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  1. hi pal. 

    Is it possible to send me the articles that you had written about web scraping?

    Thanks for advance.

  2. hi. This is from wikipedia "In statistics, Spearman's rank correlation coefficient or Spearman's rho, named after Charles Spearman and often denoted by the Greek letter (rho) or as , is a nonparametric measure of statistical dependence between two variables. It assesses how well the relationship between two variables can be described using a monotonic function. If there are no repeated data values, a perfect Spearman correlation of +1 or −1 occurs when each of the variables is a perfect monotone function of the other." You can see here, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spearman's_rank_correlation_coefficient, more.
  3. hi . I 'm in the same situation with you. I have found this article and it is very useful.


    I'm not a mathematician, so I have made a little progress. But, if you want any help, I am here.

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    2. ®γσ ξηg

      ®γσ ξηg

      :) Excel and R programming's users.  You can apply Kelly model and make need to measure the  edge of overround by bookmakers. You are welcome to refer my previous research at http://rpubs.com/englianhu/ryoeng.

    3. eler13



      I 'll send one files to see my progress. It's named 'compiling, poisson, biv' .The macro I found it, it's not mine. I found it in here. http://www.sportsbettingcalculator.co.uk/compiling-football-odds/#comment-18262 . I 'll send it in englianhu@gmail.com , because here has a limit. 

      One more thing, I don't know where to find historical odds for asian handicaps, so the results are NOT true. I'll wait any suggestions, or corrections. 

      Oh, by the way my name is Elefteria or Ria (it means freedom in greek). I'm from Greece.

    4. ®γσ ξηg

      ®γσ ξηg

      You can just refer the WebDriver Dynamic Webpage Scrapping my CV. (right click to open the link). :)


  4. hi. The last few days I am concerned about the following thought. But first I 'll start with an example to make this clearer. Let's take the next game of Premier League, Everton - Man Utd and let's assume that Everton will make 15 shots and Man Utd 25 shots. My question is, how we can using the above numbers to calculate the expected goals?
  5. hi giraldi. First of all thanks a lot for the vip lience. Let's start the hard work.. Although I have some questions for you. About elo system that you used. I 've noticed at Premier League, that Bournemouth started with 1766 points. How did this team get that number? As I can remember this team playing for first time at Premier League.
  6. Re: ELO & Poisson rating system hi giraldi, I 'm trying to make a system, which includes Elo formula and poisson formula together. But I have a trouble, so I need your help. Until now, I have found the expected result and the results are always between 0 and 1. My questions are: a) is this expected result only from the home team? and how can I found the expect result of the away team? b) after that how did we find the propabilities? when I am trying to use the poisson formula, I realize that I have errors at the results
  7. Re: Brazil Serie A Thread 2014 hi. I' m looking results from previous seasons from Brazil, like the europians leagues in football.data. Does someone know if these are available somewhere?
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