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  1. Re: Manchester United v Arsenal > Sunday November 10th Both teams to score max betfair 1.68 lump it on :-)
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    Re: Sharkscope sorry all cypto
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    Re: Sharkscope I think my stats are ok, double d,robbiemcm,Fishnets and TEXAS RAB ALL
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    AA Problem?

    Re: AA Problem? id have called because if he had 66 88 would he not flat call and let u bet again?
  5. I was playing in my local game last night when one of the lads went allin AJ hearts he was called by kk the flop came x Q K hearts x on turn 10 hearts on the river.He got £100 because we had took £10 a week for any one who hit a royal:drums and he didnt even buy himself a drink lol
  6. Re: befast story and pics Had a good night and the crac was good :ok ev1 i talk to enjoyed themselfs so well done MAL and thanks for the invite:clap :clap
  7. Re: New betfair Poker Some say its all about timing but this is slow and stop:zzz :zzz
  8. Re: come to belfast? Played @yorkgate thurs 9th nov. First time ive been in a while anyway my ak held up 4 times in a row @ this stage i thought it was going to be my night.Made the final table only to be knocked out in 10th,my kq ran into the bb AK.Got talking to brian little(hes in the final on tv 15th nov chan 5 winner takes £200,000) he works @ yorkgate. Good luck every1 in the belfast game ull have a great night:beer
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    Betfair MPP's

    Re: Betfair MPP's Theres a old saying where i come from if its not broke dont try and fix it VERY POOR SITE :@
  11. Williamhill £10 per hour free for playing 50p £1 cash tables or higher sakes. Max £50 free in sep.Play top hands fold the rest you will rack up £50 in no time gl ev1:clap
  12. Re: come to belfast? Good luck to everyone playing in the game in belfast.Sorry if i ruffled a few feathers! :sad
  13. Re: come to belfast? UR rite but the venue yorkgate is and im a member ther also lol:spank :spank
  14. Re: come to belfast? well i was in london 8th 9th 10th sep @betfairs com over 100 players played in the main event every one i spoke to had a really good time there were all sorts of players from small stakes to the top pros on betfair the only precondition was that u had to be a member of betfair so mybe who ever is runnig the game in belfast should take a leaf out of their book embrace all becase after all its a game of fun as well as skill
  15. Re: come to belfast? y 50 or more posts ?????????? when ur a member of a poker club u r welcome when ever u can make it. PS when u have 1000 posts does that mean ur a better player than someone with ten?:loon