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  1. Hello, I want to start playing games like the DICE coin and get and make some money. My question is about a strategy if this could work. So I use a different crypto called TRON (TRX), and I bet 200 TRX, and I either win 8 TRX on a game of over and under, say the dice 45, which is under 100 or 121 is over 100 it depends how I bet. It's a 95% or so-called 95% success rate. I`ve seen in the training videos 16 wins of 200 TRX, and you win 1 DICE and 128 TRX. Then a loss, so I would be down 72 TRX. Now here comes the tricky part If I have a loss and I`m down 72 TRX, i then increase my bets to 1000 TRX. Do that 3-4 times, and I`m in the green zone again and also have a small profit of 36 TRX for 1 win, and 4 wins would be 144 TRX. So then I would have a profit of 72 TRX. Now is this a good strategy if you know that after a loss, you are gonna most likely have a WIN. Is this strategy feasible? Will it work or not? That`s what I want to find out
  2. Hello, I know the question and title sound wierd. But here is what i`m interested in. How do people like Bill Benter hire other people to their betting for them as they have grown so big. If you start a betting company and you give someone the money to bet as you tell them to. How do you secure yourself in such a way that they won`t steal your money and run? Thank you
  3. Hy, I need to know something about the Premium Charge. I called Betfair support but they just pass me arround and say they will email me but never end up doing so. How does the premium charge work? If you make over a period of time over £120.000 it takes 60% of your money. More exactly what money all the money that you have in your wallet or just 60% of the winnings which you make that are over £120.000. Say you make £200.000 on one huge lay bet on the races and you have £200.000 in your Betfair account will Betfair take 60% of £400.000, or 60% of £200.000 your winnings. Will you end up having £160.000 in your walled or £280.000? Thank you PLEASE HELP !!!
  4. Hello if i have a 350 £ bank. I do 2 £ stakes, and the profit per month is 10 points. How much money have i made percentage wise? Did i make 20 £ so at the end of the month i have 370£
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