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  1. Re: Cricket : Champions League Twenty20 2011 They were all absolutely shitfaced the night before.:rollin Som of the pics I've seen are unreal, its not even a serious competition, we have won our trophy admid this pathetic season. No point us winning it anyway, the money doesnt actually filter to Leicestershire unless we agree to a sponsorship deal with an Indian company and we wont do that.
  2. Re: Cricket: England vs India Test Series Why on earth is anybody still backing India in a postive manner? :unsure You been watching this series? :lol They are absolutely awful, its one, maybe two half overs then 4/5 overs of absolute dross. It should be a great pitch to bat on tomorrow, I'd be astounded if India got near taking 20 wickets in this test match. :eek
  3. Re: Cricket: England vs India Test Series No bets for me but been looking forward to this all summer, think it will be extremely tight and one test match could even decide it, I dont think we will lose the series as similar to Oz I dont see India being able to take 20 wickets off us in a fairly short space of time, could come down to how we bowl at them, plenty of cloud cover would be nice. If Zaheer is out I will back us to win the series, that would put India's seam attack about on a par with Sri Lanka's.:unsure
  4. Re: 2011 Boxing Thread Dont think the fight took place. I certainly didnt see it and I think it would of been towards the end.
  5. Re: 2011 Boxing Thread Tomorrow. This is the best bet I have seen for ages. Sam Sexton to beat Hastings Rasani by stoppage 4/7. boylesports. This really doesnt need explaining at all, nice easy one for Sam to get back into it agasint the Zimbabwe number 3 :unsure. Rasani has lost his last 10 odd fights, been knocked out by Danny McIntosh at cruiserweight in the 3rd and was stopped in his 1st round last time. Even Kenny Anderson stopped him at light-heavyweight, no idea what he is doing in the ring here. Steps in with Sam now for a 6 rounder, I'd have taken 4/7 had this been 3 rounder let alone 6.
  6. Re: 2011 Boxing Thread Decided I'm not going to be on Groves/De Gale - my head says De Gale but I wont be able to enjoy the event if I have backed him. Backing rounds 1-4 for Rabchenko tonight V Price, should get the job done fairly early.
  7. Re: 2011 Boxing Thread Just been reading sounds good???!
  8. Re: 2011 Boxing Thread Was hoping for bigger than that :(
  9. Re: 2011 Boxing Thread Going to this and I'll make a post tomorrow, just thiinking a few moe things through. Anywhere know anyone offering prices for Rabchenka V Pryce on friday?!!!!! Seriously need to find somewhere as I'm one of the few people who has seen Rabchenka fight.
  10. Re: Eurovision Well that was good :rollin
  11. Re: Eurovision Yeah, weirdos and gays mainly.
  12. Re: Eurovision Like I said in the other GC thread, this is what happens when everyone learns to use the internet.
  13. Re: 2011 Boxing Thread Good call but never looked like stopping Margarito? :eek The fight should of been stopped almost every second of the last 3/4 rounds. Getting in early with this one..... Wladimir Klitchko to beat David Haye via TKO, KO or DQ 11/8 sporting bet. Really don’t get where all the Haye optimism comes from, he laboured to a (controversial) split decision over Valuev by picking counter shots, if he needs to move and counter to avoid the punch power of Valuev then how on earth is he going ...to get through the jab of Wlad who is ten times faster than Val and hits 20 times harder? Haye has been put on his backside by Barrett and Mormeck so if Wlad lands anything half decent on him he is going to go. They all say they have a plan to beat Dr S and whenever they feel the first cross they spend the rest of the fight going backwards and any plan they had flies out the window. The British fans always get like this when a big fight comes up, starting to remind me of the time the whole country thought Hatton was going to beat Mayweather and Pacquiao. Odds-against for what is clearly a an odds on shot.
  14. Re: 2011 Boxing Thread yep, shame but the reflexes and sharpness just isnt there.... Dilks tournament for the taking this. edit: my kiss of death on Dilks :lol
  15. Re: 2011 Boxing Thread On Reid as well tonight, no idea what shape he is but it just has to be worth a punt with what he is up agaisnt. 4/1 I can get, it will be massive if he is in decent shape.
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