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  1. Treble £65 Psg Over 2,5 @1,33 Man city @1,30 Liverpool @1,35
  2. just horrible lol 3 break points and then nothing. lost. it was just for fun
  3. Bet 1 Tennis , UTR Pro 2n set Winner , Pieri @1.25 Stake £42,00
  4. Hi !!! 😎 I'm going to try a challenge just for fun. I have about £42 left on a bookmaker, and I'm going to try to get to £300 in 3 days. No rules, just fun. I'll see you tomorrow. 🙂
  5. 🍻 Hello everyone I'm opening a new thread in order to rebuild my bank and manage my bankrool again in a serious way. I have made too many mistakes and I will have to do much better. My goal is to have £1000 to start the next season, but above all to manage my bank without tilting! I'm going to start with a bank of £100 which I'll increase by making regular deposits. *the deposit schedule may change 💳 October +£200 💳 November +£200 💳 December +£300 And the rest I'll have to win. The main objective is really to know how to manage my bank. - I'm not going to play any in-play matches - Most of bet will have an analysis - Limit loss per day to secure my bank. - I will follow my bets with an Excel file. I will probably start next week.
  6. Thank you for your support @Torque @alexcaruso808 it's always nice not to feel alone when things aren't going well! A forum like punter lounge, it's not just to put likes when everything is going well, when we pass a lot of winning bets ! We need to be able to help each other, to tell each other things, to alert each other when we see that things are going wrong, that the stakes are rising! We all know that our passions can be destructive, can do a lot of damage already. So thank you for being there. I can't thank enough @harry_rag for the strong words he said that made me think. For the moment my bank management is very bad. But I have the hope to succeed to go back up the slope, and to win as I managed to do it a few years ago. I am in reflection for the continuation, because I do not see my life without betting, without sport. I have to find my patience , not to want to win quickly because in the end I lose. once again, sorry for the poor English
  7. I am a supporter of Rc Lens. Sotoca was a very very good choice because he is in very good shape at the moment. You could have added Openda instead of Blas, but this game was very closed. Not many chances, two tired teams waiting for the international break. It's a good point for Lens, who continues his invincibility! if you want my opinion on the Lens scorers, no problem
  8. thank you @alexcaruso808 I don't think I'm a bad tipster. But I am a bad gambler. I bet the wrong way. I'll have to find a solution, rebuild a bank, and set a objective.
  9. it's a disaster! I'm totally devastated. I don't even know what to think about what happened this weekend. In fact, I totally broke down mentally and I've been tilting. And I know where it came from and I haven't been suspicious. I don't know if one day I'll be able to manage my bank properly! I don't have a specific goal, and I think that's a bad thing, because I would always like to earn more. in the end, I lose! I had a nice bank to play with all season, and in a few hours I lost everything I had. This is unacceptable. I have two solutions: either stop betting altogether, or continue using as much protection as possible so as not to tilter. For the first solution I think it would be very complicated, because betting, the sport is a passion. I absolutely have to find a solution to manage my stakes. I will first take a few days to think about what to do next. have a good day.
  10. ➡️ 37. £200 Double South Africa + Rivera @3,43 to win £487,50 ( 🏉 and 🎾)
  11. ➡️ 36. £300,00 Kikuchi @2,10 to win £330,00 ( v Boulais , ITF 🎾) 📌 I don’t know why the odd is high. It’s big value in my opinion 🤓 but it’s risky, big stake for me
  12. ➡️ 35. Back £195,00 Under 5,5 @1,67 to win £128,04 ( Tottenham v Leicester , Premier League ⚽️ )
  13. ✅ Won 💰 New Bank : £744,97 💷 Profit to date : £144,97
  14. ➡️ 34. Lay £25,00 West Brom @3,50 to win £24,50 ( Liability £62,50 , v Norwich , Championship ⚽️) 📌 Norwich are currently second top of the Championship and have won their last 6 league games. West Brom have now gone 4 league games without a win (D3 L1) and were beaten 3-2 at home to Birmingham in their last game. Norwich are unbeaten at home in the league this season, with 4 wins and 1 draw in their 5 home league games. West Brom have not won away in the league this season.
  15. ✅ Won 💰 New Bank : £720,47 💷 Profit to date : £120,47
  16. ✅ Won 💰 New Bank : £679,80 💷 won to date : £79,80
  17. ❌ Lost 💰 New Bank : £451,00 💷 Loss to date : £149,00
  18. ❌❌ Lost 💰 New Bank : £511,00 💷 Loss to date : £89,00
  19. 🏀 Poland really played their game the wrong way. They gave the game to the French.
  20. ➡️ 32. £176,00 Goffin + Sinner Live @2,30 to win £228,80 ( Davis cup 🎾)
  21. ➡️ 31. £75,00 Evans + Poland +8,5 @2,85 to win £138,75 ( Davis Cup 🎾 + Eurobasket 🏀) 📌 Poland gets a 9.5 point start in the point spread and that looks big to me, they have impressed in the knock-out stages getting better and better, and they face france who have been taken to extra time in their last two matches I think Evans is in good shape since this summer with a very good tournament in Canada , then eliminated by Cilic at the US Open . If he is focused on his game, he should win this match.
  22. ➡️ 30. Back £60,00 Masarova @1,90 to win £52,92 ( v Errani , WTA 🎾 ) 📌 I watch the match live and I find Errani less strong and especially tired!
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