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  1. My best pick for the match among all the bets placed on the final would be Nadal to win first set.For motivation purposes and from a mentality perspective, many see this game going the distance even the bookies. But Nadal will come out swinging from the fences. He knows Medvedev has better conditioning and his recovery, stamina and age here are a clear deciding factor ; hence why the bookies favour Medvedev, however Nadal would least like this match to go the distance as if it goes to the 5th its 60/40 simply because of age and fatigue. The first set is likely 7-6,7-5 or outright win for Nadal. Otherwise Meddy carries the day.
  2. It's kind of incredible how Berrettini got this far without a solid backhand. Nadal absolutely smashed him and made him pay dearly. The difference between BIG 3 and the rest is just that there way more cerebral about the game than the rest. The reason why Medvedev might accomplish more than Tsitsipas in his career is purely mental. I'd say Tsitsipas is more naturally talented but Medvedev is just smarter and more hard working to improve his game. Coming back from the Felix game shows how composed Medvedev is, he had no right coming back but he was unfazed. It was a good slam for anyone who was patient with their picks, I'd say the tournament is more 50/50 than the bookies make it to be. Nadal has an extra gear which he hasn't had to pull most of the tournament. Medvedev has faced some long matches though recovery isn't a problem for him. I have no clear favorite for the final. See you in May for the next slam.✌️
  3. The bad boy of tennis Paire will definitely taking Tsitsipas the distance. Unlike most players Paire here won't be intimidated by Tsitsipas status in the tennis universe, infact thrives better as the underdog. Tsitsipas should be occupying Medvedev spot or the world thought so when he dispatched Federer here back in 2019.But the guy's only obstacle to his talent and stature is mental. Cue the bathroom breaks and ability to finish off long tenous matches. Probably top 3 on his day, Paire is his worst opponent. Paire's only enemy is himself(Motivation). I haven't bet big this year but I smell an upset .Because if Paire doesn't let up there's no telling if Tsitsipas holds up. At these odds Paire looks too enticing.
  4. I'm liking the odds of Gianluigi Mager today.I think he's a player on the up and had a decent showing Vs Kyrgios at Wimby and even though it's a different surface today it's clear to note he also like clay. No reason why Alex Molcan is better than him. I'd suggest him to win a set pre match and go for good overs if it goes on live. Will also be backing T Griekspor and Etchverry on the challengers today though I doubt there's good value there from the bookies.GL
  5. If Shapovalov takes cares of his double faults, this match will go to overs no doubt.
  6. Even though Berretini is destroying Hubi as we speak Shapovalov is a bigger threat than whoever he meets in the final. Gameplay wise Berretini is tidy, Shapo will be aggressive and fearless with nothing to lose today. I guess only time will tell.
  7. Khachanov is saved by his serve. Seb Korda is definitely the American to watch. What a match. Experience at a senior level has saved Khachanov today.
  8. Out of 10 games played 8 are breaks of serve. Final set, never seen this in my life.
  9. This Korda Khachanov game is crazy. ?
  10. True anyone who watched the Kyrgios match was taken aback by the lack of competition from FAA.
  11. Why is Kyrgios continuing when he can barely move.
  12. FAA with so many errors Vs a Kyrgios lacking match conditioning. This game is a disappointment.
  13. The easier bet here is to go the distance. Overs here.
  14. Shame Gianluigi Mager faced Kyrgios today. He is playing immaculate with those serves. Interesting match.
  15. Even though Isner was largely immobile I don't understand why people are underestimating Nishioka .He dealt with Isner's serve within reason and the match with Bedene(with a good serve) should be close. Bedene is a better player on a faster court but I'm surprised people are underestimating Nishioka here.
  16. I know we're all punters but it's sad to see this guy go this way esp if you watched him in his prime 08-12.Ymer had 28 breakpoints but could only convert 6.The match could have ended sooner but it was down to Ymer making many unforced errors. Sad to see the guy go down this way.
  17. It's tomorrow but Botic van de Zandschulp not to be understated tomorrow even though the odds vs Barrere are greatly priced. In as Lucky Loser after Thiem injury and withdrawal there's a chance this match goes the distance and will also be one to watch when it goes live.Cheers.
  18. I'll be watching Tallon Grieskpoor today. Clearly anything less than a win for Zverev will be a massive shock, but this guy has the ability to serve bot some matches on faster courts like he did in the qualies. His overs are around 10,11 and rightfully so but I'll be keen when the match goes live. I've watched him over the last two years in the challengers and is clearly someone on the up like Popyrin was 2 years ago. I believe he would have caused an upset were he not facing Zverev like a decent player in the top 50.Even if he doesn't win this today , he'll be someone to watch in the future.
  19. It's already underway but I'm taking overs by Barrios Vela. ?
  20. I haven't watched Kevin Anderson matches.I believe he's a solid top 15 player on his day, any reasons why he's been playing poorly or is age catching up with him .I have an intuition to back a set from Barrios Vela despite this being one of Anderson's favorite surfaces..
  21. Wimbledon Qualies Almost starting but I reckon Grieskspor should serve bot this one today. Also Maxine Cressy should beat easier competition today. Kokkinakis was a big favorite yesterday. Thoughts?
  22. Sorry to say this but going forward consider Tsonga finished. If you have watched him this year and as one of his biggest fans watching him in Barcelona and Lyon was watching a ghost.I doubt this is just a phase given his past injury problems.I was surprised to see him as a favourite today vs Gerasimov but going forward any battle VS anyone ranked in top 70 I'm betting against him on any surface.
  23. Opole abandoned us over here on Tennis to win us some money at UFC.Won back some unexpected yesterday.A lot especially from Ben Askren. Sorry if I'm off topic.I thought yall should know since Wimbledon has been depressing.Sigh.
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