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  1. Re: November 10 - November 16 Does anyone know where can i watch match Federer - Murray? Wasn't able to watch it live, but heard Federer destroyed him badly, so wanna see that :)
  2. Re: UEFA Euro 2016 Qualifiers > Sunday November 16th Heard there are some troubles around Italian NT. What's going on there?
  3. Re: Naked on the pitch ! Are you sure that bookie would allow you to withdraw that money? Cause such thing can easily be fixed.
  4. Re: November 10 - November 16 I think i need 50 posts to be able to use PM's and i am currently at 4 only so it's going to take a while as i wasn't writing basically anything here, just checking football leagues section. If you want to, you can e-mail me to grguricd@net.hr I'll try to get those 50 posts ASAP anyways, gotta care about spam tho :)
  5. Re: November 10 - November 16 Hello shambata! I just came across your picks and would like to ask you a few questions if you don't mind? First i want to say, if i ask anything that is taken to be rude to ask, please forgive me. There is no real intention in doing so, i am just not sure what people are willing to share :) 1) Seeing you're up almost 200 units so far, it came to my mind i could bet all your picks with strong money management. For example, i take 1€ as a unit, so when you post a pick as 5/10, i bet 5€ on it. When it's 2/10 i bet 2€ etc. Betting that way would bring me almost 200€ so far. Is that correct way of doing it? 2) Now it comes what i was talking about up here, not sure if this is considered to be rude to ask or not. Are you willing to share your last seasons/years unit profit? 3) Is it alright to start following your plays at the moment or it's too late for this year? Anyways, you're doing pretty damn good job here so far :) I am seriously considering to bet all your picks from now on since you're killing it. Will appreciate any kind of an answer. Thank you!
  6. Re: October 27 - November 2 Couldn't care less about Cuevas, but i see your point :)
  7. Re: October 27 - November 2 I never said Berdych can't qualify if he doesn't reach semi-finals, just that he will have a guaranteed spot in London if he does, considering other players are playing as well and that way it wouldn't matter how far does others go.
  8. Re: October 27 - November 2 Guys what are you thoughts on Djokovic and Berdych? The whole situation with the baby around Djokovic makes me think how prepared and motivated is he going to be here. Will he be rested or exhausted cause the baby came just few days ago? Then on the other hand, he probably wants to win Paris to stay no.1. Berdych lost at his first round at Valencia and now he needs to make it to semi-finals if he wants a guaranteed spot in London. What are we going to see, a Berdych from Valencia or Berdych from Stockholm?
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