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  1. Weekend > Feb 25th - 27th

    Agreed! Man City played it safe and chose to strengthen their defence than score more goals. Of course it was pretty much the correct thing to do. Just unlucky for me.
  2. Week > Feb 17th - 22nd

    Since they earned me some money, I'll be backing Celta this week again. Will always put a bet on Barcelona winning big in La Liga after their shocking Champions League defeat to PSG.
  3. Weekend > Feb 17th - 19th

    Placed bets on few matches. Playing it safe with the following. Juventus win with -1.25 handicap An AC Milan and Roma victories as well.
  4. Weekend > Feb 10th - 12th

    Bayern are just happy with this week's results while Frankfurt must be thankful Dortmund also lost.
  5. Weekend > Feb 11th - 13th

    I actually put a bet on Man City -1.50 @ 2.21 in SBOBET Also added a punt on Over 3.00 goals.
  6. Weekend > Feb 10th - 13th

    Placed a bet on Celta Vigo +1.50 and cashed in my money.  However, I'd loved it even more if they actually won the match itself.
  7. Weekend > Feb 10th - 13th

    Should follow and listen to you guys. My biases and irrational love for taking risks are making me lose money. 
  8. NBA > February

    Spot on! Yes, since games are everyday, most of the odds are up for a number of hours only. 
  9. Weekend > Feb 3rd - 6th

    I took the risk early on and placed a bet on Celta Vigo to defeat Real Madrid. Unfortunately, it has been postponed.
  10. 2017 Six Nations

    Wales vs England is an interesting match. Placing my money on England but backing Ireland to win it all.
  11. NBA > February

    Stopped betting on NBA already. I can't stop myself from being biased and always ends up losing. 
  12. Copa del Rey > Feb 7th & 8th

    Just read your comments. Who would have thought that Alaves will prove us all wrong. What a feat for them. But, as much as I like a Cinderella story... I love Barca
  13. DFB Pokal > Feb 7th & 8th

    Didn't want to involve myself on these matches. Unfortunately I still did. Took a risk with BVB and I ended up losing.
  14. Copa del Rey > Feb 1st & 2nd

    I think Celta Vigo will get the first leg of their tie with Alavés but it will be a low scoring match. A 1-0 perhaps?
  15. Midweek > Jan 31st - Feb 1st

    My love for draws has rewarded me this week. I think 5 matches ended in a draw this midweek? And wow, it's been a low scoring game week,.