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  1. Wunderers 1 Bradford 0 Well that didn't go to plan, more so when Bradford missed a Penalty, well when I say "missed" it was saved by Crellin, he's put more balls into the net than anyone else on the team this season, the fans have been howling for his head for weeks now, no doubt they'll be carrying him about on their shoulders now, but how the **** do you not score from a Penalty. I wouldn't mind if Billy Clarke had put the ball over the bar, but to see Crellin save it / get in the way of it, beggared belief, more so when Bradford got a second stab at it 😵 It's at times like this you ge
  2. Cambridge 1 Wunderers 1 How does that chaos theory go... "If a butterfly flaps it's wings in Mexico, it kicks off a storm somewhere". By the time the teams took to the pitch it was hissing down, Bolton must have won the toss as Cambridge started out playing into a strong wind and driving rain, hard to see the posts let alone put ball between them. The first half was a dour affair, just the odd half chance from either team, then minutes into the second half the Wunderers put the ball into the net, the only explanation for that was they were now playing into a headlong gale
  3. Punch & Judy must be desperate to pull a stunt like this for the sake of £25, it's not going down well with some of their Fans, check the comments out. https://www.theboltonnews.co.uk/sport/18817521.bolton-wanderers-stream-bradford-game-whites-hotel/ You can't watch the game in the open air of the stadium, that wouldn't be safe, but £25 gets you and 5 of yer mates a table in the bar where you can watch the game, chicken wings or steak pudding an' chips at HT, then drown your sorrows as the goals go in...
  4. Wish I'd seen this thread earlier! Still 25/1 with Betvictor though. Taken some 30/1 with Mark Jarvis. Welcome to the fray Yossa, it's a pity you didn't see the thread earlier, the 50/1 & the 55/1 are long gone, but 25/1 is a value bet more so the 30/1 odds. I guess you are up to speed now on what's been said, and Thanks to the Wunderers what's been done, hopefully Cambridge U add to the misery this Saturday, but there's more to the bet than meets the casual eye, that 19 point deduction hanging over their head wouldn't open the trap door into the Vanarama Northern
  5. Barrow 3 Wunderers 3 What a game that was, Barrow scored in the first minute, and went 2-0 up by the fourth minute, just when it looked like the floodgates would open Bolton's latest signing Kioso make it 2-1 in the sixteenth minute. But four minutes later Barrow go 3-1 up, at that point I'm thinking it's Nul Points for the Wunderers, only to see them pull one back just before HT to make it 3-2. It was end to end stuff in the second half, both teams trying to be worse than the other, it was like two different teams came out to play the second half. Both teams had chances but as the c
  6. A bit of related news here, it was beginning to look like Southend would be certain to fill one of the relegation places, they weren't doing well on the pitch and they were being chased up by HMRC for almost £500,000 due at the end of this month, but as they say "it's never over 'till the fat lady sings" it's looking like the tide is turning for the Shrimpers. Seems they have sold off some land to a developer that should see them through their debt crisis, if you can call it a crisis compared to the £5 Million or so that Bolton have to find by August 2021, not to mention the £100,000 or
  7. Hello Alley Cat, I hear what you say, but I'm up to me rollocks with that 50/1 Relegation bet and being a tad superstitious I fear jinxing myself by betting on whoever the Wunderers play, but that 6/4 {see below} beggars belief, how can they make Cambridge 8/15 at home to Scnuthorpe and anything other than that at home to the Wunderers ??? https://www.oddschecker.com/football/english/league-2/cambridge-v-bolton/winner At 6/4 with the Goals For 15 Goals against 3, League topping Cambridge would be 2/7 if I HAD to lay them. I wouldn't fancy taking 700 quid to lose 200, and I wouldn't e
  8. I try to leave the individual games alone, I've enough money on the Relegation bet, last thing I want to do is back the opposition and double jeopardy myself, but it's sorely tempted me to back whoever the Wunderers play. They are already a sinking ship, it's just a matter of time before they take a broadside, off the pitch, when that happens they'll go down faster than Stormy Daniels.
  9. Bolton Wunderers 1 Oldham Athletic 2 What a game that was, Oldham went for it straight from the kick off, putting in a more "Athletic" performance than the Wunderers. Oldham could have gone at least 2 up in the first 20 or so minutes. The ball finally figured out where it's supposed to go in the 28th minute. I have to give credit where it's due, it was a wake up call for the Wunderers and within 4 minutes it was 1-1, that took the top off my celebratory pint. They went in at HT still 1-1 both teams had their chances but the closer calls came off the Oldham boots of Rowe and Ba
  10. Not sure what's going on with BetVictor, but they keep sending me "free bets" sometimes just a quid, other times a fiver to bet on their Sports Book. I guess they've noticed I'm not interested in the Casino Games, I'm not that daft that I'd bet against a computer game hell bent on mesmerising me while it picks my pocket. I guess being a new client, they are trying to profile me. I only opened an account with them to get the 50/1 and the 55/1 that the Wunderers would be relegated, I've not backed on anything else with them. You'd think that by now they'd have noticed that the three
  11. I noticed that, with a result like that you can count Grimsby out of the Relegation Battle...
  12. Well, it would have been a nice win, sadly it finished 0-0 but that's as close to a win as Grimsby have been this season. As for the game against Oldham, the fact that it's a local derby will affect the game. Both teams are DESPERATE for a win, but I think that the Wunderers are less confident, more anxious about the game than Oldham are. Bolton have even found the net once at home this season, Oldham have found the net 7 times so far this season, but they have a leaky defence, to counter that though in their game at home to Grimsby the Wunderers {I was there, I watched the match, t
  13. Looks like things are back to normal with the Wunderers, today's game against Grimsby finished 0-0 if that's not bad enough there wasn't a shot on goal from either team. To make it worse, the Wunderers were playing a team that hadn't kicked a ball in anger for 3 weeks due to Wu Flu infecting their ranks. It's a bad do when you can't beat a team that aren't match fit and rock bottom of the league, that don't bode well for future games, but that point today rockets the Wunderers up to 18th of 24 in L2, just 3 points ahead of Oldham who have only played 3 games, to Bolton's 5 😬 On the
  14. I hope Tuesday nights game was a sign that things are returning to normal for the Wunderers, they were beat 2-1 by Shrewsbury, managing to claw one back with almost the last kick of the match, and eventful match as it turned out. The Wunderers got a penalty, taken by Tom White, only to see his shot hit the woodwork, something that the Wunderers have a knack of doing, they haven't scored a penalty since April 2018, that's gotta be somewhere in the Guinness Book of Records !!! It wasn't White's night at all, later in the game he was felled by Josh Vela, an ex Wunderers player, that
  15. What can I say, other than "even a blind squirrel finds a nut now and again." Trust the Yorkshire men to let us down, GUTTED, I'll have to stick more pins in now 🥴
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