*** Recent Winners - (Racing) April: 6/1 Treble, 20/1, 16/1, 14/1, 7/1 Winners, (Football) April: 10/1, 8/1, 13/2 Winners ***
***March Comp Winners: Well done to Luckypants (NAPS), Rainbow (KO Cup), Saddlesore (Aintree) & muttley (Poker)***


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  1. Brentford @1.65 Luton @1.40 Bury @1.45 10pt treble
  2. My team this week: Rahm 16-1 (1pt ew 6places) Matsuyama 28-1 (1pt ew 7places) Also had a couple in Puerto Rico Open: Brown 22-1 (1pt ew 7places) Jacobson 66-1 (1pt ew 7places) Season Profit/Loss +23.37pts
  3. Poor week. Rory never really got into the mix. McIlroy T4, Kuchar T28, Hadwin 75th Cauley MC Season Profit/Loss +23.37
  4. 2 winners in the last 3 weeks, hopefully the run continues. McIlroy 14-1 (4pts win) Kuchar 40-1 (1pt ew 8places) Hadwin 50-1 (1pt ew 8places) Cauley 200-1 (1pt ew 8places) Season Profit/Loss +33.37
  5. Well we had to wait a day later to finally let out a BOOM. Mickleson winning at 25-1 (2nd winner for us in 3 weeks) and Glover (125-1) getting us a small ew return. Mickleson 1st, Day T4, Glover T7. Rodgers MC, JB Holmes MC Season Profit/Loss +33.37
  6. Phil Mickelson added 25-1 (1pt ew 8places)