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  1. Was going to join you all tonight, but still waiting for Stars to allow me back into the UK client ? Maybe next week ?
  2. I'll start the month off - playing occasionally atm $68.87 PokerStars Tournament #2054549992, No Limit Hold'emBuy-In: $5.00/$5.00/$1.00 USD895 playersTotal Prize Pool: $8950.00 USD Tournament started 2017/10/08 11:10:00 WET [2017/10/08 6:10:00 ET]Dear MrTricky,You finished the tournament in 31st place. A USD 23.28 award has been credited to your Stars Account.You have also received USD 43.59 in Knockout Bounties for this tournament. You won bounties for the following players: siminy23, potap12rus, Franci21813, LifeisNumber, who8myDog, cedrick89, Uto25, pitfullhouse, ilicin, megges2000, zhuravecCongratulations!
  3. Washman

    New start

    Thanks guys - I'm going to try and take lots of photos, which I'm normally crap at, but am sure there'll be lots to see along the way, and I'd like to remember it (if all goes well!). Have set up an instagram account to stick the pictures on - but god knows if I'll actually stick to it Will add a few pictures on here once I've tried out a few of the casinos
  4. Washman

    New start

    I know this is not really the place for this, but don't think I've ever posted in General Chat, and most of my friends on PL are here. Had my last day at work today, and was planning on moving North to be a bit nearer family. But....a few weeks ago I was approached about a job in the Philippines, and after several Skype calls, I got the job, and leave next Tuesday ready to start next Thursday! Philippines are trying to set themselves up as a rival to Macau, and there are now 4 casino/resorts in Manila - City of Dreams (Crown Towers - part of the Melbourne one, Nobu Hotel and Hyatt), Solaire, Resorts World, and the latest, Okada Manila, which is who I will be working for. I will be a bit out of town (65km), but it sounds great - beer is less than $1 a pint, food very cheap, and I'm sure there are lots of other attractions in that part of the world There seem to be quite a few poker clubs in Manila as well, so hopefully will play a bit more than I have the last couple of years - including an APT in a couple of weeks at the Winford Hotel & Casino If all goes well I will be there for a couple of years at least, so if anyone is in the area, send me a message and we can have a beer or two In the meantime, good luck to everyone I've met along the way
  5. No, I'm not playing anymore (might start playing live when i start my new job )
  6. Enjoyed the games tonight - managed to link a win in the omaha, and 4th in the Ooblio game - have already told Helen, but will post here as well - can you send the skrill money to Sue Ryder please
  7. Heniek sends his apologies - his PC is broken, and won't be replaced until tomorrow, and he's at work tonight
  8. Heniek has persuaded me to play for the first time this year Good luck everyone
  9. Ok - I don't have PMs on here now, so will send you my number on Facebook :ok
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