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  1. I won't be speculating about her health 🤷‍♂️ She can say whatever she wants, obviously she is not gonna say, I could not be arsed to move. She will probably say something like I did not feel well today and court was too small for me Very poor match quality wise considering it was 4th round.
  2. Every time she gets knocked out of the tournament, she looks like this. If her serving isn't working, she's 1/2 player.
  3. No, that is just Pliskova. She never looks like running or happy or angry or anything basically
  4. I am having another bet: Gauff - Kenin: Kenin - 1.71 @ Unibet (min. 1.62) Reasons already mentioned by @Toptipsters and I would just add that on hard courts, she has lost only 4 out of 21 matches against players ranked between 35 - 80 since the beginning of 2019 and only 3 matches to any lower ranked players since the end of July 2019 and that shows incredible consistency.
  5. Isner at 2.5 was interesting, but now at around 2.2 not that much. I am leaving it and will have a good watch.
  6. @ivanhoe you can call him spoilt, he said it himself, he does not need money from tennis. IIRC his father is like 5th richest Latvian 🤷‍♂️
  7. I am having only one bet from so far known matches of the 4th round and that is: Jabeur - Wang: Wang - 1.53 @ William Hill There's a couple of matches which are interesting, but for now, the above is my only bet.
  8. Anyways, so many weird and surprising results tonight, such as Serena, Jabeur, Tsitsipas. Glad to get on 1 winner and 1 loser only. And now Fedex starting 5th set. Interesting.
  9. I reckon other people gave that 5 setters more importance than they should have done, hence he drifted that much. But again, only an opinion.
  10. @South_African_Punter that 2.25 was only because he played two five setters, otherwise we would have undoubtedly seen him as a favourite and he would start around his opening odds, around 1.70. It’s hard court, he is definitely the more talented and better player. I think he’s a bit special, if it was any other player, the cumulative tiredness after two 5 setters would play a big role in my decision, but with him it’s different. He seems to stop trying, so the two lost sets don’t cost him that much energy and that he can win in 5, says to me he is a bit more serious about his business. But that is only my opinion. I have a soft spot for him as he is incredibly fun to watch. If he wins this one, he plays Sandgren, who seems to brought a very good form. Would love to see the odds.
  11. Forgot to add one: Pella - Fognini: Fognini - Evens @ various bookies
  12. Rest of my bets for the 3rd round: Bencic - Kontaveit: Bencic - 1.70 Sportingbet (min. 1.65) Vekic - Swiatek: Swiatek - 2.39 Marathonbet (min. 2.30) Putintseva - Halep: Halep - 1.36 (min. 1.34) Svitolina - Muguruza: Svitolina - 1.52 (min. 1.45) Giorgi - Kerber: Giorgi - 2.62 (min. 2.55) I know you would love to have a reasoning, but most of my bets are based on the price I think it should be based on the model and then comparing to the odds available. To sum it it up, all of those odds above are too high in my opinion and should show a profit over the long run. Those min odds does not mean anything less is a bad bet with no value, it just gives enough big cushion in case things goes sideways.
  13. @Valentine It's general consensus, the bigger the tournament, more money is in the market and more info available, which means more accurate odds, so it's harder to find any kind of edge. It's much easier to find your edge in the smaller tournaments. Also, if you want to predict results, buy a crystal bowl 😉 😄 You should be focusing on finding value (odds where you think the bookie/market do not have it right) instead of predicting results. Sounds similar, but it's completely different.
  14. I don't think it's a bad bet, just don't like your odds @FrenchPunter I have this match shortlisted with min price 3.59, I am not getting on, purely because I think she won't repeat that performance, but if I wanted it, I get on at 4.00 at William Hill or she's available at 4.1 & 4.2 @ BFEX with about £400 available.
  15. Bedene - Gulbis: Bedene 1.62 @ various bookies (min price 1.55) These are odds I cannot leave hang in there. I know Gulbis beat Felix and played quite well, but nothing in 2019 till now shows he can repeat such a performance. I know I said I don't give much weight to ATP Cup, but seems like Felix's performance was not poor due to lack of motivation, but purely because he is not in the best form, therefore, even though it's a big result for Latvian, I am not considering it as something, which would indicate sudden growth in performance. Bedene's performances were always bad playing Australian Open, however I do not think he will pass on this opportunity to equalise his GS maximum by advancing to the 3rd round.