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** April Poker League Result : 1st Rav, 2nd kevsul, 3rd McG **
** April Naps Competition Result: 1st Craig bluenose, 2nd BBBC, 3rd LEE-GRAYS. KO Cup Winner dj.orange. Most Winners Johnrobertson **


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  1. Hello, i am again very pleased with the HUGE support from giraldi - software creator. I had several issues again and he helped me with super fast support and problem resolve. Thanks man! Half time alert filter is very useful tool ! I like it I have question: is there possibility to make some statistics filter like: "if first half was 0:0, and then in the 2nd half went score 2 and more goals? i.e i need to see teams scoring very often in the 2nd half, (when first half score was 0:0)
  2. I want to say few words about CGMBet software developer - giraldi. He is true professional! I have several problems during past days and he helped me with ALL of them. I dont remember, when last time i had such qualified and professional support. Software looking very good and intuitive. It is pleasure to work with. I want to warn future and present users of software: When you finish to work with CGMBet - the best way is to close the program by clicking EXIT button on the top right. If your program crashes (for example my Windows just strated doing updates and rebooted by itself, so program crashed and corrupted the database) - then your license can be canceled. So do not repeat my mistake - always use EXIT button after you finish your work. Anyway, I HIGHLY recommend to work with giraldi.
  3. hello, what is the alternative software name you are using?
  4. giraldi hey, wanted to see upcoming section , but found a match Danish Division 1, that isnt playing today some kind of mistake or smth
  5. Thanks, giraldi, now i am extremly sorry - strange thing, but when i opened and upgraded my software, i noticed, that i have different User code. So, now i have uninstalled soft, installed it again. And now my User code is different. my correct User code is 32963-2758-54582-3821-11049. Send i new license code to me please, and, of course, you can delete that license, that you have just sent today to my email 16mins ago. Thanks in advance!
  6. Hey, giraldi. requested my VIP continiual for new season (via email), but no answer since 17.06. Can you help me with that? Thanks in advance
  7. hey, giraldi, hey PL so, giralndi, many thanks again for giving me free VIP license. I use software for 6 moths allready. Your product is very comfort and intuitive to use. I am using it to find matches for my Betfair strategy (lay score 0:0 in 1st half) and it gives nice results and perfect match selection for me. Beside that - cgmbet is very nice soft to use in all aspects in football statistics and match analysis. I like, that software gives opportunity to make my own filters, like find home team to score 10 games in a row in home matches etc. very nice feature is to highligt matches if they match my criteria. I recommend everyone to use this software, because it is like a treasure to people, who analyse football matches, make bets, and trade football ) I have noticed 1 bug, check it if possible. i use 2 screen monitors in my pc and i extend my displays. i have noticed, that if i use software on right (main display) software works fine, but if i switch to another left monitor program cant open and extend tables from the left side. With best wishes, Boristheblade
  8. giraldi - thanks a lot, VIP license activated now! and nice news about GOALS/Livescore section
  9. Thanks for reply, giraldi Good news about qualifing for December So, i am looking forward to receive license from you in December Now i ll wait and test your software LIVESCORE system sounds like a good plan, don`t you want to put LIVESCORE to the NEW section e.g. livescores? GOALS section will suit also
  10. giraldi - first of all, thank you for a great product!!! I am using it since yesterday and now i can say IT`s fantastic. Program is fast, logical and intuitive. Looking forward to use your software and if there is possibility to have VIP access for me, just let me know. From my side i promise to help developing your software, like finding bugs, new ideas etc.
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