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  1. My 2 cents is that this game is very unpredictable.If it goes to tie breaks it can swing either way.So far Medvedev has been an engine and people have been counting on him to tire as seen by the Verdasco tips yesterday.If anything I'd say the match going more than 2 sets is a higher probability and safer bet or an Over type.I'll wait to watch for better odds but goodluck.
  2. In my honest opinion Medvedev > Tsitsipas and less inconsistent. Verdasco has a history of nerves in big matches and botlling in matches he should have won that's why bookies massively underrate him.The odds look perfectly fine. Medvedev beat a resurgent Monfils last week at Sofia almost too easily. No one doubts Verdasco can beat Medvedev if he wanted though.
  3. What a comeback from Schnur on the last set.
  4. Berdych got swept.Laying low for a while now.
  5. Also think of taking Tsonga vs Radu because Tsonga is the better [player and he's looking better today.N even though Pierre Hughes Herbert is remarkable I think Berdych punches above his weight. Krajinovic was playing well yesterday n I don't think that was a small feat.
  6. Not that Tsitsipas was looking very good yesterday,he made a lot of unnecessary errors but I think Monfils has a chance to 'upset' Medvedev. Medvedev is a favorite here n rightly so but I believe on tour this is one of the few titles Monfils will look to secure than bigger tournaments which he has not had much luck in the past.He's 32 now and given injuries might be a problem he's going to have to be dealing with now I think he'll be motivated to go for 250 and 500 tournaments now more and more.Given his athletic nature going all out against any big 4 at a big tournament at a risk of injury is not worth it now.He's looking more focused this year n I saw people say his serve is also different/better.He could have gone further in AO, I remember his ankle problems in the match Vs Fritz.Some extra motivation might go a long way.
  7. I think Berrettini has a chance of upsetting Verdasco today.Despite the AO hangover syndrome where the favourites are getting whacked this week:Fognini yesterday, Pouille Basilashvili maybe? Beating Khachanov especially on what could be considered to be his favorite surface(Indoor hard) is no small feat..I'll wait to watch the odds but a clean sweep -1.5 sets is possible.
  8. Any value taking on Brayden Schnur vs Mikael torpegaard going on form
  9. Australian Open 2019

    What a whitewash for Nadal.Wasn't expecting that
  10. Australian Open 2019

    Coric underestimated Pouille and got a bit arrogant in the first sets.By the time he woke up Pouille won.Today Pouille played with nothing to lose n Raonic serves couldn't save him.
  11. Australian Open 2019

    Any chance Raonic makes a comeback.Even in the slightest
  12. Australian Open 2019

    Slight chance of Fabbiano overachieving to cause an upset here.Even marginally?Small stake the odds are crazy as expected
  13. Australian Open 2019

    Even though Monfils cruised easily past Dzumhur he was clearly suffering Vs Fritz.For a guy known for his athletism you could clearly see he was suffering last two sets.Ankle injuries.Not discounting Fritz I think he's a player on the up but I think Roger might be too much for him..Monfils could beat Fritz on Wednesday but I don't think Roger will take him easily.
  14. Australian Open 2019

    Raonic is playing a solid top 5 tennis now.The match against Wawrinka is a statement.Despite this feat he seems very unfased and focussed in this moment.Taking him to beat Pierre Hughes Herbert.I'd be suprised if he lost this.In fact I'd go to say it would be the biggest uset of the tournament so far if he does.Coric to beat Krajinovic.I would also take Cilic to beat Verdasco.