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  1. Profit/Loss for above table -24.20pts Overall Profit/Loss -17.30pts Overall Selections 118 Won 68 Lost 50 Strike rate :- 57.62% AVG ODDS 1.79 R.O.I -1.47 This clearly isn't working I came back as I thought I had made what I had better but it seems to have made it less accurate. So it's time for me to go back to how it was in 2017/18. The changes I made seemed like it would make it better. but a loss on here of 17.30pts plus a loss on the other page of around 40 pts shows it's not as good :(. So I'm going back to the tried and tested ve
  2. Results Profit/Loss for above table -74.50pts Overall Profit/Loss +6.90pts Overall Selections 109 Won 64 Lost 45 Strike rate :- 58.72% AVG ODDS 1.79 R.O.I 0.68% a huge loss to wipe out all profit lol but I'm happy to carry on
  3. Results Profit/Loss for above table -4.30pts Overall Profit/Loss 81.40pts Overall Selections 86 Won 54 Lost 32 Strike rate :- 62.79% AVG ODDS 1.82 R.O.I 9.27% small loss the weekend
  4. Results Profit/Loss for above table +51.70pts Overall Profit/Loss 85.70pts Overall Selections 52 Won 34 Lost 18 Strike rate :- 65.38% AVG ODDS 1.86 R.O.I 26.78%
  5. I have to post this now as I missed a team off for midweek plus some games are on Friday odds will be updated soon for games without odds and tomorrow morning I will update results for the midweek games.
  6. On Saturday had 1 win out of 9 Sunday 19 winner from 22 just shows results can swing one way then the other I really need to get a huge sample of results. Overall Profit/Loss 34pts Overall Selections 32 Won 20 Lost 12 Strike rate :- 66.67% AVG ODDS 1.87 R.O.I 10.63% will add odds for the midweek games that don't have odds as soon as they are compiled
  7. Profit/Loss of the day Overall Profit/Loss -11.20pts Month Profit/Loss:- -45.10pts May Overall Selections 35 Won 16 Lost 19 Strike rate :- 45.71% AVG ODDS 1.73 R.O.I -12.47% April +34.60PTS R.O.I 8.24% So a small loss overall to end things. I may revisit it but I need to see results as it performs well when looking back at resuts and has also had little success over periods but that's been a couple of month here and there. So I'll check results on the other part of the forum
  8. -20.00pts bear with me just cleaning this up
  9. Hi all, I will each week post Selections I feel have a good chance of winning without taking price into consideration. Where I used to have stats to help me make team ratings here I will only use my own eye's to rate teams. So new ratings have been issued and will be used in here for selections. Teams that I have not seen will for now be based on a few stats but I will look at watching them teams within the next 3/4 weeks. All prices here are taken from a website I use to track my bets. The prices you will see posted here are the odds I have been given on the site and are t
  10. Hi all, I think it's time to abandon this approach of working out a probabilty of a football game :(. The problem I have is ratings need to be spot on from day one in order for it to be profitable. I've tired a few new things and thought I'd found a way to rate teams. Sport is Sport and it's impossible to get a true Probabilty on it I'm sure most will agree. I tired hard for many years now to develop a football predictor with odds but at this moment in time I till don't have it. I will carry on predicting football matches as I enjoy it and can pick selections that hav
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