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  1. Hello Alley Cat, "Comical Goal" aye you can say that again, was the goalie on "over 3.5" looked like he was having a laugh... Not sure about yer selections, I don't want to jinx them. As for the relegation battles I won't be getting involved, well, I won't be rushing to give back the £360 that Oldham nicked for me. That's the beauty of this long term bet, its given me an interest in dozens of games. The Wunderers haven't dragged themselves clear of the -17 points if they go bust, if that happened right now they'd be on 11 points, that would be the end of BWFC.
  2. Tuesday's a Smorgasbord, lots of delicacies, 6 point games on the menu too. Mansfield v the Wunderers is the main course, but the less I say about that the less likely I'll be to jinx the game. Southend v Bradford, both teams desperate for points, no prize for guess in who I want to win. Barrow v Grim sby, c'mon Grimsby, turn things around, close the gap. Stevenage v Colchester, another Rosary Bead game. Tranmere v Harrogate, Harrogate only need a point to clamber over the Wunderers. Sc.unthorpe v Port Vale, if the Iron beat Port Vale they clamber over the Wunder
  3. Best 20 quid I've spent in a long time, the Wunderers were down to 10 men for the last 15-20 minutes but to be honest they played better with 10 men than they did with 11. Tranmere went 1 up after just 4 minutes, and went in 1-0 at HT. The second half was fairly even, a fair number of shots from both sides but Bolton's chances went pear shaped when Delaney's Donkey went in with a clumsy challenge, got red carded and {best of all} gave a Penalty away, slotted home nicely by Vaughan {with the help of the wife's Rosary beads}. Have to give credit to the Wunderers though, they seem to p
  4. I'll stiffen the bastards, 2-1 to Tranmere right now, with the Wunderers down to 10 men. Just took 10/1 to £20 on the Draw.
  5. As you say Alley Cat, there really are some big games. I can't make sense of the odds offered against Tranmere, they mopped the floor with the Wunderers earlier in the season, I'm hoping and praying they do the same again. As for the rest of the games, I'm trying my best not to even mention, let alone bet on or jinx the two teams that I think are ore the odds this afternoon, both of them playing at home, I'm sure you'll know who I'm on about, I'd sorely tempted to throw 200 quit at one of them at 7/2 but to avoid double jeopardy I'll keep my powder dry. The other team could do with a win,
  6. Southend 1 Cambridge 2 I'd hoped for a better result last night, but few teams take points off Cambridge, they are top of L2 now, but there's more to it than the scoreline suggests. Southend, sadly still bottom of L2 put up a great fight, they went toe to toe with Cambridge having 50% of possession, putting in 17 shots vs the 8 that Cambridge had, 4 shots each on goal. Add to that Southend went 1 up in the 27th minute, so it looked like they'd get at least a point, but it wasn't to be. Arsenal's Akinola put Southend in front, then after going 2-1 down in the second half Akino
  7. Hard to believe it, but the Wunderers pulled a rabbit out of the last minute {almost} hat again. With 5 minutes left on the clock Cheltenham were 1/12, the draw was a miserable 6/1 and I damned near threw a score at it to jinx the buggers, but by the time I'd thought it through there was just 3 minutes left, surely Cheltenham would be able to keep them out for 3 minutes. Obviously I hadn't taken into account "the luck of the Irish", Doyle {unmarked} tapped one in during a mad scramble in the box, I couldn't believe what I was seeing. So the Wunderers grabbed a point, I was GU
  8. Another CRUCIAL day today in the relegation battles, a no bet day for me, I don't want to jinx Cheltenham or Southend. As for the other games, Barrow at home to Sc.unthorpe will be a desperate affair, Barrow have won 2 of their last 5 games, Sc.unthorpe just 1 of their last 5, maybe a point apiece would suit both teams. The game has all the hallmarks of a draw but my gut feeling is Sc.unthorpe could win this, but who would fancy Sc.unthorpe beating anyone away, but the way Barrow play I'd take 3/1 if Atherton Collieries were playing them. There's an old adage about betting on foot
  9. It's taken me a couple of days to get over that goal the Wunderers grabbed at Exeter, not to mention how Gilks made a couple of miraculous point blank saves in extra time, to add to my chagrin Exeter being the highest scorers in L2 put just 1 past the Wunderers. The only saving grace was Mansfield winning away at Oldham, so it looks like Mansfield with form and confidence coming from that have dropped out of the relegation race. What is it with the Wunderers, they haven't the brains to throw the towel in when they go one down, FFS. I wouldn't mind if Exeter had drawn 2-2 after being 2-0 u
  10. If historic stats are anything to go off, Exeter have never kept a clean sheet against the Wunderers, lets hope they put that stat to sleep tonight...
  11. Evatt just announced the team for tonight's game, don't forget it's a 7pm kick off. The game will be on Radio Manchester, if you can get it on FM, if you are further afield in the NW you can get the game on Radio Manchester, Freeview, if you even further away you could twiddle you Freeview box and change your region to NW, same sort of thing if you're closer to Exeter, Radio Devon, maybe ?
  12. Hello Alley Cat, What's that you said ? The squad does not seem that deep with quality. There's only thing the squad and BWFC are deep in, the way things are going it's almost like someone put a curse on them, what else could go wrong for the Wunderers, there's no team in L2 with more problems than they have. I thought I'd done me money in on the Hammers, what a shyte game, fair enough the pitch would have been better suited to water polo than football, but it looked like they could play until midnight before one of them scored a goal. I almost had to learn that lesso
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