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  1. One note from me, Havant and Boreham have cup finals after 2 days and this could be the reason for the high odds for them!
  2. there is a date, the club is arranging the coach already for the fans for the Tuesday night: " As if you have chance to catch your breath, do not forget the Staffs Senior Cup final on Stoke’s ground on Tuesday night (7:30 ko) against our old rivals from the other side of Cannock Chase, Hednesford. Coach available for Staffs Senior Cup Final next Tuesday. £12 adults £5 children leaving around 5:30pm – 6pm"
  3. regarding Staford - Shaw Lane, Staford have played Semi-final and won during the week, and on Tuesday they will have final. Maybe their attention will be on the cup, and their legs are fresher but not so much
  4. Hungford and Pool are appealing the decision and the problem for Hungfors are 100 seats, and i think they will grant them the right for play-offs
  5. From the 4 games that you have posted for me Hemel looks the most dangerous game, as i have read that they have also some problems with the squad(injures) and Gosport had an week rest, so maybe they can give some fight
  6. Re: Mid week Non-League 16th-19th March Seems a lot of problems for Worcester, so Flyde to win must be a good bet.
  7. Re: England > Midweek > Non-league Mar 31-Apr 3 what about for the Gosport game tonight? They must be tired but against them is a side that has missed to score a goal in 4 games in a row, evene against Tonbridge?
  8. Re: Bulgaria>A PFG>2013-2014 CSKA - Levski 2 @2,68 with Marathon This week again we have a derby CSKA - Levski, but due to the previous game tomorrow CSKA must play without 5 suspended players and for me 3 of them are very important. The GK Mboli is may be the best on this position in Bulgaria, and the reserve option of CSKA do not have his quality. The defenders Iliev(capitan) and Popov are the half from the regular defense of the team and may be the better half. Plus for CSKA is very doubtful the mid. Milisavlevich which is the best mid. of the team. Too big missing for CSKA. Levski have won the midweek game for the Cup against Botev with 3:1 and has gain some confidence. The last game between these teams was very equal at all, so now with these missings for me Levski will win and for me the real odds must be around 2.
  9. Re: Bulgaria>A PFG>2013-2014 Pirin GD - Cherno More 2 @3,52 with Leonbets The game is the 1st game after the winter break for both teams. The home team is in last place and it is almost sure that they will relegate at the end of the season. The home team was left in the break from most of the good players and on their places will play some youngsters and a players that have join them due to the reason that they are from this city/region - at all the situation in the club is bad. Cherno more also has been left from some good players, but still they have some good players and are fighting for place in the first 7, where they are at the moment and for sure 3 points today are must for them and I can not see any reason why not to get them. Odds are really good and for me it is mistake of the bookies for such high odds for AW.
  10. Re: Bulgaria>A PFG>2013-2014 Neftochimik - Ludogoretz 2 AH(-2,25) at 188bet the odds are 1,70. The first game for the 2nd part, but it is postponed game from the first part. Neftochimik is a total mess, again they have change all players in the team, but for sure some of the players that has left the team were quite good for the team level. At all the big question for the Neftochimik was if they will have money to finish the season, it seems that they will finish it, but 99% on last place. Today against them is the best team in Bulgaria for sure, this is team that will play next week a 1/16 final in EL, so you can compare what difference in the levels we have. One more fact is that the game will be played at neutral venue. I am expecting something like 3-4 goals winning margin.
  11. Bulgaria 2013/2014 Lyubimets 2007 - Pirin Gotse Delchev the odds from local bookie 1,70 - 3,50 - 1,70. And online you can find odds for AW around 5,00, so it is real value. Two equal teams are meeting today. It can't have such big difference in the odds. Everything can happen and at this price for AW it is must try.
  12. Outrights for Bulgaria! Odds for Botev Plovdiv to become champion are very good Betway have it at 6,00. Botev is for sure the best team in Bulgaria at the moment. They have retain there team and have added some very good players for Bulgaria. Very good value on the odds.
  13. Re: Bulgaria > A PFG > 2012/13 agreed for Minyor, but for the other game no. The fact that 90% of the players of Etar are not-Bulgarian kills the home factor at all, for these players is the same if they play with home support or no. Etar have manage to get some nice results at all, win over Cherno More(away) and draw with Pirin GD(away). And at all for the style of the play it is plus that there are no Bulgarian players at Etar. Loko Sf has won against CSKA and has made good battle with Ludogoretz, but in these games they have played defensive tactic with counters, tomorrow this will not work for sure. Other fact is that Etar has rested in the midweek, so they will be fresher for sure. Yes, Loko could win this game, but the odds are fair and imo even lower, it is battle of 2 equal teams at all, my advise is to skip this game.
  14. Re: Bulgaria > A PFG > 2012/13 Ludogorets Razgrad v Litex Lovech I think that Ludogoretz will get easy win here, too many problems for Litex. Litex are without there 2 capitans Jelenkovic and Bodurov, and now their main CF Isa will be suspended as well. They have played very hard game with Levski in the midweek, while Ludogoretz have rested. I have watched the match between Levski and Litex, and another 2 players also got some minor injures, G.Milanov and Slavchev. I think that with these problems for Litex will be very hard to make something against, may be the best team in Bulgaria.
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