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  1. £5.50 Treble. Bolton @ 1.85. Southend @ 1.80. Stevenage @ 1.85
  2. £11.25 Treble: Exeter @ 1.75 Bolton @ 1.95 Stevenage @ 2.70
  3. £20 Treble: Southend @ 3.10 Bolton @ 1.95 Bradford @ 2.00
  4. Hello Alley Cat, as for the Wunderers, I feel like I've woken up in an alternate Universe, how they have dragged themselves out of the mire and to be well fancied to win L2 gawd only knows. As you say they often win by the odd / last gasp goal, as for putting a game to bed, how many times has it been the other way round when the Wunderers were on the ropes but came back to take a point or win the damned game, gutted, sigh... Bob.
  5. Hello Alley Cat, I try not to look how the Wunderers are doing, hard to believe that are just 4 points behind league leaders Cambridge AND with a game in hand of them, the way things are going they could win the league outright, much to my chagrin. What would the odds have been just 2 months ago when they were stood on the trap door, I'm guessing you could have got 50/1 against that, then. I don't know what to say about their improvement, or if it's down to Evatt, there's no explaining how a bunch of ham & eggers put a run together the likes of which I've never seen before. The ONLY saving grace is, it wasn't down to Big Sam, we would never have heard the last of it if he'd worked this miracle. Bob.
  6. Hello Alley Cat, You were right about the Wunderers, beggars belief how they have turned things around in the last month or so, relegation candidates one minute now vying for a playoff position, the less I say the better. They look worth a few quid against Walsall, as do Fleetwood, hard to pick which is the better bet, they are both 4/5 shots. But I think I'll weigh in with the Wunderers if only to make seeing them grab another 3 points a bit more palatable.
  7. Well, I don't know how they did it, neither do their Fans, but after putting 6 wins on the trot together the Wunderers did us in on the pitch and off the pitch, we won't know how close to the rocks Punch and Judy sailed their FV ship to the rocks, it will make for interesting reading when the Year End Statement is published at Companies House. So it's back to the grist of the mill for me today, my Relegation slips went on the back of the fire last night. Can't say I'm licking my wounds, all 380 of them, all in all it's cost me less than £20 a week, not much more than a round of drinks that we haven't been able to have in the last 6 months. It's been a learning experience, learning a lot about teams in L2, learning how Grim sby who in October looked like a half decent team, back to back away wins 3-1 at Cheltenham then a week later 3-2 at Leyton Orient. The same month they held the Wunderers 0-0 at the Reebok, and then at home they held Carlisle to 1-1. Shortly after that everything went pear shaped, even Sc.unthorpe beat them 3-0, poor old Grimsby then hey, what went wrong there. Then there was Southend, they were 1/12 to be relegated, they can thank Grimsby and Barrow, Barrow have been sinking faster than what they make in their shipyard. There's something about supporting the underdog, I didn't think Southend were that bad, and with the players on loan from Arsenal I fancied they'd stay up on their own merit, rather than rely on other teams sinking faster. Hopefully they'll bag 3 points today, I just took 11/4 to £200 that's my only bet today.
  8. Oldham 0 Wunderers 2 That's 6 wins on the trot for the trotters, 18 points gained and not 1 given away, what odds would Bald Fred have laid against that happening, I'm still looking in disbelief at the results. Gawd knows what turned things around for the Wunderers, you can't put it all down to Gilks but no doubt not having to worry about Crellin being between the sticks has inspired the whole team. Other than the above, I hear that Stuart {Simon Moore's brother} has signed a short term contract with Blackpool, at least until the end of these season. Glad to see that Stuart finally got onto the books of a local team.
  9. As you say Alley Cat, it beggars belief that the Wunderers have gone from relegation hopefuls to getting into the play off zone, but "every tide turns" and this tide that the Wunderers ride on at the moment will turn against them, that's how life is. It's come to something when I'm backing the Wunderers to win and {sort of} glad when they do, but the bet wasn't to jinx them, it was hard to not notice the winning run they've had, not to mention how bad Grimsby are, they looked like a half decent side when they held the Wunderers to a 0-0 draw last October, but someone put the hex on them soon after, wish I knew how they did it. Looks like our 50/1 and 80/1 bets are done for, but it looked promising for quite a while, who knows what the end run of this saga will be, we live in hope ;-)
  10. Hello Alley Cat, I wasn't going to let the Wunderers bag another 3 points today without getting some consolation from it, Harrogate caught my eye too, who can't beat Grim sby. I managed to get 5/4 against the Wunderers which I thought was over the odds taking into account the run they've been on recently, and I got 4/5 for Harrogate. I went for a £100 double, it didn't look all that good at HT with both games at 0-0 and from what I could see of the Wunderers game that was a dour event, 0-0 painted all over it. There was a glimmer of hope when Harrogate went 1 up with 15 minutes or so to go, it was all down the Wunderers then and oddly enough with 90 minutes gone I still fancied their chance, I'd seen it all before, too many times. The Ref gave 3 minutes of extra time, in the 3rd minute Barrow should have had a Penalty, then, in the 4th minute {yea, really} of extra time, it was well into it the 4th minute when Miller CLEARLY OFFSIDE put the ball into the net. I was SURE the Ref would disallow it, but I was glad he didn't, mixed feelings about that though, but I'd come to the point where "if you can't beat 'em, join em". So at the end of the day I picked a few quid up and a few points in the competition in here, I did a "half my kitty" 39 point double in there too. Other than that, it's been an exciting week for Bitcoin, it's been $13,000 down from it's ATH {all time high} in the last week !!! I've written up my thoughts on that in the Bitcoin Forum.
  11. IAN Evatt reckons managing Wanderers has put years on his looks! Bolton are developing a reputation as League Two’s Johnny-come-latelys – and are currently the division’s most effective side in the final 15 minutes. The Whites delivered a sting in the tail to win their last two games at Mansfield and Southend, results which have helped to recover a disastrous start to the campaign. Evatt accepts an upturn in form has raised hopes of a promotion push but with Scnuthorpe United preparing to visit the UniBol on Tuesday night, he is looking to keep feet firmly planted on the floor. “I’ve been here eight months and there’s one or two grey hairs appearing already, but that’s the life of a manager and especially at the life of this football club,” he laughed. “We’ve won a few games and now the expectations’ back again and we’ve got to manage those expectations, but we’re in a good place, the team’s improving, we’ve a very good competitive squad, and the morale around the whole club is excellent and really improving. There’s a lot of positives but we’ve got a long, long way to go.” Shaun Miller’s bizarre goal sealed victory at Roots Hall on Saturday, capping a week in which the team had travelled some 700 miles and claimed six points on two challenging pitches.
  12. Hello Alley Cat, Hard to believe how the fortunes of the Wunderers has turned around, beggars belief, as for Saturdays results, did one of us walk under a black cat or something. I was gutted to see Southend turned over by yet ANOTHER late goal by the Wunderers, more so since I have a soft spot for Southend, but I still think they'll slip the noose, Grim sby and Barrow are doing their best to help Southend. As for Stevenage, it's never a good omen to go 1 down in the first minute from a FREAK goal, then have 58% of possession, putting in 13 shots, here's what the BBC had to say... The visitors took the lead inside the first minute when Caolan Lavery slid in to block a Jamie Cumming clearance and the ball ricocheted straight into the net. Despite the early lead, Walsall spent most of the first half under siege from Stevenage's attack and had Roberts to thank for keeping them at bay with a string of impressive saves. His best effort was a superb diving save from an Elliott List header when the ball was destined for the top corner. Stevenage finally got their just rewards with 20 minutes to go, having been frustrated by Roberts all afternoon, as List fired home with a well-taken left-footed strike on the edge of the box following Joe Martin's long ball. Some days yer the dog, other days yer the lamp post, hey, it was one of those days. You're right about Gilks, they should have a statue of him outside the stadium, there's no doubt that he has led them out of the desert, little else has changed within the ranks. Maybe I should check that Gilks had been registered correctly They say "it's not over until the fat lady sings" but sadly the writing is on our wall right now, rather than being on the Reebok wall.
  13. Mansfield 2 Wunderers 3 FFS !!! It's taken me 24 hours to regain the power of speech, Mansfield were 2-0 up with just 15 minutes left of the clock, the Bookies were offering 80/1 and then some against the Wunderers winning. I was sure the game was over and the dog was bugging me to go for a walk, so off we went. Got back half an hour or so later, checked to see if Mansfield had made it 3-0 I'd every expectation of that seeing as the Stags had been peppering the Wunderers goal. You know when the flux of the Universe is flowing against you when a team unbeaten in their last 8 games are winning 2-0 with 15 or so minutes left get beat 3-2 at home, FFS. Just glad that I didn't have a bet on the game, but last nights result now puts the Wunderers into 11th spot, beggars belief hey, the ONLY saving grace is, Bitcoin is going up faster than the Wunderers, but it's still a BITTER pill to swallow, but, EVERY tide turns, there may still be a sting in the tail for them yet, fingers crossed...
  14. Hello Alley Cat, It looks like a shell game to me, no matter where you look you won't find a who actually owns BWFC, how they got ownership, where the money came from, where it went to, who owns what if the club goes back into Admin, I'm sure they will, but WHEN, that's the question. Chances are whoever put money up didn't find it in their back pocket, it's more likely the money was borrowed, but who from and on what terms. Borrowed money comes at a price. It's a mystery to me how FV are keeping the ship afloat, how do you stay in business, any kind of business, when you have little if any income from the club and the hotel. Where do you find the money to pay for 30 players, support staff, managers, physio's, backroom staff, ground staff, office staff, add to that the hotel staff, add to that the everyday overheads for the stadium and the hotel, and servicing £5 Million in debt in the next 6 months. If memory serves me well, before FV took over there was >200 people on the payroll, no wonder it was costing £500,000 a month for payroll and some of the overheads. Chances are that's been pared back where possible, but payroll alone must be in the region of £300,000 even with some staff on furlough. Then add overheads {utilities}, stadium maintenance, inherited debts, and so on, how do you stay afloat, even if you have access to Promissory Notes {that could be where the talked about 2 x £20 Million comes in}. Issuing Promissory Notes to a club with a fan base the Wunderers have must have looked like buying shares in a cash cow, but less so when Wu Flu sours the milk. As for Luckock, he's probably little more than the bag man representing the interests of his clients. As for Michael James, there's wheels within wheels there regarding his investment & involvement. As for JP Thomas and his shareholding, looks like he got out while the going was good, but it's not obvious {at least to me} where his 500,000 shares went, or what he got for them. Then there's Sharon, why would she get rid of 250,000 shares ? maybe the shares were "converted" to an saleable asset, land maybe ? As for the 6 original shares, "valued" at £1 each that's standard procedure when setting up a company, after that the owners of the business can decide to issue as many shares as their Articles of Association allow for, shares with a nominal £1 "face" value. To date there's 2,750,000 shares issue, shares that aren't publicly traded, who knows what the real value of those shares are, maybe £10 each IF the venture was making money, but, seeing that the assets of FV have little to no income then the value of the shares would be down to the physical assets, the stadium, the hotel the training ground and other land owned by FV, minus the ongoing and inherited debts. I'm not sure what the stadium is worth, what value does it have right now, or in the near future, they'll be lucky if the turnstiles click anytime this year. Folks think 2020 was a bad year for the economy, I'd bet this year will be worse, by any measure, for all of us. Do you think the club or the hotel will make money or continue to lose money this year. No matter how the money was raised to float FV or whose money it was, its not "going to plan." IF it's down to Promissory Notes / guaranteed lines of credit to draw on, then MAYBE that could keep FV afloat, but would you bet £40 Million of your money on it ? Where do you draw the line on that, if the assets are worth less than the line of credit that you are obliged to provide, throwing good money after bad doesn't make sense to me. Ownership of football clubs has become a dark art these days, there's dots that I can't join up, but that won't stop me trying.
  15. Not sure why this has just been filed today, Sunday seems to be an odd day to post on the Companies House web site, or what relevance it might have, or what interest this mysterious Nick Luckock might have in the Wunderers. I still can't get my head around the £20 Million loans, two of them ? or what assets were put up to secure these loans, it's all too murky for me to see through. https://twitter.com/KieranMaguire/status/1168485668374417408/photo/2 Companies House: CS01. Confirmation Statement Company Name: Company Number: FOOTBALL VENTURES (WHITES) LIMITED 11761052 Received for filing in Electronic Format on the: 14/02/2021 X9YAZH4B Full details of Shareholders The details below relate to individuals/corporate bodies that were shareholders during the review period or that had ceased to be shareholders since the date of the previous confirmation statement. Shareholder information for a non-traded company as at the confirmation statement date is shown below SHARON BRITTAN 1,250,000 ORDINARY A shares held as at the date of this confirmation statement MICHAEL STUART JAMES 500,000 ORDINARY A shares held as at the date of this confirmation statement, JEFFREY PAUL THOMAS 0 ORDINARY A shares held as at the date of this confirmation statement NICK LUCKOCK 250,000 ORDINARY A shares held as at the date of this confirmation statement FOOTBALL VENTURES (WHITES) LIMITED 750000 ORDINARY A shares held as at the date of this confirmation statement Confirmation Statement I confirm that all information required to be delivered by the company to the registrar in relation to the confirmation period concerned either has been delivered or is being delivered at the same time as the confirmation statement Authorisation Authenticated This form was authorised by one of the following: Director, Secretary, Person Authorised, Charity Commission Receiver and Manager, CIC Manager, Judicial Factor
  16. Bolton 1 Stevenage 0 Gutted :-( Stevenage did their best, 17 shots vs Bolton's 10, but the ball just wouldn't cross the line. That takes the Wunderers from 19th spot to 13th in the League, looks like it's down to Punch & Judy now, can they keep the club & the empty Hotel afloat, fingers crossed hey.
  17. No bet for me today, but it would be nice to see Grimsby beat Tranmere, that would put the cat back in with the pigeons... Other than that, a point for Southend at Cambridge would be appreciated.
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