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  1. £5.50 Treble. Bolton @ 1.85. Southend @ 1.80. Stevenage @ 1.85
  2. £11.25 Treble: Exeter @ 1.75 Bolton @ 1.95 Stevenage @ 2.70
  3. £20 Treble: Southend @ 3.10 Bolton @ 1.95 Bradford @ 2.00
  4. Hello Alley Cat, as for the Wunderers, I feel like I've woken up in an alternate Universe, how they have dragged themselves out of the mire and to be well fancied to win L2 gawd only knows. As you say they often win by the odd / last gasp goal, as for putting a game to bed, how many times has it been the other way round when the Wunderers were on the ropes but came back to take a point or win the damned game, gutted, sigh... Bob.
  5. Hello Alley Cat, I try not to look how the Wunderers are doing, hard to believe that are just 4 points behind league leaders Cambridge AND with a game in hand of them, the way things are going they could win the league outright, much to my chagrin. What would the odds have been just 2 months ago when they were stood on the trap door, I'm guessing you could have got 50/1 against that, then. I don't know what to say about their improvement, or if it's down to Evatt, there's no explaining how a bunch of ham & eggers put a run together the likes of which I've never seen before.
  6. Hello Alley Cat, You were right about the Wunderers, beggars belief how they have turned things around in the last month or so, relegation candidates one minute now vying for a playoff position, the less I say the better. They look worth a few quid against Walsall, as do Fleetwood, hard to pick which is the better bet, they are both 4/5 shots. But I think I'll weigh in with the Wunderers if only to make seeing them grab another 3 points a bit more palatable.
  7. Well, I don't know how they did it, neither do their Fans, but after putting 6 wins on the trot together the Wunderers did us in on the pitch and off the pitch, we won't know how close to the rocks Punch and Judy sailed their FV ship to the rocks, it will make for interesting reading when the Year End Statement is published at Companies House. So it's back to the grist of the mill for me today, my Relegation slips went on the back of the fire last night. Can't say I'm licking my wounds, all 380 of them, all in all it's cost me less than £20 a week, not much more than a round of drinks tha
  8. Oldham 0 Wunderers 2 That's 6 wins on the trot for the trotters, 18 points gained and not 1 given away, what odds would Bald Fred have laid against that happening, I'm still looking in disbelief at the results. Gawd knows what turned things around for the Wunderers, you can't put it all down to Gilks but no doubt not having to worry about Crellin being between the sticks has inspired the whole team. Other than the above, I hear that Stuart {Simon Moore's brother} has signed a short term contract with Blackpool, at least until the end of these season. Glad to see that Stuart fin
  9. As you say Alley Cat, it beggars belief that the Wunderers have gone from relegation hopefuls to getting into the play off zone, but "every tide turns" and this tide that the Wunderers ride on at the moment will turn against them, that's how life is. It's come to something when I'm backing the Wunderers to win and {sort of} glad when they do, but the bet wasn't to jinx them, it was hard to not notice the winning run they've had, not to mention how bad Grimsby are, they looked like a half decent side when they held the Wunderers to a 0-0 draw last October, but someone put the hex on them s
  10. Hello Alley Cat, I wasn't going to let the Wunderers bag another 3 points today without getting some consolation from it, Harrogate caught my eye too, who can't beat Grim sby. I managed to get 5/4 against the Wunderers which I thought was over the odds taking into account the run they've been on recently, and I got 4/5 for Harrogate. I went for a £100 double, it didn't look all that good at HT with both games at 0-0 and from what I could see of the Wunderers game that was a dour event, 0-0 painted all over it. There was a glimmer of hope when Harrogate went 1 up with 15
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