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** November Poker League Result : 1st Danshot, 2nd Rivrd, 3rd Elliott Sutcliffe **
** November Naps Competition Result: 1st adamross, 2nd andellio, 3rd Craig bluenose, 4th Redphil57. KO Cup Winner vangovin. Most Winners MCLARKE: **


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  1. no, because 3% per month recalculated with a Β£200 deposit will not be Β£784. You're forgetting about the deposits.
  2. With this misadventure, I preferred to stop trading for a little time. Morale is important in betting, I know what I am talking about. I thought about my business plan. I don't want anything to be left to chance from now on. I've made too many mistakes! I want to take my time now! December 2022: Β£550 Approx January 2023: +Β£200 February 2023: +Β£200 March 2023: +Β£200 April 2023: +Β£200 May 2023: +Β£200 June 2023: +Β£200 July 2023: +Β£200 August 2023: +Β£200 September 2023: +Β£200 October 2023: +Β£200 I've looked at the possibilities, and I think each month I can earn a reasonable 3% of the current bank. If the plans are followed, the bank in November 2023 may be Β£3000. I'll be back as soon as possible to continue with trade 11. Ww
  3. First assessment after 10 trades. Of course, the profits are not extraordinary, but the objective is not to lose. I estimate that +Β£60 in 10 trades is very positive. It's a style of bet that I like, and I'm going to continue in this way! You have to be patient, and inform yourself a lot. I'm going to reduce my bank, I have no choice, because when everything is going well about betting, I have problems in daily life. Daily life is more important than betting, but I have to admit that the morale is not good! Without going into details, this weekend I had a big incident and I have a big bill to pay right now. So I made a withdrawal and left Β£563.33 on betfair. I think this is too little for the offplay trade, so for several months I would deposit money to get back to an optimal bank for the trade. Β£2000 will be fine. But one thing is sure, I will continue the trade offplay Let's continue the adventure!
  4. ➑️ I will make a first assessment tomorrow after 10 trades. I will also make some adjustments
  5. I don’t understand
  6. Trade in progress ➑️ 10) £179,63 Spain @2,48 v Germany ➑️ 10) £500 Spain @2,46 v Germany
  7. Trade in progress ➑️ 9) Β£700 Netherlands @1,82 v Ecuador ➑️ 9) Β£300 Netherlands @1,86 v Ecuador ➑️ 10) Β£179,63 Spain @2,48 v Germany πŸ†• 10) Β£500 Spain @2,46 v Germany
  8. Trade in progress ➑️ 9) Β£700 Netherlands @1,82 v Ecuador ➑️ 9) Β£300 Netherlands @1,86 v Ecuador πŸ†• 10) Β£179,63 Spain @2,48 v Germany only Β£179 matched on Spain
  9. Trade in progress ➑️ 9) Β£700 Netherlands @1,82 v Ecuador πŸ†• 9) Β£300 Netherlands @1,86 v Ecuador
  10. Trade in progress ➑️ 1) Β£700 England @1,57 v Usa πŸ†• 9) Β£700 Netherlands @1,82 v Ecuador Bet 9 matched just now
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