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  1. Re: Tennis 9th - 15th Suisse Open Some of the big names have pulled out of this leaving Davydenko quite rightly as the favourite for the event. However, the man in form at the moment is Gasquet having just reached the Wimbledon semis. Anyone who saw his quarter against Roddick will know what a sensational player this guy can be. He's got a trickyish half of the draw and will have to get past Youznhy on the way to the final but with his confidence sky high, I reckon he'll repeat last year's performance when he won this tournament. Odds of 5/1 at B365 are more than generous and I've taken him each way to reach the final, probably against Davydenko.

  2. Re: Announcement at the top of the page. I see what started out as a respectable thread has turned into a joke. I take it this thread will be discussed in the Mods forum, criticised, ridiculed, patronised and then locked? Or are there two sets of rules in this place? It's ok, I know what your answer is and I know what the answer is.

  3. Re: The Return of Inside Info

    Post count #37 Inside info tip count #0 and you wonder why the last one got pulled
    Didn't it get pulled because of pointless posts like this? Why are the form-studiers so threatened by an inside info thread and continually try to undermine it with criticism and negativity? If you don't like it, surely you don't read it. If, as you say, it will die on its own, well just let it. Why are there complaints that the 'form' threads aren't getting as many views as an inside info thread (and therefore not as many pats on the back???). It's that that strikes me as egotistical (since that words being thrown around again). The work done on ATR over the last 3 years has created a fantastic forum and credit to those involved in it. The guys that put the effort in to study form, etc also get my respect. But I've never seen such fuss caused by one thread. Reminds me of a playground. Pathetic!
  4. Re: Hot Tip for Saturday!

    the only thing that was winding me up regarding the inside info thread was the bullshit posts,( my grans friends sisters chips shop owners youngest goes out with the taxi driver who drive the stable lad to the yard etc) I personally dont dont care if we have a inside info thread or not I just want whats best for PL and take ATR forward but what I dont like is members threatening to PM other members with info when that is what PL is all about, sharing Info etc.
    Couldn't agree more Carl with your first point. Inside Info had its use but was a victim of its own success - PL wants more members and this was a great way of doing that but at the same time, it attracted the 'Betfair' standard of poster - muppet! There was some great info on there; TBR, Deviltish, Bowles. etc but inevitably, the thread 'got too big for its boots' and the point of the thread got lost. However your second point, whether it involves you personally or not, is a little 'Mod' hypocritical and perhaps is one of the reasons behind MM's 'clique' and 'ego' comments - which incidentally I agree with.
    tedthewolf; If i remember correctly a while back a mod said he and some other mod's got a tip pm to them by a pl member.Apparently it won.
    I remember this comment being made too. (Without spending an hour searching) I don't know who said it and who it involved but as a mod and a 'representative of the mods', you can't have it both ways. I think it may be that 'high moral ground' that may have 'upset' some people. Anyway,as you rightly say, the whole point of ATR is to cane the bookies, so lets stop hitting each other and get on with it. :ok And incidentally, as a complete knob with the horses, thanks for the guidance as to which donkeys I should back until the footy season starts again. :ok
  5. Re: Inside Info! Congrats on killing this thread. Certain members of PL have had it in for this thread for a while and have been waiting for the first opportunity to unsticky it/kill it off. Well you've played right into their hands. This thread had one purpose and one purpose only and that was to provide pure inside information. Despite several warnings and grumblings from the mods/well respected posters, it's turned into a playground and I don't blame whichever mod has unstickied it and in effect, killed it off. Thanks to the guys who have passed through some fantastic information over the last couple of months. :ok

  6. Re: Tennis - Wimbledon

    Well it seems the only man who can stop Federer is Nadal. Federer really shouldn't have any trouble with anyone else on grass having just beaten the best of the rest on clay so he looks like a dead cert to make the final. Nadal meanwhile has been improving on grass of late and will be really keen to silence those who say he can only win on clay. Final R Federer v R Nadal @ 2/1 (Paddy Power)
    I like the look of this one too. However, you can get 11/4 at Stan James for a Federer v Nadal Final or take 3.45 at Betfair for just Nadal to reach the final (just in case Federer gets knocked out before the final :lol ).
  7. Re: Inside Info!

    Well done with your tips Carl' date=' personally I don't care where you put them they are always worth a look.After timing winds me up too but I don't think the name calling of the new member was in order though and [u']if you check back I think you will find he did not post again after Staffys justifiable warning on post #646 unless of course a post was intercepted.That is assuming it is Insiderman that is banned and not TBR. Lets get back to the info now, no more name calling or off subject posts. Stay lucky.
    He did carry on posting garbage after #646 and forced Staffy into temp banning him as he wasn't listening to the friendly advice. His posts have been deleted since.
  8. Re: Inside Info / Hot Tips... Is it worth changing the thread title to 'Inside Info Only' and dropping the 'Hot Tips' part??? Guess it can be misleading for those that can't be bothered to read the first post and are new to the forum. As for the recent insider tips, keep up the good work and thanks. It's much appreciated. :ok

  9. I see a bit of value here in the 1st Goalscorer market. Premierbet are also paying out if you're selection doesn't score the 1st goal but actually scores the second. At full odds too! :eek Liverpool tend to play most of their big games staying tight at the back and not risking too much up front so I'm expecting a bit of one-way traffic with the scousers hitting them on the break. I'm not convinced Liverpool have got enough quality up front so I can only see a goal (if any!) coming from AC Milan. Kaka absolutely ripped us apart in both legs of the semi scoring 3 times. I can't see Liverpool copying our mickey mouse defending but if anyone's got the quality to score against them, it's Kaka. Champs League top goalscorer with 10 and playing as well as anyone in the world. Available at 7/1 in some places for 1st goal, you can get 6/1 at Premierbet to score one of the first two goals. That'll do for me! :hope Also considered VC Bet's offer of a refund on losing first goalscorer bets (Kaka is 7/1) if the game goes to penalties. But I reckon Milan will win this in normal time so that ruled that one out. Might be worth it if you reckon this game is stalemate all the way though.

  10. Re: Virgin Poker Player League Can't get back in! Think everyone got chucked out as just before the software closed itself down, everyone went to 'Sat Out' :wall Boss/SO/Virgin - have they acknowledged that they have problems yet from all our complaints ages ago??? this is my first game on boss in over a month and look whats happened. Joke.

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