MLB Overall 2012 103-112 -15.40 units (47.90%) Not a very good year last year for me , as in most sports. Hopefully I can bounce back this year Rangers -157 to win 1 unit @ 5dimes I fully expect the Astro's to be the worst team in the majors by a large margin this year and for at least a couple of more years to come. I think this will probably be a close game with all the rust, but if there is one thing you know you will get from Matt Harrison its a very good 1H of the season. GL this year

  5. Re: 2013 NCAA Tournament Picks

    If there's a single bracket outside of Harvard and their alum still going I'll be amazed :eek :eek
    naw man I know a few people had Harvard. Can't say im totally shocked tbh. Steve Alford always seems to **** the dog in the tourny. I don't even wanna talk about the Pitt game
  6. Re: 2013 NCAA Tournament Picks I have Duke beating Michigan in the final NCAAB Overall 2012-2013 81W-82L-4P -9.45 unit (49.69%) 2-0 in the tourny...let my undefeated run go on..probably gonna end today though St Mary's +1 to win 1 unit @ 5dimes New Mexico St +9.5 to win 1 unit @ 5dimes UNLV -3 to win 1 unit @ 5dimes Belmont +4.5 to win 1 unit @ 5dimes Pitt -4 to win 1 unit @ 5dimes

  7. Re: 2013 NCAA Tournament Picks what you said pretty much summed up the last week for me. Out of 20-25 bets last week I lost 5 of them by 1 - .5 point. I think 2/3 of the teams were covering at halftime but blew leads and lost outright. No buzzer beaters this year that I can recall but there is still 3 weeks to go till the national championship :loon

  8. NCAAB Overall 2012-2013 79W-82L-4P -11.45 unit (49.06%) Had a mediocre season, and then a nightmarish conference tournament week. Hoping starting a new thread will turn things :) St Marys -3 to win 1 unit @ 5dimes Team is better then most people think, half there losses came against #1 Seed Gonzaga

  9. Re: NCAAB Picks 2012 -2013 NCAAB Overall 2012-2013 76W-76L-4P -7.85 unit (50.00%) Might wanna fade me...awful week UNC -4.5 to win 1 unit @ 5dimes Michigan St +2 to win 1 unit @ 5dimes Syracuse +4.5 to win 1 unit @ 5dimes UCLA +2 to win 1 unit @ 5dimes NC State +2 to win 1 unit @ 5dimes

  10. Re: NCAAB Picks 2012 -2013 NCAAB Overall 2012-2013 74W-71L-4P -4.35 unit (51.03%) I stink Michigan -3.5 to win 1 unit @ 5dimes Illinois +9.5 to win 1 unit @ 5dimes NC State -2 to win 1 unit @ 5dimes Alabama +2 to win 1 unit @ 5dimes Georgetown -2 to win 1 unit @ 5dimes Okie St +1 to win 1 unit @ 5dimes Arizona -1 to win 1 unit @ 5dimes

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