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  1. Australian Open 2017

    It seems like it'd still be Kyrgios who's advancing.
  2. Weekend > Jan 21st & 22nd

    Been a happy camper on my 1-1 draw win but this time I'm still undecided on how I'll call the City vs Spurs clash this week.
  3. Weekend > Jan 20th - 22nd

    @sajtion Nice have not been performing well in their past few games, but do you think Bastia could easily trample them?
  4. Copa del Rey > Jan 18th & 19th

    Yes,  Alcorcon vs Alaves would be exciting and a game changer for these two clubs. Backing Alaves on this one though.
  5. Weekend > Jan 20th - 22nd

    Did anyone bet on a Real Madrid upset? Just wondering. 
  6. Coppa Italia > Jan 17th - 19th

    Wow, four home wins on these matches is not far-fetched. Still, I won't easily put my money on it. I can smell at least one draw on these matches. 
  7. Weekend > Jan 21st & 22nd

    AC Milan vs Napoli would be an exciting match. After their draw with Torino, I expect Milan to redeem themselves with a hard-fought victory against Napoli, 2-1.
  8. Weekend > Jan 14th - 16th

    Going for the safer bets this week. I'm putting my money on an Atleti win and Barcelona 4-0 against Las Palmas.
  9. Weekend > Jan 14th - 16th

    I'm being quite bold. Sevilla and Real Madrid to end in a 1-1 draw. Loving draws this week.
  10. Weekend > Jan 14th & 15th

    Wasn't able to bet on most games but was able to place one on Man United vs Liverpool. I'm backing a 1-1 draw between these two clubs.
  11. Australian Open 2017

    Is Novak or Murray the favourite to win this year?
  12. January 1 - January 8

    Grigor Dimitrov def Kei Nishikori @ 1.60 in SBOBET The match is already on going but let me share that I took the risk and placed my bet for Dimitrov. I think he's in for a hard-fought win against the Japanese in Brisbane.  
  13. NBA > January

    New year, new set of exciting matches. With the inconsistency of a lot of NBA teams and the resurgence of some, who do you think will win most of their matches this month?   The Cavs are still reigning especially with the should I say surprising addition of Kyle Korver. On the other hand, the Warriors are being unpredictable, in negative way.
  14. Weekend > Jan 14th

    Been thinking of making an additional correct score punt for Nice vs Metz but Nice's scoring wasn't plausible in the last few weeks.
  15. Weekend > Jan 20th - 22nd

    Why is the Bundesliga break longer than the others by the way?