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** Poker League Results : July: 1st McG, 2nd Rhino_Power, 3rd Elliott Sutcliffe; August: 1st Like2Fish, 2nd McG, 3rd Rivrd **
** August Naps Competition Result: 1st LEE-GRAYS, 2nd Gary66, 3rd LeMale, 4th RUG. KO Cup Winner DONNYFLYER. Most Winners TVY: **


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  1. Re: Big Brother > 2014 Winner Yikes! I do not watch Big Brother now it is getting more and more boring..
  2. Re: Paris Saint-Germain v Chelsea > Wednesday April 2nd Probably a draw, 2-2
  3. Re: Manchester United v FC Bayern München > Tuesday April 1st There is no way ManU will going to win this game..
  4. Re: Hello guys! Newb post here If you want to limit your losses then maybe you would consider limiting the money you'll used in playing poker. Luckboxnemo is right, you should never ever chased what you've lost because it'll going to be an endless cycle; You win, you lose and then you'll chase. Anyway, good luck! :)
  5. Re: Manchester United v Manchester City > Tuesday March 25th The result of the game was very predictable. Manchester City is stronger than Manchester United. How many more games for Moyes?? :D
  6. Re: Crystal Palace v Southampton > Saturday March 8th This match will be a draw.. Or a win for Palace
  7. Re: Liverpool v Swansea City > Sunday February 23rd Liverpool played pretty well, they could've won on the last game with Arsenal..
  8. Re: Poker skill or luck ? Just to add up..
  9. Re: Arsenal v Manchester United > Wednesday February 12th Could have been a chance for Arsenal to at least make a goal. They need to improve their game play!
  10. Re: How Important Is Confidence In Poker? I rather be skilled than be confident when playing poker. For me, getting lucky and confident are just the same thing, they're just a bonus.
  11. Re: Poker skill or luck ? Poker is a game of skill and luck is just a bonus!
  12. Re: Crystal Palace v Manchester United > Saturday February 22nd This game will be a draw for me..
  13. Re: What do you hope to achieve in poker in 2014? Nothing more than just to get LUCKY in poker. No skills, pure luck! :)
  14. Re: Crystal Palace v Manchester United > Saturday February 22nd This week's game of Crystal Palace with Everton was postponed right, I wnnder when it will be scheduled again?
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